Kile – integrated LaTeX environment
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Dear User/Packager,

this Readme is targeted towards people who want to build Kile from source or plan to create binary packages.
If you have created a package, please drop us a note ( ) so that we can promote your package.
All specified versions are minimum versions except for KDE and QT.

1.) Checking dependencies

- tdelibs 3.2 - 3.5 and according QT development packages
- autoconf 2.53, automake and make (alternatively cmake 2.4.4, see also Building-with-cmake.txt)
- gcc 3.x/4.x

2.) Building Kile from source

- Extract the source code with `tar xjf kile-2.0.x.tar.bz2`
- `cd kile-2.0.x`
- ./configure --prefix=path_to_KDE3 (/usr or /opt/trinity generally) --with-qt-dir=path_to_QT3 library (/usr/lib/qt3 generally)
-- If you don't know what the path to KDE3 on your system is, you can use output of `tde-config --prefix`.
-- Or you can choose `--prefix=$HOME/.trinity` to not mess up with your distribution's package management system.
- Type `make` to compile the package.
- Type `make install` to install the programs, data files and documentation.
- Type `kile` and enjoy the power of LaTeX together with the joy of using Kile :)

3.) Using Kile

To use Kile you (obviously) need some external programs.
The following list is divided into basic, advanced and additional usage.


- TeTeX 2.0/3.0 or TeXLive 2005/2007 (Including "AMS"-Packages and the documentation)


- KPDF, KGhostView (Viewing PS and PDF)
- Acroread (Viewing PDF)
- Imagemagick, DVIPNG 1.7 (Bottom bar preview)

By default there are also tools for the following programs defined:

- Tar/zip/gzip/bzip2 (Archive)
- DBlatex (Docbook to LaTeX)
- Metapost and Asymptote
- Latex2html (LaTeX to Web)
- Tex4ht (LaTeX to Web)
- Lilypond (Music Typesetting)
- Konqueror/Mozilla/Firefox (Viewing HTML)
- Kbibtex, KBib, JabRef, pybliographer, gbib (View Bibtex files)

If you have any questions or corrections, please don't hesitate to contact us via

The Kile dev team