Kile – integrated LaTeX environment
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In order to install Kile on MacOS X, you need the following things:
- a working X11 installation
- a working LaTeX distribution
- the KDE libraries
- and Kile itself, of course

Once everything is in place, Kile needs X11 to run, so make sure you launch X11 before Kile.

Installing X11

Apple provides its own X11 installation for MacOS X 10.3 (downloadable from Apple's web site) and 10.4 (available directly on the Tiger DVD). If you install by hand, make sure to install the X11User.pkg package.

Apple's documentation on X11:

You should install Apple's X11. But if you have a good reason not to, Fink (see below) provides the latest distribution. Refer to Fink documentation for details. MAKE SURE YOU NEVER MIX TWO X11 VERSIONS ON THE SAME SYSTEM.

Installing all the rest through Fink

Fink is the packaging system from Debian ported to MacOS X. Installing Fink itself is very straightforward, so only two things will be mentioned here:
- you must download and install the latest Xcode version from Apple (free download, just requires registration),
- make sure Fink uses the package repository compatible with your system (specifically, if you have MacOS X 10.4, use the 10.4 branch and *not* the 10.4-transitional branch).

Fink lets you choose between precompiled, ready-to-use, packages, and compiling them yourself. Practically speaking, the Fink project provides few up-to-date precompiled packages, so compilation is often necessary. But don't worry, the procedure is automatic in any case.

After that, installing the rest is very straightforward:

- LaTeX distribution: install packages "tetex" and "tetex-base".
- KDE libraries: the bare minimum would be package "tdebase3-unified", but you should also install packages like "kpdf", "kdvi" and "kghostview" to make best use of Kile. Installing a localisation package to have dialogs in your language would also be nice ; for example, the French package is called "tde-i18n-french".
- Kile: its package is called "kile".
- Other useful packages, depending on your habits: "bibview", "gnuplot", "xfig", "beamer", "texpower"... Just go shopping with Fink.

Have fun!

Fink project:

Other installation methods

There is no easy way, other than Fink, to install the KDE libraries and Kile. But if you want, there is another popular way to install LaTeX: the i-Installer.

i-Installer web site:

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