KKBSwitch – keyboard layout indicator
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  1. Leonid Zeitlin <lz@europe.com>
  2. creator and maintainer
  3. Thanks to:
  4. Mikhail Senin <m_senin@mail.ru>,
  5. Default group config and per-window groups,
  6. Rashid N. Achilov <achilov@granch.ru>
  7. FreeBSD port
  8. Vadim Kriklivy (K&K Analitic) <analitic@vinnitsa.com>
  9. Feature suggestions, Ukrainian translation
  10. Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org>
  11. Autostart patch
  12. Stergios Dramis <sdramis@egnatia.ee.auth.gr>
  13. Greek translation
  14. Shlomi Loubaton <shlomister@gmail.com>
  15. Manpage, Debian package maintainer
  16. Igal aka "Koala" <igalfr@netvision.net.il>
  17. Hebrew translation, Gentoo ebuild maintainer