KKBSwitch – keyboard layout indicator
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  1. 1. Perhaps show items in popup menu that corresponds to the two most
  2. frequently used layouts in "toggle mode" in bold, rather then with asterisks.
  3. 2. Translate documentation.
  4. 3. Create UI to configure keyboard groups. Should be possible in XFree86
  5. >= 4.3 (and X.Org), e.g. run setxkbmap -layout "us,ru,ua"
  6. 4. Somehow automatically detect wrong keyboard layout. E.g. if I type "vfvf
  7. vskf hfve", magically figure out that I meant to type "ÍÁÍÁ ÍÙÌÁ ÒÁÍÕ" in
  8. Russian. There are Windows programs that do that, like Punto Switcher.
  9. 5. Need an icon!