KNetStats – network interfaces monitor
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- Fixed crash when discovering a new interface.
- Disable the -ansi flag to avoid compile problems.
- More user-friendly, try to detect some things and start without importune the user with configuration dialogs.
- Added "Chart view".
- New Statistics dialog (show IP address, MAC address, etc).
- Using bksys as building tool.
- Carrier on/off detection.
- Reading interface date from /sys/class/net/INTERFACE/statistics instead of parse /proc/dev/net.
- New translation to romanian
Note to BSD users: This version is not compatible with BSD, it uses some linux-only stuff. A BSD-compatible version is plained in a near future.
- Minor fix for Mandriva Linux (former Mandrake Linux). Env is now set for uic during build.
- New configuration dialog.
- Support to multiple interfaces.
- Is possible change the colors in the text mode view.
- Is possible change the icon theme of in icon mode.
- Added smooth speed meter.
- Added Russian translation (Edward Romantsov).
- Added Polish translation (Wiktor Wandachowicz).
- Now using SCons as building and install tool, so you will need to have Python installed in your distro to run SCons scripts and compile/install KNetStats.
- Added Brazilian portuguese translation (me).
- Added Kirghiz translation (Ilyas Bakirov).
- Added Italian translation (Roberto Leandrini).
- Added Spanish translation (Carlos Ortiz).
- Added Deutsch translation (Henrik Gebauer).
- Bug Fix: When network interface in changed, the Statistics window caption is changed too.
- Bug Fix: Statistics window now correctly format Download/Upload Speed.
- Bug Fix: When start KNetstats with a unavaliable interface, now upload speed is equals to 0pkts/s (not -2pkts/s)
- Bug Fix: When knetstats starts and statistics windows is hidden it is not updated.
- Build system now uses tde-config instead $TDEDIR env. variable. This will solve problems when compiling KNetstats on some distros (Suse 9.1, Fedora).
- Clicking on trayicon show/hide statistics window (suggestion by Fredy Yanardi).
- All dialogs now show the KNetStats icon on windows decoration.
- It's possible to change the font used in textmode (suggestion by Vik).
- Bug Fix: Not saving UpdateInterval when the network interface is not changed.
- Litle optimizations
- Support to IconMode (Activity Led's) or TextMode (showing rx/tx transfer rate)