KNights – chess game
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  1. Knights 0.6 -- Tuesday May 20th, 2003
  2. Troy Corbin Jr. <>
  3. * Changed version to 0.6
  4. * Added a new tab that displays details from a loaded PGN match.
  5. * Added a server selector to the Login dialog.
  6. * Added hyperlinks to the ICS Console.
  7. * Improved printed output.
  8. * Added printing capabilities to the ICS Console.
  9. - Reduced the time needed to resize the board by about 33%
  10. - Fixed bug where the New Match dialog sometimes defaulted to an unplayable
  11. match.
  12. - Fixed a bug in our XBoard protocol implementation which caused some engines
  13. ( like GNUChess ) to fail.
  14. - Fixed bug where some loaded matches wouldn't display the player's names.
  15. - Fixed a crash that occured when you closed an ICS related tab, then
  16. disconnected from the ICS.
  17. - Fixed a crash that occured when you couldn't connect to your ICS.
  18. - Expanded the range of the "Opponent's Strength" slider so that it didn't
  19. cripple some engines.
  20. - Fixed a bug where selecting the current board position from the Notation Bar
  21. could erase the board.
  22. - Fixed a bug where an engine that does not implement the 'pause' feature could
  23. have caused Knights' clocks to continue running during a pause.
  24. - Fixed a bug where the console could be displayed in doublespace.
  25. - Fixed the Match->Resign option.
  26. - Knights generated PGN files now save NAG, RAV, and Annotations.
  27. - Removed the ability to swap sides midgame. This will be reinstated later when
  28. we can implement a more feature-rich and trouble free dialog box.
  29. - Potential memory leak fixed ( thanks to Jon Keating! )