KNights – chess game
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Knights - A chess interface for the Trinity Desktop Environment


- What Is Knights?

Knights is a graphical chess interface designed to work with TDE. Knights
is called a chess 'interface' because it does not come with it's own computer
players. There are several very good computer players ( Chess Engines )
already. Unfortunatly, most chess engines do not include fully featured GUIs.
Instead, they rely on other programs ( like Knights ) to fill the gap.

- How can I learn more about Knights?

If you're interested in learning more, you should visit our project's website

- What Chess Engines work with Knights?

Knights should support any engine which uses the XBoard protocol developed by
Tim Mann. Knights will also offer it's own protocol for future use. To date,
the following chess engines have been confirmed to work with Knights. If you
know of another, please let me know so I can update this list.

- GNUChess v4.0 patchlevel 80
- GNUChess v5.02
- Crafty v18.09
- Crafty v18.10
- KnightCap v3.3
- Sjeng v10.0
- BabyChess

- What can I do to help Knights?

Knights can always use help in a number of areas. The best way to get started
would be to express your interests on the knights-devel mailing list. You can
sign up from here:

Currently, we're very interested in talking to a graphics artist about
designing some new themes, and we would like to talk to some advanced
chess players about helping to develop the tutorials.