KNights – chess game
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Knights - A chess interface (GUI) for the Trinity Desktop Environment

Knights is a graphical chess interface designed to work with TDE.
It's designed to be both friendly to new chess players and
functional for Grand Masters. Knights is called a chess "interface"
because it does not come with it's own computer players. There are
several computer players ( Chess Engines ) already. Unfortunatly, most
chess engines do not include fully featured GUIs. Instead, they rely on
other programs ( like Knights ) to fill the gap.

- What Chess Engines can work with Knights?

Knights should support any engine which uses the XBoard protocol
developed by Tim Mann. Knights will also offer it's own protocol for
future use. To date, the following chess engines have been confirmed
to work with. If you know of another, please let we know so we can
update this list.

- GNUChess v4.0 patchlevel 80
- GNUChess v5.02
- Crafty v18.09
- Crafty v18.10
- KnightCap v3.3
- Sjeng v10.0
- BabyChess

- List of Knights' key features:

* Play against yourself, against computer opponents,
or against others over the Internet.
* Customize your board and pieces with over 30 different themes,
or make your own!
* Audio cues help alert you to important events.
* Novice players can preview potential moves.
* Save your unfinished matches and play them again later.


If you wish to contribute to knights (TDE), you might do so:

- TDE Gitea Workspace (TGW) collaboration tool.

- TDE Weblate Translation Workspace (TWTW) collaboration tool.