KnowIt – tool for managing notes
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TODO for KnowIt
1. GUI-related items
* color chooser: last color and some predefined (with shortcuts)
* sort selected text (problem: how to sort text inside HTML tags?)
* advanced search (fuzzy search, filters, keywords etc.)
* inserting images/tables etc. (probably impossible in current Qt version)
* rich text copy/cut (now only text is copied from note to note); Qt bug?
* templates: RichText structures which can be autofilled with relevant info
* spellchecking
* add browse button for local links
* link local notes by id, not name (after 1.0 - requires new file format)
* reorder link popup menu commands
* update icons after reordering
* configurable pixmaps for notes (after 1.0 - requires new file format)
* list of notes containing given text (+filters?)
* selectable list of all notes
* status bar: more information? (lines, words, paragraphs, notes,
  filters, results of some commands?)
* multiple KnowIt documents in single tabbed window;
  it would required moving some variables from knowit.cpp
  to knowitdoc.cpp (to allow different documents). Edit/Items
  may be then functions, not variables, returning current document
* add 'Quick add entry' command to taskbar
* add 'Paste as new note' command
* handle local links
* strip <p></p> and <div></div> at the end of text
2. Non-GUI items
* proper handling of text-format notes
* password - allow files to be encrypted (useful for holding passwords)
* store tree state on save: which nodes are open. (after 1.0 - requires new file format)
* speed up loading large files
* export to text
* improve printing (print more than current note). Problem: how to select
   notes for printing? How to print bigger document?
* optionally print/export links
* make some actions TDESelectActions (f. e. alignment)
* undo for deleting/moving notes (how?)
* check accelerators?
* update tips