KnowIt – tool for managing notes
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KnowIt is a simple tool for managing notes. It is similar to
TuxCards, but KDE-based. Notes are organized in tree-like hierarchy,
texts are in RichText format, so bold, italic and lists are supported,
with more to come.

I started this project because I cannot make TuxCards handle non-ASCII
characters properly, moreover it kept crashing. I wanted also more
functionality (see TODO). KnowIt should handle any characters properly,
as files are saved in UTF8 and KDE takes care of proper display for current

If you have any suggestions, wishes, tips, do not hesitate to write to me.
Spelling and grammar corrections are most welcomed, too, as well as
programming suggestions (this is my first KDE project so far).

My address:
Michal Rudolf <>

KnowIt homepage: