14 Commits (r14.0.x)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Slávek Banko 8147f97196
Add CMakeL10n rules. 1 year ago
  Slávek Banko 15ae7be824 Additional k => tde renaming and fixes 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 63f984a752 Rename additional header files to avoid conflicts with KDE4 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson aea627236e Rename a number of classes to enhance compatibility with KDE4 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson f67880312d Update for kioslave rename 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 7422cac1a1 Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 2f8f2b51ac Remove spurious TQ_OBJECT instances 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson e5c4347dea Additional kde to tde renaming 8 years ago
  tpearson 04766b207a rename the following methods: 9 years ago
  tpearson 698569f842 Finish rebranding of Krita as Chalk 9 years ago
  tpearson 2785103a6b Remove krita* in preparation for name switch from Krita to Chalk 9 years ago
  tpearson f008adb5a7 TQt4 port koffice 9 years ago
  tpearson 5b46910e08 Further makefile updates 10 years ago
  tpearson 8362bf63de Added old abandoned KDE3 version of koffice 10 years ago