KOffice – TDE office suite
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  1. [Desktop Entry]
  2. Type=Service
  3. Name=OpenOffice.org Writer Import Filter for KWord
  4. Name[bg]=Филтър за импортиране от OpenOffice.org Writer в KWord
  5. Name[br]=Sil enporzh OpenOffice.org Writer evit KWord
  6. Name[ca]=Filtre d'importació OpenOffice.org Writer per a KWord
  7. Name[cs]=Importní filtr formátu OpenOffice.org Writer pro KWord
  8. Name[cy]=Hidl Mewnforio OpenOffice.org Writer ar gyfer KWord
  9. Name[da]=OpenOffice.org Writer importfilter for KWord
  10. Name[de]=KWord OpenOffice.org Writer-Exportfilter
  11. Name[el]=Φίλτρο εισαγωγής OpenOffice.org Writer για το KWord
  12. Name[eo]=OpenOffice.org Writer-importfiltrilo por KWord
  13. Name[es]=Filtro de importación de OpenOffice.org Writer para KWord
  14. Name[et]=KWordi OpenOffice.org Writer'i impordifilter
  15. Name[eu]=KWord-en OpenOffice.org Writer inportaziorako iragazkia
  16. Name[fa]=پالایۀ واردات رایتر OpenOffice.org برای KWord
  17. Name[fi]=OpenOffice.org Writer -tuontisuodin KWordille
  18. Name[fr]=Filtre d'importation OpenOffice.org pour KWord
  19. Name[fy]=OpenOffice.org Writer Ymportfilter foar KWord
  20. Name[ga]=Scagaire Iompórtála OpenOffice.org Writer le haghaidh KWord
  21. Name[gl]=Filtro de Importación do OpenOffice.org Writer para KWord
  22. Name[he]=מסנן ייבוא מ־OpenOffice.org Writer ל־KWord
  23. Name[hi]=के-वर्ड के लिए ओपन-ऑफ़िस.ऑर्ग राइटर आयात छननी
  24. Name[hr]=OpenOffice.org Writer filtar uvoza za KWord
  25. Name[hu]=OpenOffice.org Writer importszűrő a KWordhöz
  26. Name[is]=OpenOffice.org Writer innflutningssía fyrir KWord
  27. Name[it]=Filtro di importazione OpenOffice.org Writer per KWord
  28. Name[ja]=KWord OpenOffice.org Writer インポートフィルタ
  29. Name[km]=តម្រង​នាំចូល OpenOffice.org Writer សម្រាប់ KWord
  30. Name[lt]=OpenOffice.org Writer importavimo filtras skirtas KWord
  31. Name[lv]=OpenOffice.org Writer importa filtrs priekš KWord
  32. Name[ms]=Penapis Import OpenOffice.org Writer bagi KWord
  33. Name[nb]=OpenOffice.org Writer-importfilter for KWord
  34. Name[nds]="OpenOffice.org Writer"-Exportfilter för KWord
  35. Name[ne]=केडीई शब्दका लागि OpenOffice.org लेखक आयात फिल्टर
  36. Name[nl]=OpenOffice.org Writer Importfilter voor KWord
  37. Name[nn]=OpenOffice.org Writer-importfilter for KWord
  38. Name[pl]=Filtr importu formatu OpenOffice.org Writer dla KWord
  39. Name[pt]=Filtro de Importação do OpenOffice.org Writer para o KWord
  40. Name[pt_BR]=Filtro de Importação OpenOffice.org Writer para o KWord
  41. Name[ru]=Фильтр импорта документов OpenOffice.org Writer в KWord
  42. Name[se]=KWord:a OpenOffice.org Writer-sisafievrridansilli
  43. Name[sk]=OpenOffice.org Writer filter pre z KWord-u
  44. Name[sl]=Uvozni filter OpenOffice.org Writer za KWord
  45. Name[sr]=KWord-ов филтер за увоз из OpenOffice.org-овог Writer-а
  46. Name[sr@Latn]=KWord-ov filter za uvoz iz OpenOffice.org-ovog Writer-a
  47. Name[sv]=OpenOffice.org Writer-importfilter för Kword
  48. Name[ta]=கேவேர்டுக்கான OpenOffice.org ரைட்டர் இறக்கும் அலங்காரம்
  49. Name[tr]=KWord için OpenOffice.org Writer Alma Filtresi
  50. Name[uk]=Фільтр імпорту OpenOffice.org Writer для KWord
  51. Name[uz]=KWord uchun OpenOffice.org Writer import filteri
  52. Name[uz@cyrillic]=KWord учун OpenOffice.org Writer импорт филтери
  53. Name[zh_CN]=KWord 的 OpenOffice.org Writer 导入过滤器
  54. Name[zh_TW]=KWord 的 OpenOffice.org Writer 匯入過濾程式
  55. X-TDE-Export=application/x-kword
  56. X-TDE-Import=application/vnd.sun.xml.writer,application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.template,application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.master
  57. X-TDE-Weight=1
  58. X-TDE-Library=liboowriterimport
  59. X-TDE-LibraryMajor=1
  60. X-TDE-LibraryMinor=0
  61. X-TDE-LibraryDependencies=
  62. X-TDE-ServiceTypes=KOfficeFilter