KOffice – TDE office suite
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  1. After 1.5 cleanups
  2. * Move core/ui class private members to d-pointers
  3. * Selections, adj. masks, wetness, heigh masks (all 8-bit mask ideas)
  4. as sublayers to paint layers, and make them movable between layers
  5. and x,y, toggle on/off.
  6. * Fix KisFilter::colorSpaceIndependence/worksWith overlap
  7. * Add api & gui to exclude channels from compositing
  8. * Add a mechanism for cspaces to start long-running filters when a paintdev
  9. is created -- and a gui to turn that on and off, perhaps something analogous
  10. to a channels box
  11. * Make set of filter categories extensible
  12. * BUG 121975: selections and group layers.
  13. * Add end poly entry to the popup menu when the poly tool is active (note:
  14. make this more generically useful for tools. Great idea by David Herman
  15. * Paint direct should be paint directly
  16. UI stuff:
  17. * color picker: top combo should be as wide as the whole widget; the widget is a bit too big,
  18. we should try to make the listview a lot smaller. Maybe just use labels here?
  19. * The edit palette dialog two-step should be changed into a single dialog
  20. Code organization
  21. Transform tool (CBR)
  22. * Implement native integer versions for bell, bspline, lanczos3 and mitchell filters
  23. * The option widget should be connected
  24. * Figure out why scaling down produces sum of weights <255 (Hermite filter)
  25. * Implement gui, create cursors and update visitor for shearing
  26. Integration
  27. * A chalk document embedded in KWord has the wrong scaling and transparency
  28. * A chalk document embedded in another document prints at the wrong place
  29. * Embedded KOffice objects don't paint themselves correctly
  30. * There is currently no kimgio module for Chalk images: implement one by
  31. saving a rendered png image into the chalk file and extracting that from
  32. kimgio. (Saving of a png image in .kra files is done; now we just need to
  33. add the kimgio file)
  34. * There is no easy way to get back from editing an embedded document (if the image is larger
  35. than the window)
  36. Colorspace independence (found with the test colorstrategy)
  37. * Check and double check the cms capabilities: especially the use of
  38. profiles in the render/convert/edit paths.
  39. * Merge grayscale layers back into one color image.
  40. Core
  41. * The fill painter (and perhaps other paitners, too) should call addDirtyRect, and the floodfill
  42. tool should use that rect to blit and notify the image, instead of notifying the complete image.s
  43. * Fix image resolution handling (zooming, pixel-for-pixel, 100% == zoomed to dpi/xdpi etc.)
  44. * Loading and saving of selections
  45. * Anti-aliased filling (requires some simple colorspace function to merge 2 Pixels)
  46. * Load/save configuration of everything user-settable.
  47. * Long painter operations (e.g., convolution painter) should use the
  48. progressbar and be cancelable.
  49. * Color adjustment filters seem to have a problem with partially selected pixels
  50. File Format:
  51. * Save & load all annotations in .kra files
  52. * Save & load more information, like PNG comments, gamma information, etc
  53. Import/Export
  54. * Fix gimp XCF PSD and import/export (ImageMagick hacking...)
  55. * Fix imports to import metadata.
  56. User Interface
  57. * Add an explanatory textframe to the scaling filter combobox.
  58. * Add a good crosshair cursor and a crosshair cursor that extends to the rulers.
  59. * Add a cheatsheet widget that integrates with tdenewstuff to have tutorials that people
  60. can download and follow from Chalk.
  61. * Add opacity widget (One that grows more white or transparent (showing those gray blocks) based on the
  62. input)
  63. * Add out-of-gamut selection
  64. * Fix layout problems in tool option widgets.
  65. * Disable dragging the toolbox from dock position to dock position (see Karbon)
  66. * Disable all relevant actions when a layer is locked or invisible. See bug #90456. Show locked status of current layer in statusbar.
  67. * Add link check to new image dialog to sync width and height
  68. * The description field in color settings is empty
  69. * Implement the following dialogs / widgets:
  70. - Variations (#Boudewijn)
  71. - Gradient: remove the autogradient dialog and make into a proper
  72. gradient dialog, and allow saving gradients.
  73. * Show which tool is associated with which pointer (mouse, stylus, eraser, other stylusses) In the statusbar.
  74. * Allow guides to be disabled. Allow diagonal guides (useful for perspective drawings) Bug #108398
  75. * Allow snapping to guides.
  76. * Create templates for often-used image formats. Add save-as-template
  77. * Add deselect with rmb -- maybe also selectable actions with other tools on rmb?
  78. * Fix crop tool: when pressing shift, keep aspect ratio, implement gray mask.
  79. (Michael Thaler)
  80. * Allow shape tools to be filled with gradients
  81. Dockers
  82. * Tabs in dockers drag-and-droppable (vector of docker
  83. windows, create new docker if tab dropped outside existing
  84. docker window)
  85. * Add bird's eye view tab to dockers.
  86. * Add action (macro) docker
  87. * Add navigation/zoom docker
  88. * Add history docker
  89. * Doing a copy of a selection, but having the wrong layer selected gives
  90. me an empty selection (all transparent). Pressing paste should say so
  91. (popup) instead of creating a new useless layer.
  92. * the selection tools should allow pressing shift to go to 'substract'
  93. mode without adjusting the combobox for the current tool. (a different
  94. pointer would be nice as well)
  95. * Pressing save for the first time gives me the 'save document as' dialog
  96. which is set to 'png' as default file format.
  97. I suggest to set the default format (in the "save as" dialog) to the chalk
  98. format for any image that has more then 1 layer.
  99. Selections
  100. * On shearing, the whole image is mirrored, not the selected
  101. bits.
  102. * Add opacity slider to selection painting tools so you can
  103. select something 50%.
  104. Profiles
  105. * Add an input profile combobox to the import image & scan dialogs
  106. * Add an export profile combobox to the export image/print dialogs
  107. * Add loading and saving of profiles associated with images in .chalk
  108. files.
  109. * Export profiles in tiff, png and jpg (this and the previous item
  110. depend on ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick supporting this in some way.)
  111. * Support out-of-gamut warning indications for parts of an image
  112. containing unprintable colours (no idea how to implement this). -> this
  113. is pretty easy with lcms
  114. * preferences dialog can show non-existent profile for the monitor profile -> confusing
  115. Tools
  116. * Zoom tool should zoom out when alt is pressed. Show zoom-minus cursor in that case
  117. * Implement the following tools or paintops:
  118. - fix airbrush tool (add rate option, add increase
  119. of brush size if kept in one place)
  120. - color changer, smudge tool,sharpen tool, blur
  121. tool, dodge tool, burn tool, sponge tool (These
  122. last are perhaps more generally: painting with
  123. filters tool)
  124. - stamp tool (paint with patttern/image selection) (#Cyrille)
  125. - Text tool (use kotext with a transparent background here?)
  126. - Measure tool
  127. - calligraphic pen tool
  128. * Pressure sensivitize all relevant tools (e.g. line tool)
  129. * Add resize slider to freehand tools that resizes the mean brush size.
  130. * Implement path tools (Michael Thaler?)
  131. * Sumi-e brush tool
  132. * Natural media tools (chalk, ink, oil, watercolour -- fun!)
  133. Plugins
  134. * As many filters as possible :-)
  135. Modules
  136. * Add color models for HSV, YUV etc.
  137. * Add Wet & Sticky model (in progress already)
  138. * Implement Curtiss et. al. for watercolour (Levien, wet dreams. In progress)
  139. * The composite ops in RGB -> composite.h do not take mask into account
  140. - this goes for COPY and CLEAR in grayscale also
  141. Printing
  142. * No use of the resolution parameter (but the resolution dialog is still only a .ui file and not implemented at all)
  143. * Use gutenprint or something better for image printing.