KOffice – TDE office suite
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Color palettes ;
You can drag a color from the preview swatches but it is changing the
selected one at click and since dropping drops on the selected one, the
concept of duplicating the foreground to the background by dragging is
impossible. I suggest to do selecting of foreground/background color on
mouse release instead.
<BSAR: I don't understand this at all -- not sure what you're talking about.>
When you did a 'select all' and then create a selection nothing happens
since you can't select more then you already did. For that reason I
suggest to make select all and deselect lead to a similar situation where
adding a selection or substracting one will be smart and do make the
result of that select or deselect visible. In either case selecting a
part in both a fully selected and fully deselected image should lead to
the same result.
<BSAR: not going to do this: in the next release, it will be
always clear whether there's a selection because we're going to show it as a
child layer. For now, determining whether the extent of a selection is as big
as the extent of a layer, and whether the whole selection is completely 100%
selected is going to be too expensive>
Thomas Zander
Missing tooltips (Carsten N.)
LEGEND: NTAA No Tooltip At All
Missing tooltips:
KComboBox in the toolbar (the with 'Pixel Brush' for example)
Overview-widget: NTAA
Histogram: No Tooltip. Well, there is nothing but the histogram, there should be at least something...
Context-Widgets of the tools:
Star: NTAA
Brush: NTAA
Line: NTAA
Rectangle: NTAA
Ellispse: NTAA
Polygone: NTAA
Polyline: NTAA
Duplicate Brush: NTAA