KOffice – TDE office suite
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  1. /**
  2. @mainpage Chalk Image manipulation and paint application
  3. Chalk is an advanced and modular paint and image manipulation
  4. application.
  5. Chalk is built around two core libraries: chalkcolor and chalkimage.
  6. The chalkcolor library abstracts colorspaces and color
  7. transformations. Colorspaces provide functions to manipulate pixels. The
  8. kritcolor library loads colorspace plugins to extend the range of
  9. available colorspaces.
  10. The chalkimage library abstracts the storage, creation, inspection
  11. and manipulation of pixels stored in a rectangular area. It provides
  12. layers, filters, iterators and painters. Filters and paint operations
  13. are provided as service plugins loaded through the appropriate trader
  14. queries.
  15. Both libraries are used by the user interface, which is a KOffice
  16. part. the user interface loads tools and other plugins.
  17. */
  18. #ifndef DESIGN
  19. #define DESIGN
  20. // Let's keep icefox.net/kde/tests.headerincluded_koffice.html happy
  21. #endif