KOffice – TDE office suite
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  1. Things To Do for 1.6
  2. Please update & commit this list with every fix you make
  3. ? = Alice Nonymus
  4. A = Adrian Page
  5. B = Casper Boemann
  6. C = Cyrille Berger
  7. R = Boudewijn Rempt
  8. P = Bart Coppens
  9. G = Gábor Level
  10. S = Sander Koning
  11. TZ = Thomas Zander (to refer to his ui hints)
  12. Colorspaces
  13. R * Fix drying the wet colorspace
  14. R * Fix fill in wet
  15. Core
  16. ? * Use the nextCol/nextRow of the line iterators wherever possible to get a speed boost.
  17. User interface
  18. ? * after hiding and reshowing all palettes, the wrong ones are active
  19. Plugins
  20. C * finish, polish and document scripting support
  21. P * Select By Color -> Sample Merged
  22. P * Select plugins with sample merged -> default to sample merged when active layer is adj layer
  23. P * See if it could be interesting to make the color select tool update while dragging
  24. Release
  25. R * develop thorough test plan and exercise it on several installations
  26. before release
  27. Bugs
  28. ? * Grow Selection doesn't seem to work on adj layers, investigate
  29. ? * Select Rect/Circle -> doesn't erase the XOR'ed outline on the KisCanvas
  30. ? * Selection Tools with Select All, Deselect and so don't play completely nicely with adj layers
  31. Also: see UIcomments!
  32. Michael's bugs:
  33. * Open an image, add image as new layer, resize layer, undo: undo removes the layer
  34. * open an image, add an adjustment layer to the image (I used the pixelize
  35. filter). Click on the original layer in the layer dialog box and paint
  36. something. The undo the painting and undo add layer. Chalk's toolbox will
  37. become greyed out and you can't paint. I think this is already a bug and
  38. should be fixed. But next, try to add an adjustment layer again -> Chalk
  39. crashes.
  40. * The shrink etc selection are enabled when there is no selection
  41. * select by colorrange does not actually set the selection (or something like that)
  42. Regressions
  43. ? saving 16 bit grayscale to jpeg silently converts to 8 bit grayscale (actually it's not a regression, saving to both 8bits and 16bits jpeg with the same build is impossible with libjpeg)
  44. ? zooming in leaves display artefacts (see Bart's mail)
  45. ? rotate is broken for large images
  46. ? rotate visitor is used where transform visitor should be used
  47. ? undoing a rotation when a selection is active leads to weird results
  48. Painting with filters
  49. ? sharpen: works badly, paints circles -- this used to be okay!
  50. ? small tiles: makes circles, otherwise effect is fun
  51. Note: make kivio flowchart of what happens when painting with and without filters,
  52. with and without selection, direct or indirect, because I don't follow anymore