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/* WMF Metafile Structures
* Author: Stefan Taferner <taferner@kde.org>
#ifndef wmfstruct_h
#define wmfstruct_h
typedef short WORD;
typedef int DWORD;
typedef TQ_INT32 LONG;
typedef void* _HANDLE;
typedef struct _RECT
WORD left;
WORD top;
WORD right;
WORD bottom;
typedef struct _RECTL
LONG left;
LONG top;
LONG right;
LONG bottom;
typedef struct _SIZE
WORD width;
WORD height;
typedef struct _SIZEL
LONG width;
LONG height;
struct WmfEnhMetaHeader
DWORD iType; // Record type EMR_HEADER
DWORD nSize; // Record size in bytes. This may be greater
// than the sizeof( ENHMETAHEADER ).
RECTL rclBounds; // Inclusive-inclusive bounds in device units
RECTL rclFrame; // Inclusive-inclusive Picture Frame of metafile
// in .01 mm units
DWORD dSignature; // Signature. Must be ENHMETA_SIGNATURE.
DWORD nVersion; // Version number
DWORD nBytes; // Size of the metafile in bytes
DWORD nRecords; // Number of records in the metafile
WORD nHandles; // Number of handles in the handle table
// Handle index zero is reserved.
WORD sReserved; // Reserved. Must be zero.
DWORD nDescription; // Number of chars in the unicode description string
// This is 0 if there is no description string
DWORD offDescription; // Offset to the metafile description record.
// This is 0 if there is no description string
DWORD nPalEntries; // Number of entries in the metafile palette.
SIZEL szlDevice; // Size of the reference device in pels
SIZEL szlMillimeters; // Size of the reference device in millimeters
#define ENHMETA_SIGNATURE 0x464D4520
struct WmfMetaHeader
WORD mtType;
WORD mtHeaderSize;
WORD mtVersion;
DWORD mtSize;
WORD mtNoObjects;
DWORD mtMaxRecord;
WORD mtNoParameters;
struct WmfPlaceableHeader
DWORD key;
WORD hmf;
RECT bbox;
WORD inch;
DWORD reserved;
WORD checksum;
struct WmfMetaRecord
DWORD rdSize; // Record size ( in words ) of the function
WORD rdFunction; // Record function number
WORD rdParm[ 1 ]; // WORD array of parameters
struct WmfEnhMetaRecord
DWORD iType; // Record type EMR_xxx
DWORD nSize; // Record size in bytes
DWORD dParm[ 1 ]; // DWORD array of parameters
#endif /*wmfstruct_h*/