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  1. Some color models support more tools, filters and other things like
  2. colour selectors than other color models. Some support far less of
  3. those things, in fact.
  4. Among these things are:
  5. * tools
  6. * palettes
  7. * filters
  8. * paint ops
  9. Thus, if a paint device is of a certain color model, certain GUI things
  10. must be activated and deactived when that paint device becomes active.
  11. A paint op may need to knwo something about the layer it is going to paint
  12. on: it is not sufficient to generate a mask and have that composited by
  13. the color strategy because the footprint may be determined by the deposit
  14. and height field that is already present.
  15. For some color models, pixels in a paint device must be
  16. initialized using more or less complex algorithms. It is not enough to
  17. initialize a single default pixel (which we cannot do yet), we must
  18. additionally initialize the whole default tile; and since nothing in
  19. Chalk outside the tilemanager code should know about the very existence
  20. of tiles, we must find a generic solution of the canvas initialisation.
  21. Additionally, some color models need permanently running filters to model
  22. physical pocesses, like drying and flowing of paint or ink, or adsorbtion into
  23. lower layers.
  24. Finally, some color models (like the selection, or wetdreams) want a way to
  25. efficiently add some kind of visualisation at the paintView level, instead
  26. of the rendering level.