KOffice – TDE office suite
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  1. Requirements
  2. * Flexible: plugins should be able to add palettes or palette tabs
  3. * Connected: palette tabs should be able to connect to the main application
  4. using Q_SIGNALS and Q_SLOTS
  5. * Configurable: palette widgets should be drag & droppable from palette
  6. to palette, and from palette to void to create a new palette.
  7. * Persistent: the palette configuration of a view should be persisted
  8. on application end and reconfigured on application start.
  9. * Pretty: the palettes should be small, but perfectly formed. There
  10. should be the possibility to use either tabbars or toolboxes for
  11. a palette.
  12. * introspective: the application and plugins should be able to
  13. query for existing palettes and tabs and retrieve a list and
  14. pertinent data on existing palettes and tabs (so a plugin can
  15. decide to place itself initially in a palette with other color
  16. tabs, for instance.
  17. Classes:
  18. PaletteManager, Palette, PaletteContainer PaletteWidget
  19. The palettemanager keeps track of palettes and saves & restores sessions.
  20. Palettes can shade and unshade themselves with a double-click on the
  21. titlebar or using the shade button
  22. Palettes contain a container, either tab-type or toolbox type.
  23. The containers accept drops, in which case a widget is plugged into
  24. the container. The tabs or separators accept drag events, in which
  25. case a widget is unplugged and a drag operation is started.
  26. The drag operation can end in the void, or above another palette.
  27. If above a palette, see above. Into the void: create a new palette