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  1. Ranjan Ghosh on resolution:
  2. The resolution dialog needs a bit of fine-tuning IMO.
  3. 1) It's not only the print size that changes but the size on any media.
  4. Therefore I propose adding a single option"physical size" to
  5. the zoom menu (like 100%,200%, Fit in Window, Physical Size) and
  6. changing the text a bit:
  7. <snip>
  8. Physical Size
  9. ----------------
  10. Width: [---------] (cm, mm,...)
  11. Height: [---------] (cm, mm,...)
  12. The physical size of an image is determined by the
  13. size in pixels, the image resolution shown above
  14. and the physical resolution of the target media
  15. (screen, printer, etc). Most images do not...
  16. <snip>
  17. Now you can enter some value here and when you later select
  18. "Zoom to physical size" you will size the image on your screen
  19. just like it is on your printer. Requirements for this to work:
  20. A proper screen resolution setting in Properties (I would not
  21. repeat it here though as it is confusing) and proper printer
  22. resolution setting. Can this determined automatically? Otherwise
  23. there is a need to enter a printer resolution to (perhaps
  24. in the print dialogue itself or under properties)
  25. The metric system is not needed IMO. The resolution is never
  26. given in dots per centimeter but always in dots per inch. Nobody
  27. - even in Europe - will need that. It's just not used. Even more:
  28. Most people certainly will want to enter some values in centimeter
  29. but read the resolution in dpi. So I propose setting all resolution
  30. values to dpi.