KOffice – TDE office suite
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include $(top_srcdir)/kexi/Makefile.global
# kde_appsdir Where your application's menu entry (.desktop) should go to.
# kde_icondir Where your icon should go to - better use KDE_ICON.
# kde_sounddir Where your sounds should go to.
# kde_htmldir Where your docs should go to. (contains lang subdirs)
# kde_datadir Where you install application data. (Use a subdir)
# kde_locale Where translation files should go to. (contains lang subdirs)
# kde_cgidir Where cgi-bin executables should go to.
# kde_confdir Where config files should go to (system-wide ones with default values).
# kde_mimedir Where mimetypes .desktop files should go to.
# kde_servicesdir Where services .desktop files should go to.
# kde_servicetypesdir Where servicetypes .desktop files should go to.
# kde_toolbardir Where general toolbar icons should go to (deprecated, use KDE_ICON).
# kde_wallpaperdir Where general wallpapers should go to.
# kde_templatesdir Where templates for the "New" menu (Konqueror/KDesktop) should go to.
# kde_bindir Where executables should go to. Use bin_PROGRAMS or bin_SCRIPTS.
# kde_libdir Where shared libraries should go to. Use lib_LTLIBRARIES.
# kde_moduledir Where modules (e.g. parts) should go to. Use kde_module_LTLIBRARIES.
# kde_styledir Where Qt/KDE widget styles should go to (new in KDE 3).
# kde_designerdir Where Qt Designer plugins should go to (new in KDE 3).
rcdir = $(kde_datadir)/kexi
rc_DATA = kexiui.rc
kde_conf_DATA = kexirc
servicetypesdir = $(kde_servicetypesdir)
magicdir = $(kde_confdir)/magic
magic_DATA = kexi.magic
mimetypedir = $(kde_mimedir)/application
mimetype_DATA = x-kexiproject-sqlite.desktop \
x-kexi-connectiondata.desktop \
x-kexiproject-sqlite2.desktop \
x-kexiproject-sqlite3.desktop \
#TODO: add x-kexi-shortcut-table etc.
#kde <=3.4
if need_trinity4_compatibility
KDE34COMPAT = trinity4compat