KPowersave – HAL based power management applet
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7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
  1. New: KPowersave 0.7.3
  2. =================================================
  3. Note: The last release is now 4 months ago, so the NEWS are longer than
  4. normal. For all changes read the Changelog.
  5. Major changes since the last version/release:
  6. - added new dialog to show logfiles if a suspend/resume fail and allow
  7. the user to save the log (need to get enabled per distro)
  8. - added support to handle brightness key events if the machine not already
  9. handle this in the hardware directly
  10. - added new feature named autodimm to reduce the brightness of the display
  11. if the user is inactive and dimm up if the user get active again
  12. - new dialog shown up 30 seconds before autosuspend call the suspend to
  13. warn the user and allow chancel the suspend
  14. - added code to work with new PolicyKit/ConsoleKit/HAL combi to check if
  15. the user is privileged (for HAL >= 0.5.10 and related PolicyKit versions)
  16. - added code to check if the current desktop session is avtive and handle
  17. if the session get inactive (via ConsoleKit)
  18. - added code to release/acquire org.freedesktop.Policy.Power if the session
  19. get inactive/active to allow powersaved or other active KPowersave
  20. instances to handle powermanagement
  21. - prepared KPowersave to work also with HAL >= 0.5.10 (handle renamed
  22. policy names in HAL)
  23. - use now kdebug functions instead of own macros, added --dbg-trace option
  24. to allow trace function entry and leave points.
  25. Minor changes:
  26. - added wodim to autosuspend blacklist
  27. - changed logic for resume if a timeout happen
  28. - change default timeout to fake keyevent for locked screen to 2.5 sec
  29. - don't fake key event after locked screen and lidopen if config variable
  30. timeToFakeKeyAfterLock < 0
  31. - added new config variable (callSetPowerSaveOnAC in [General] section)
  32. to disable call SetPowerSave() on HAL.
  33. - fix code to guess if a 6-hour-timeout occours while suspend/resume or
  34. if there was really a error
  35. - removed Portuguese version of the help, since only one paragraph was
  36. translated
  37. - fixed configure script to detect if we should use HAL to get information
  38. about policies instead of PolicyKit
  39. - force update detailed dialog on AC events to get always e.g. the
  40. correct scheme info in the dialog
  41. - reworked code for mouse wheel events to reuse code for brightness keys
  42. - several HAL/D-Bus/PolicyKit/ConsoleKit related fixes/updates
  43. - cleanup code, fixed compiler warnings, added new functions to removed
  44. doubled code
  45. Bugfixes:
  46. - fixed problems with usage of enum cpufreq_type: don't assign integer
  47. values to a enum (lead to segfault since enum is a 8bit char object)
  48. - fixed wrong unit for power consumption (removed 'h' from unit)
  49. - only suspend on button events if we resumed to avoid double suspends
  50. - several fixes to make Q_SIGNALS from HAL/DBus idependent from the QT
  51. eventloop due to problems with the QT3 DBus bindings
  52. - several patches from Mandriva ( to fix problems
  53. with translations, format messages, speedup build and memory leaks
  54. - fixed detection if brightness is really supported by the system
  55. - call setPowerSave() always depending on AC state if a scheme get set.
  56. - use float for internal calculation of battery values
  57. - When use DBUS_TYPE_BOOLEAN use as variable type dbus_bool_t to avoid
  58. possible trouble on big endian machines
  59. Fixed bugs (from if no other comment):
  60. - #182609: autosuspend warn dialog, feature request
  61. - #229234: kpowersave does not fall back to userspace governor
  62. - #256372: make HAL events independent from QT eventloop
  63. - #257326: ignore battery warnings if on AC
  64. - #266243: check info.capability and not info.category for laptop_panel
  65. - #274705: feature request autodimm
  66. - #282640: fixed brightness up/down handling
  67. - #284622: fixed segfault
  68. - #293707: de.po: missing space between text and ellipsis (...)
  69. - #298332: crash, fixed typo
  70. - #299577: disable Yast module on >= openSUSE 10.3
  71. - #301692: fix switch schemes on AC events, fixed detection session
  72. state, fixed possible segfault on ix86
  73. - #302493: don't use kdFatal() befor exit(), it would look like a crash
  74. - #303963: fix segfault if XDG_SESSION_COOKIE is not set
  75. - #307431: prevent AC notifications if session state get changed
  76. - #309491: fixed code to free TDEProcess object if gnome-screensaver runs
  77. - Debian #413638: if config dialog is minimized and the user try to
  78. start config dialog via applet reactivate the dialog.
  79. - Debian #413811: fails to notify if suspend-to-ram fails
  80. - (K)Ubuntu #94396: stop autosuspend before suspend
  81. Tranlation updates:
  82. - german: Danny Kukawka
  83. - arabic: Youssef Chahibi
  84. - slovenian: Jure Repinc
  85. - several other from
  86. New: KPowersave 0.7.2 (development tree/unstable)
  87. =================================================
  88. This version is a major step to the next KPowersave stable version.
  89. At first: you don't need to change the KPowersave config file manually
  90. any longer - this version provide now all options for powermanagement
  91. in KPowersave via the updated and extended configure dialog.
  92. You can find all changes since the last release in this file or in the
  93. Changelog. Please test KPowersave and feel free to report bugs to the
  94. powersave-devel mailinglist or for SUSE products via the Novell bugzilla.
  95. Because of the changes in the GUI the most translations are not
  96. up-to-date. Feel free to checkout the source, update your translations
  97. file and send it to us.
  98. Major changes since the last version:
  99. - extended configure dialog to provide this functionality:
  100. * schemes settings:
  101. - add new and delete existing (no default) schemes
  102. - define a CPU Frequency policy for each scheme
  103. * general settings:
  104. - define battery warning levels and actions if a level reached
  105. as e.g. Suspend to disk, Shutdown or change the brightness
  106. - configure actions for button events (Power/Lid/Suspend/Suspend)
  107. - define the default AC and battery schemes
  108. - show the power consumtion of the battery in the detailed info dialog
  109. - umount external media before suspend (need a patch of the KDE media
  110. manager) to avoid data loss and remount on resume
  111. - reset the CPU Freq settings on resume to avoid different settings for
  112. the CPU governor on multicore machines
  113. - call now SetCPUFreqConsiderNice(), SetCPUFreqPerformance() on dynamic
  114. CPU Freq policy (as poweruser setting only changeable via config file),
  115. and also SetPowerSave() with true on battery and false otherwise.
  116. - support also conservative governor as DYNAMIC fallback
  117. - fixed brightness handling in the configure dialog if not activated
  118. - removed accelerator tags from i18n() strings. KDE handle this by itself.
  119. Improved config GUI to be better accessible via keyboard.
  120. - code and code documentation cleanups and updates
  121. Fixed bugs (from if no other comment):
  122. - #245081: KPowersave does not set (ondemand) governor on startup
  123. - #244052: Close lid of a laptop and suspend to ram cause 100% CPU
  124. - #229960: CPUFREQ_DYNAMIC_PERFORMANCE seems to be ignored during
  125. boot and scheme change
  126. - #230686: KPowersave need to be restarted to apply DPMS settings
  127. - #230965: puzzling battery state info
  128. - #231709: kpowersave-0.7.1-12: comparison with string literal
  129. - #231184: KPowersave crashes due to uninitalized LibHalContext
  130. - #229234: KPowersave does not fall back to userspace governor
  131. - #215262: Suspend to disk with attached usb storage not working
  132. - #223164: After suspend, second core has performance governor set
  133. - #223517: Powersave: CPU scheme "dynamic" reduces speed if only
  134. nice -19 processes run
  135. - #223637: kpowersave crashes in first login
  136. - #225212: KPowersave crash on ThinkPad X60s
  137. - #221715: Functionality for configuring lid close event etc.
  138. missing in KPowersave
  139. - #223922: System not shuting down on pressing power button
  140. Tranlation updates:
  141. - german: Danny Kukawka
  142. - danish: Stefan Skotte
  143. - turkish: S.Çağlar Onur
  144. - chinese: Zhengpeng Hou
  145. KPowersave 0.7.1 (development tree/unstable)
  146. =================================================
  147. I'm glad to announce the first new offical release from the KPowersave
  148. development version 0.7.1. This is the first version of KPowersave without
  149. dependency to the powersave daemon. From now KPowersave use directly the
  150. HAL daemon to get Hardware information and set e.g. brightness or trigger
  151. Suspend.
  152. Also if KPowersave depend no longer on powersave, I would recommend to use
  153. the new/current powersave version furthermore. You can use the powersave
  154. daemon if there is no client as e.g. KPowersave to handle system power-
  155. management. If KPowersave (there is also a patch for g-p-m available) start
  156. up the daemon stop automatically to handle powermanagement policy and
  157. the KPowersave applet force (if allowed) the user specific policy.
  158. You can find all changes since the last stable release in this file or in
  159. the Changelog. Please test KPowersave and feel free to report bugs to
  160. the powersave-devel mailinglist or for SUSE products via the Novell bugzilla.
  161. Major changes since the last version:
  162. - Initial port from powersave to HAL/D-Bus/PolicyKit:
  163. - replaced most features from the last stable version base on powersave
  164. with new code. (Only missing atm eyecandy stuff as suspend progress dialog)
  165. - replaced code to get hardware information from powersave with get info
  166. from the HAL daemon
  167. - changed resume from suspend/standby detection and handling of the event
  168. - KPowersave claim now org.freedesktop.Policy.Power interface from D-Bus
  169. to stop powersave from handle powermanagement policy and to prevent
  170. handle other clients to start powermanagement.
  171. - Extended existing schemes to be complete handled in KPowersave instead
  172. of the powersave daemon. Added new (scheme) settings for:
  173. * battery warning levels
  174. * actions for battery warning levels and for lidclose events (as e.g.
  176. or BRIGHTNESS)
  177. * AC and Battery default schemes
  178. * CPU Frequency Policies per scheme
  179. --> NOTE: you can change this settings currently only via the config file
  180. and not via the GUI configure dialog. This is the next step, we
  181. concentrated on get KPowersave running for this release.
  182. - Fixed KDE screensaver and DPMS handling to reduce/avoid interfer with the
  183. KDE user settings. There is a KDE patch available to check if KPowersave
  184. handle DPMS settings already and call the KPowersave config dialog.
  185. KPowersave 0.6.2 (stable update)
  186. ================================
  187. Changes/fixes since last stable release:
  188. - KPowersave depends now on powersave >= 0.12.18
  189. - fixed bugs:
  190. - #1483392/ SUSE #177792: set changes for autosuspend state via DCOP
  191. back to the applet menu, added DCOP functions to set the current scheme,
  192. the current CPUFreq policy and to open/close the detailed dialog
  193. - #1483392/ SUSE #177788,180000: added workaround to fix two bugs in
  194. the DPMS- and Screensaver extension of X, related to autosuspend and detect
  195. user inactivity (DPMS timeouts are abstracted from current idle time, but
  196. shouldn't / DPMS timeouts are currently additive but shouldn*'t). This fix
  197. problems with autosuspend if the timeout is longer than the DPMS timeouts.
  198. - SUSE #168619: changed errorhandling if HAL, DBUS or the powersave daemon
  199. is not running or if the user has not the needed rights to access the
  200. powersave daemon via DBUS. Added new errormessages and translations.
  201. - SUSE #182515: Changed configure dialog to respect rules for DPMS timeouts
  202. - SUSE #176782: patch from Timo Hönig <> to allow (if
  203. supported and enabled in the scheme) change brighness via mousewheel over
  204. the applet icon.
  205. - SUSE (SLED) #183745: fixed detection of SUSE Linux/SLES/SLED and added
  206. configure option to force SLES/SLED as distro with --enable-suse-sles.
  207. Fixed bugzilla link for SLED/SLES
  208. - SUSE #184076: fixed wrong command to start dbus daemon in errormessage.
  209. - added additional check before autosuspend if this was disabled via applet
  210. - added new configure check to detect Ubuntu/Kubuntu
  211. - changed link to Ubuntu bugzilla to and use now the same link
  212. for applet menu entry "Report a bug ..." if compiled for Ubuntu/Kubuntu
  213. - updated default blacklist for autosuspend with gmplayer,kaffeine,xine,mencoder
  214. - updated translation: cs,de,es,fi,fr,hu,it,km,pl,pt_BR,zh_CN,zh_TW
  215. - updated (cs) and fixed translation of eventsrc for KNotify
  216. - fixed and updated code documentation
  217. KPowersave 0.6.1 (stable update)
  218. ================================
  219. Changes/fixes since last stable release:
  220. - fixed SUSE bug #167296: fixed tooltip and removed unneeded checks for battery
  221. related infos. Should fix display wrong remaining time on charging with APM
  222. - fixed SUSE bug #165462: removed utf8 tag from eventsrc which results in
  223. "unknown source ..." message in knotify dialog
  224. - fixed SUSE bug #168838; event for resumeFromSuspendToDisk displayed twice in
  225. knotify dialog (typo and translation issue in eventsrc)
  226. - fixed detailed dialog for multiprocessor/-core machines without CPUFreq or
  227. throttling support and offline CPUs/Cores
  228. - updated translations (fi,km,pl,ru) including desktop files and eventsrc (ru,
  229. from Anton Farygin <>)
  230. - added configure check for dbus-1-qt3-devel headers
  231. - updated README (ALT Linux bugzilla link)
  232. KPowersave 0.6.0 (stable)
  233. ================================
  234. I'm glad to announce the new official stable release of KPowersave (v0.6.0).
  235. You can find all changes since the last stable release in this file or in
  236. the Changelog.
  237. Thanks to all persons which helped to develop KPowersave with patches,
  238. testing new unstable versions and report bugs back to us. A special thanks
  239. to:
  240. Holger Macht, Stefan Seyfried, Michael Biebl, Daniel Gollub
  241. and last but not least SUSE/Novell.
  242. Danny Kukawka
  243. Changes since last release:
  244. - changed powersave dependency to current stable version >= 0.12.7
  245. - reduced the size of the package by optimize the size of included png files.
  246. The size off all png files is now reduced by ~709KByte.
  247. - added german version of the handbook
  248. - fixed processor bar in detailed dialog to set correct for the first call.
  249. - fixed tooltip for machines which always report charging also if 100%
  250. charged and on AC
  251. - fix from Michael Biebl for notify about autosuspend after resume and a
  252. remove no longer needed check from configure
  253. - added support for lock screen via gnome-screensaver (only under GNOME)
  254. - added fake keyevent (shift) after resume if machine was locked before
  255. suspend to show the login dialog automatically
  256. - fixed detailed dialog for machines without CPUFreq and more than one CPU/
  257. Core or with throttling support (see SUSE bug #164683).
  258. - added patch from Daniel Gollub to be able to fake CPU infos for develop
  259. - fixed errorhandling for YaST power management module (SUSE specific)
  260. - changed link for report bug opened via the applet menu if this is a
  261. SUSE package. Open now the related wiki page.
  262. - fixed bug report address in the about dialog (to powersave-users ML)
  263. - translation updates
  264. - changed timeout for recheck powersave on startup from 10 secs to 20 to
  265. avoid annoying messages on slow machines or autologin
  266. - updated README with install/compile and help/bugreport information
  267. - updated code docu (added planed features/enhancements for 0.7/0.8 tree)
  268. - updated spec files for packaging
  269. KPowersave 0.5.11 (rc5)
  270. ================================
  271. Changes since last release:
  272. - added function to check if the machine is a laptop and to allow hide
  273. laptop specific widgets/code e.g. on workstations
  274. - hide 'Lock screen on lid close' checkbox in config dialog on non-Laptop
  275. - changed brightness settings to be sure that we use the lowest 'usable'
  276. min level of brightness and to avoid off the display on e.g. pmu
  277. - allow root user always all kind of suspend/standby
  278. - little fix to prepare for QT4 (s/TRUE/true/)
  279. - translation, handbook and code documenatation updates and fixes
  280. - code cleanups, SVN file attributes fixed
  281. KPowersave 0.5.10 (rc4)
  282. ================================
  283. Changes since last release:
  284. - KPowersave depends now on: powersave >= 0.12.2
  285. - fixed lidclose handling: added call xset to off the backlight of LCD
  286. displays and reset DPMS settings on lidopen
  287. - fixed read throttling state for multiprocessor machines (patch from
  288. Daniel Gollub <>)
  289. - fixed display processor infos on multiprocessor/-core machines dislay now
  290. values for each CPU/core also on non CPUfreq and non-throttling machines
  291. - fix to display battery infos only if at least min. 1 batteryslot available
  292. - translation updates (po files and handbook) from SUSE/Novell translation
  293. team and Dawid Wróbel <>
  294. - added and updated screenshots for handbook
  295. - added missing icon on non-SUSE distributions
  296. - autotools related fixes: better detection of Mandriva, use now pkgconfig
  297. from powersave for checks and linking, read name/location of dbus system
  298. socket from pkgconfig.
  299. KPowersave 0.5.9 (rc3)
  300. ================================
  301. Changes since last release:
  302. - fixed battery and processor information for APM and machines without
  303. CPU freq or throttling support
  304. - fixed battery state in the detailed dialog if no battery is available
  305. - translation and handbook updates and fixes
  306. KPowersave 0.5.8 (rc2)
  307. ================================
  308. Changes since last release:
  309. - removed sound settings from configure dialog and added KNotify support
  310. and more events, KNotify config dialog is available via applet menu and
  311. in the configure dialog (Michael Biebl/Danny Kukawka)
  312. - added dcop function to open configure dialog
  313. - fixed path to powersaved in code and translations to be more portable
  314. (Michael Biebl)
  315. - fixed cpu info in the info dialog to display also for machines which
  316. only support throttling (Daniel Gollub/Danny Kukawka)
  317. - fixed battery part in the info dialog to have same sized progressbars
  318. - fixed strings in the code, fixed sting in tooltip if charging
  319. - fixed problems with pidof on Fedora: pidof should be in PATH of user.
  320. - removed no longer needed parts from handbook
  321. - updated translations related to the changes
  322. - cleanups (code and files)
  323. KPowersave 0.5.7 (rc1)
  324. ================================
  325. Changes since last release:
  326. - added brightness support and battery state info to the detailed dialog
  327. - updated translations: bg,cs,es,fr,it,ja,pt,nb,pt_BR,zh_CN,zh_TW
  328. - added new language: km
  329. - added new help file (currently without pics): Finnish
  330. - fixed bugs:
  331. - fixed again display CPU Freq Policy on machines without cpufreq support
  332. - autotools related fixes (Michael Biebl <>)
  333. KPowersave 0.5.6 (unstable)
  334. ================================
  335. Changes since last release:
  336. - added new summary battery progress bar if more than one battery bay is
  337. available in the system
  338. - updated translation files (nb,nl,pl,pt,zh_CN) thanks to Dawei Pang
  339. (zh_CN) and Dawid Wróbel (pl)
  340. - added new helpfiles for Czech and Portuguese (not complete translated),
  341. removed some pics to reduce package size
  342. - fixed bugs:
  343. - wrong path to pidof prevented autosuspend (fixed path to /bin )
  344. - fixed autotools related issues
  345. - included header for Slackware 10.2
  346. - fixed excessive CPU usage of detailed dialog
  347. - fixed problems if CPU Freq Policy not supported
  348. KPowersave 0.5.5 (unstable)
  349. ================================
  350. Changes since last release:
  351. - reworked the detailed dialog to a new design
  352. - fixed problems with offline CPUs
  353. - fixed battery handling
  354. - updated pot/po files and completed german translation
  355. - added new help menu to the applet, added new about dialog and a link
  356. to the sourceforge bugzilla for easy report bugs
  357. - added new icon for the 'Advanced Powersave' scheme
  358. - several cleanups and little fixes
  359. KPowersave 0.5.4 (unstable)
  360. ================================
  361. Changes since last release:
  362. - added new detailed information dialog to the left button on the applet
  363. which provide currently following information:
  364. - battery info for multiple batteries
  365. - CPU Frequency info also for multiprozessor machines
  366. - current scheme, current CPU Frequency policy, AC status, powersave
  367. status
  368. - updated code dokumentation and enhancement/implementation doc
  369. KPowersave 0.5.3 (unstable)
  370. ================================
  371. Changes since last release:
  372. - implemented scheme specific brightness settings in KPowersave
  373. and in the configure dialog and added capability for brightness to disable
  374. set brightness in powersave if KPowersave is running.
  375. - added warning dialog is 'Advanced Powersave' scheme is selected to avoid
  376. problems with this EXPERIMENTAL feature
  377. - updated: translation (nl), code documentation
  378. - fixed compiler warning, patch by Daniel Gollub <>
  379. KPowersave 0.5.2 (unstable)
  380. ================================
  381. Changes since last release (KPowersave 0.5.0):
  382. - updated to new powersave (>= v0.11.2)
  383. - added new dialog/error message if powersave is not running, from now
  384. 'Don't show again' checkbox is available to disable the message
  385. - added popup if HAL is not running (special if also powersave is not available)
  386. and kpowersave get no information about battery/AC status
  387. - changed settings of sounds filedialog to be more portable
  388. - removed old and not needed qt1/qt2 includes
  389. - changed handling with not available connection to powersave on
  390. startup of KDE (special for autologin)
  391. - updated help files and added new Norsk and Hungarian help files, added
  392. language specific screenshots
  393. - fixed dialogs to be respect KDE user interface style guide, fixed
  394. icon handling and desktop file (thanks to Stephan Binner <>)
  395. - added admin dir and updated README for compile on non-SUSE distributions
  396. - updated translation files
  397. - updated code documentation
  398. - code and file cleanups
  399. - several little bugfixes
  400. - switched from CVS to SVN