KRename – powerful batch renamer
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Version 3.0 stable
3.0.0 (Release Date 28.06.2004):
Fixed undo of renamed directories and their contents
Added a Polish translation by Krzysztof Pawlak
3.0.1 (Release Date 17.07.2004):
Fixed a memory leak (create KRecursiveLister instances without deleting)
Updated the Polish translation
Loading fileplugins after startup is now possible
Added option to create symlinks again (only for advanced mode)
Fixed preview moved out of screen
Added a Russian translation by Ilya Ivkov
Fixed a bug: Appended strings should be allowed to contain braced; [1-5{\{Hallo\}}] should work
Escaping of braces is now possible \{ \}
Tooltip improvements
Added extension renaming to the easy mode
Added find and replace to the easy mode
3.0.2 (Release Date 09.08.2004):
Fixed a numbering bug with random start values
Updated Russian, Polish and French translation
Added a Bosnian Trasnlation by Asim Husanovic
3.0.3 (Release Date 13.02.2005):
ESC doesn't close KRename anymore
Fixed many typos (thanks to Arpad Biro)
Updated hungarian translation
Fixed inserting of \
Added a few tooltips to the add dialog
Fixed escaping of # in filenames so that files containing a # can be added using drag and drop
Added the option to sort filenames in random order
Filename tab is made visible if filenames have been passed over the commandline
Updated russian translation by Nick Shaforostoff
Updated german, japanese and netherlands translation
Added profile management (removed save settings in number and find/replace dialog therefore)
Added plugin data reloading
Added Nummeric Sorting mode
Added function help dialog also to the beginners mode
Fixed keyboard accels in German translation
Fixed filenames containing a slash
Added formating of datetypes (e.g.: [date;yyyy-MM-dd] or [accessdate;dd-MM-yyyy_hh:mm])
Better feedback during renaming lots of files in the ProgressDialog
ProgressDialog is closed correctly after an undo
Updated translations and fixed typos
Fixed advanced date formatting, upercase letters were converted to lowercase
Apply patch from Laurent Montel to exclude devices from the servicemenu
Make adding of files multithreaded to be faster and fix some bugs
Fixed reload plugin data (just clears the cache of all plugins)
Let the KDE KRename documentation point to the pdf handbook
Made KRename more responsive when changing the template for many files
Fixed adding files by drag and drop and from commandline options
3.0.4 (Release Date 21.04.2005):
Fixed keyboard shortcut ALT+F being used twice
Make saving profiles more easier to understand for the user
Disable delete button for default profiles
Support default profiles
Declared lot's of functions as inline for speed reasons
Added support for resetting counters on new directories
3.0.5 (Release Date 25.05.2005):
Updated Russian translation by Alexey Kouznetsov
Updated Polish translation by Krzysztof Pawlak
Added Chinese Simplified translation by Dehua Qin
Fixed a bug in the strip whitespace function \
Added Brazilian Portugues translation by Paulo Zambon and Michele Fasoli
Display error warning message only if errors have occured
Updated Italian translation by Patrick Bellasi
3.0.6 (Release Date 25.05.2005):
Allow to set the profile with a commandline switch
Added brazillian translation to the service menu
Fixed crash with the --start option
Fixed adding directories from the commandline with the --start option
Fixed the taborder in the ProgressDialog
Fixed find and replace with regular expressions
3.0.7 (Release Date: 28.08.2005):
Fixed for the pt_BR translation
changed Krename -> KRename in myinputdialog.cpp
Fixed plugins in second run of KRename
Added Transliteration Plugin by Oleg Ivanov
Set focus to the template field when switching to the filename tab
in advanced mode
Added keyboard shortcut F2 to change filename manually as
requestet by Paulo
Updated Hungarian Translation by Arpad Biro
Fixed servicemenu files
3.0.8 (Release Date: 24.09.2005):
Updated German translation (thanks to the debian team)
Fixed on the fly mode switching
Fixed the profile commandline option when a default profile was specified
Fixed a crash with loading the KDE file plugins after KRename was started
Fixed a few smaller memory leaks (thanks to valgrind)
Code review with many smaller optimization (mostly using inline
for functions and references for parameters)
Fixed hide and show of KRename window on startup
3.0.9 (Release Date: 18.10.2005):
Fixed the .desktop file to open only one KRename window when
multiple files are dragged on the icon
Added Slovinean translation by Matej Urbanèiè
3.0.10 (Release Date: 11.01.2006):
Swedish translation by Peter Landgren
Updated Polish translation by Krzysztof Pawlak
Added context menu to all template text fields to quickly insert
KRename tokens
Updated Hungarian translation by Arpad Biro
3.0.11 (Release Date: 22.02.2006):
Cleaned up
Fixed desktop files
Fixed {,} and * when returned from plugins
Fixed add files here label on the first page in wizard mode
Show last tab when files are passed on the commandline
Updated Swedish translation by Peter Landgren
Updated Italian translation by Vincenzo Reale
Updated admin directory to KDE 3.5
3.0.12 (Release Date: 14.08.2006):
Updated Spanish and Italian translation
Fixed a compilation problem with gcc 2.95
Fixed servicemenu installation
Fixed a possible crash
German translation fixes by Frederik Schwarzer
Fixed drag and drop of files to KRename
3.0.13 (Release Date: 03.12.2006):
Emre Alada contributed a Turkish translation
Improved speed when a plugin token was not found
Fixed encoding plugin
Added commandline switch to specify the number of previewitems
Fixed a crash with plugin previews
Fixed adding directories recursive when dropped from another application
Added a unit test
Fixed plugin tokens with additional arguments e.g. [date;dd-mm-yyyy]
Fixed the seconds in the time [token]
Corrected documentation of [user] and [group] tokens
Patch by Otakar Trunecek to add Czech transliteration characters
Version 2.9
2.9.0 (Release Date 24.01.2004):
Added KIO slave support (e.g.: fish:// and ftp://)
Use the mimetype icon if no icon is found
File preview is much faster now
Moving of items in large lists if faster now
Removed stupid tooltip for filelist
Improved ProgressDialog
Fixed plugin finished being called even if the user canceled renaming
Added option to easily use the filename of the input file (when changing manually)
Fixed enabled state of up and down buttons
Using Jonathon Sim's KRecursiveLister
Added a refresh preview button
Removed ask on exit option (KRename doesn't ask anymore)
Fileextension start dot, can now be configured easier
Fixed capitalization for apostrophes
Removed stupid warning message, about files not being added twice
Made PluginLoader a singleton -> KRename is faster if a second window is opened
Added a very simple DCOP interface (more functions to come in the next release)
Fixed a bug that caused [x] (x being a number) to fail in some cases
Fixed manual changing filenames
2.9.1 (Release Date 01.02.2004):
Compilation fix (cannot declare member function as static)
Fixed keyboard access to file template lineedit
Improved plugin system, no need to enable certain plugins anymore
Removed write meta info function, as it did not work very well
Refactored the image plugin to look like the other plugins and use a cache
2.9.2 (Release Date 29.02.2004):
Added a hungarian translation from the SuSE 9.0 rpm
Date and time functions are now a plugin
Added [user], [group], [modificationdate], [creationdate] and [accessdate] tokens
Fixed a bug with the [date] token
Fixed the command, permissions and date and time plugin
Added lot's of examples to the command plugin
Updated the German translation
Renaming speed got greatly improved (FileCopyJob is used instead of CopyJob)
Overwriting of files works again
Removed option to create symlinks, who needs that?
Added a [length] token, returning the length of the input filename
Support for nested tokens like: [[length-4]-[length-2]]
Fixed mouse problems on the first page of the wizard
The part string token supports appended strings: [2;4{[dirname]}] or [2-4{KRENAME}]
Fixed a bug with special tokens in directories which are created during runtime
Added a few new DCOP functions
Fixed regular expressions find and replace
Much faster adding of files, because of a better sorting algorithm
Updated the French translation
Depends on KDE 3.1 now, because of KDirLister
Fixed an annoying message box popping up, when an error occurs
2.9.3 (Release Date 09.04.2004):
Updated Spanish translation
Updated German translation
Fixed a crash when adding directories recursively
All plugin tokens have a prefix now for consistency
Added new DCOP methods
2.9.4 (Release Date 15.04.2004):
Fixed [length-2] token (substracted only 1 instead of 2)
Set default to tabbed mode for GUI
Added a powerful easy mode dialog
KMyHistoryCombo saves its settings itsself, saving lots of code duplication
Fixed the annoying error messages again
Improved ProgressedDialog
All files (even files with errors) can now be renamed again
3.0.0-rc1 (Release Date 04.05.2004):
Updated French translation
Updated Spanish translation
Updated German translation
Fixed spelling errors (thanks goes to Arpad Biro)
Updated admin dir to work with automake 1.8
Service menu is installed by default, saving lot's of code
Fixed a bug with FilePlugins
3.0.0-rc2 (Release Date 26.05.2004):
Updated Netherlands translation
Fixed a bug with § which could result in an endless loop
Replaced § with [&1][%2-]
Fixed multi-line error message in progress dialog
Nicer file preview (previews are centered and text is aligned)
Start index defaults now to 1
Changed button order in ProgressDialog and Tabs Mode (Close)
Move change filename manually to the top of the context menu
Append a / to directory names so that files are copied/moved correctly
Do not display file:// for local files
KRename creates missing directories automatically for you
KRename window size on startup was fixed
Only one button to add directories and files
Many messages where simplified
Undo file can only be created if files are not copied
Added an automatic undo function
Plugin page was removed from the wizard
Fixed unexpected close of wizard after renaming
Improved directory selection
Better sorting of files
No update preview when find and replace dialog was canceled
3.0.0-rc3 (Release Date 13.06.2004):
Removed help buttons
Fixed lots of typos
previous -> original
Added small icons to help dialog
Added a small text notice to tell the user he should add some files
Selecting items by dragging a frame with the mouse is now possible
Fixed hiding the plugin page in wizard mode
Plugin page shows only plugins that are not automatically used
Fixed image highlighting of selected items
Fixed image preview
Fixed creating directories inside of created directories
Version 2.8 stable
2.8.0 (Release Date 08.07.2003):
Speed up file plugins by adding a cache to them
Fixed GUI mode switching with Qt 3.0.x
Fixed service menu entry for all languages
Adjust width of insert part of filename dialog dynamically
--use-plugin is now case insensitive
Fixed a bug with the first start dialog
Added spanish translation of service menu entries
Redrawing GUI while generating real time preview with plugin
2.8.1 (Release Date 24.07.2003):
Fixed compilation errors on FreeBSD
Fixed a memory leak with invalid file plugins
Added support for all fileplugin tokens, not only the preffered ones
Switched add dirname dialog to KDirSelectDialog
Fixed a bug which caused KRename to remain in memory even if all windows were closed
2.8.2 (Release Date 06.08.2003):
Removed STL dependency and fixed compilation errors
Fixed a memory leak in addThisDir
Added support to add directory names recursively
2.8.3 (Release Date 22.10.2003):
Removed add recursively button and merged functionality into add dir
Added a simple sort function
Inserting parts of filenames replaces $
Fixed a layout bug, with the undo groupbox
2.8.4 (Release Date 05.12.2003):
Added a netherlands translation by Frank Schoolmeesters
Fixed find and replace code
Fixed compilation with --enable-final
Fixed compilation on debian and fedora
Added support for escaped special characters (e.g. \&)
Fixed a segmentation fault on startup
2.8.5 (Release Date 05.01.2004):
Fixed dir selection dialog growing larger and larger
Fixed bug: manual changes are delete for removed files, too
Fixed compiler warning: unexpected variable declaration
Version 2.7
2.7.0 (Release Date 17.05.2003):
Style guide fixes
Improved user interface
Removed save button from final dialog (who needs it?)
Ported ReplaceDialog to KDialogBase
2.7.1 (Release Date: 18.05.2003):
Fixed Compilation with KDE 3.0
2.7.2 (Release Date: 04.06.2003):
Added Japanese translation
Removed visible/invisible plugin stuff
Fixed minimum size of krename
Fixed sorting of functions help
Fixed bug with wrong file extension settings from krenamerc
Added tabbed GUI mode
Refactored preferences
Removed advanced titlebar
Redesigned plugin GUI page
Remove buttons are disabled as long as there are no files in the list
Added a separator line between dialogs and buttons
Improved undo dialog
Fixed loading of saved skip and find/replace lists
Made filename template lineedit much wider
Lot's of style guide fixes
Fixed accel conflicts in English version
Fixed the picture plugin
Simplified Plugin code (use QPtrList instead of QDict)
2.7.3 (Release Date: 30.06.2003):
Runtime switching of GUI mode is now possible
Fixed compilation problems on SuSE 8.0 (Qt <= 3.0.5)
Defined const functions as const
Fixed includes (thanks to the excellent fixincludes script from tdesdk)
Added a GUI mode selection dialog on first start
Added support for formating numbers from plugins (e.g.: [##Tracknumber])
Fixed service menu entries (thanks to Mark Volkert)
Fixed a small memory leak in service menu code
Fixed crash with RegExp dialog
Added a lot of useful commandline options
Fixed the spelling of KRename
Added an icon for the permissions plugin
Fixed a long standing bug that the users own group was not shown in the permissions plugin
Added an open context menu item to the preview
Fixed adding of two files with same name but in different capitilization
Double clicking on an item in the search and replace dialog edits it
Added French translation
Version 2.6 stable
2.6.0 (Release Date: 18.04.2003):
Fixed crash on installing servicemenu
Added icon and accel to servicemenu entry
Fixed bug with manual changed filenames
2.6.1 (Release Date: 25.04.2003):
Make Renaming with KFilePlugins work again
2.6.2 (Release Date: 11.05.2003):
Fixed manually changing names of dirs
Fixed some update count problems
Added spanish translation
Fixed help dialog
Version 2.5
2.5.0 (Release Date: 27.12.2002):
Added italian translation
Fixed layout bug in maximized windows
Fixed compiling problems (vector) (Thanks to Stephan Johach)
Added kde preview support
Faster File Preview
Removed all extern declarations
Removed uses of goto, cause I'm not coding basic :-)
Added support for renaming directories
Added open destination button
Added support for changing meta info's on all files
2.5.1 (Release Date: 02.02.2003):
Added support for recursively adding hidden directories
Added new preview mode
Added command execution plugin
Thumbnails size is a configure option now
Fixed startup notification bug
Improved documentation on leading zeros
2.5.2 (Release Date: 13.02.2003):
Fixed [date] bug (DD-MM-YYYY)
Plugin loading can be disabled for faster startup
Easier selection of part filenames
Fixed column bugs
Only one message box is shown when multiple files are added twice to the list
Added prefernces dialog
Fixed arrow buttons
Refactored source
2.5.3 (Release Date: 14.02.2003):
Fixed a gcc 3.x compilation bug
2.5.4 (Release Date: 14.03.2003):
Fixed a column bug
Improved some default settings
Fixed some problems with non ascii chars
Fixed service menu installation
Fixed problems with cyrillic characters
Spell checking of ui texts
Added auto directory creation ( ##/$ is now a valid template )
Fixed adding of directory names
Added caption with full path to the preview context menu
Added strip whitespace operator "\"
Fixed filenames containing "/"
Fixed display of preview failed icon
Removed debug output when writing meta info
Refactored and simplified plugin processing
2.5.5 (Release Date: 28.03.2003):
Updated README
Titlebar labels are now shown translated
Fixed ERROR messages after renaming
Fixed truncating of filenames with the get coordinates function
Fixed window layout restoring at startup
Added an autosize option for the column width in the preview
2.6-rc1 (Release Date: 06.04.2003):
Added icon to service menu entry
Fixed gcc 3.x compiler warnings
Fixed kfile plugins returning spaces at the end
Greatly improved startup time
2.6-rc2 (Release Date: 11.04.2003):
History size can be configured now
Fixed compilation with Qt/KDE 3.0
Fixed disabled controls in Preferences Dialog
Fixed a memory leak in FileOperation::geName();
Fixed file extension problems
Fixed renaming of directory names and the directories contents
Fixed one crash with the reqexp editor
Version 2.4 stable
2.4.0 (Release Date: 16.10.2002):
German Translation Fixes
Fixed bug in service menu installtion
Output Dialog is visible in the taskbar
Current page has bold letters in titlebar
Fixed image preview
Fixed service menu installation
Fixed toggling of titlebar
2.4.1: (Release Date: 30.10.2002):
Header files aren't installed anymore
Updated admin dir/build system
Fixed some memory leaks
Fixed crash with KFilePlugins
Fixed memory leaks in PicturePlugin
Improved speed in PicturePlugin
Support of more image formats in PicturePlugin and preview
2.4.2: (Release Date: 27.11.2002):
Window state is restored after restart of krename
Added [dirname] keyword
Fixed bug with files added more than once to file list
Confirmation at exit can be disabled
Fixed problems with advanced titlebar
Fixel compilation problems
Fixed layout on small resolutions
Added help dialog, that displays all avaible tokens
Removed Mp3/Ogg Plugin, KDE Plugins do the same stuff better
Version 2.3 (Release Date: 03.06.2002)
Translation fixes
Added undo feature
Code cleanups (use of static QFile::exists method )
Removed the splash screen (because I hate the one from OpenOffice
and I do not want to annoy people with krename's splash screen)
Added [track] keyword (needs id3v2 support)
Added function wizard
2.3.1 (Release Date: 10.07.2002):
Added support for KFilePlugins
Added show all plugins button
Added commandline option to undo scripts for security purpose
Smaller bug fixes
Fixed replacing of special chars $, &, ...
2.3.2 (Release Date: 12.09.2002):
Service menu entry is not installed by default, user can isntall it
GUI improvements
Root warning messagebox can be disabled
Added context menu to preview box
Finish button is default button
Fixed renaming of files without extension
Added chinese translation
Regular Expression changes
2.3.3 (Release Date: 09.10.2002):
GCC 3.2 fixes from Gentoo
Added menubar
Fixed plugins not working when show all was selected
Tokens for file plugins are case insensitive now
Pages of the wizard can now be set invisible
Source code clean ups in PluginLoader, BatchRenamer
DateTime, Permission and Dir Plugin are compiled into KRename
Added settings and help menu
Made OK default button in find and replace dialog
Made Start default button in undo dialog
Fixed crash when pressing return after startup
Using qDebug instead of cout in some places
Added advanced title bar
Fixed bug that config wasn't saved sometimes
Removed some asserts
Fixed tab order
Version 2.2 stable (Release Date: 01.05.2002)
Layout fixes in the replace dialog
Bug fixes in the replace dialog
Bug fixes in the copy function
Bug fixes in the build system
Bug fixed with plugins and special chars ( [, ], $, %, ... )
Version 2.1 (Release Date: 26.04.2002)
Added own ListView widget
Added arrow buttons
Removed preview button (disabled since 1.4(?))
User can change a filename by double clicking on a filename in the preview
Added a colored preview box
Translation fixes
ID3v2 tags supported throu id3lib
User can save setting for find & replace and skipping numbers
GUI improvements
User can set a filter for recursive dir adding
Improved recursive scanning of directories
Fixed ogg tag renaming bug
Fixed genre bug
Added plugin for picture renaming
Fixed a bug in the service menu entry
Fixed bug with replacing special chars ( [, ], $, %, ... )
Fixed a bug with the * operator
Added faster copying funtion
Fixed bugs in the replace dialog
Version 2.0 stable (Release Date: 27.03.2002)
Minor changes to README and ChangeLog file :)
Version 1.9 (Release Date: 22.03.2002)
Port to KDE3
Fixed layout bugs on page3 && page2
Added service menu entry for konqueror
Added regular expressions editor
Fixed bug with files ending in a dot or without extension
Version 1.8 stable (Release Date: 28.02.2002)
Added plugin API
Rewrite of BatchRenamer class
API clean up's
Changed handling of numbers and fixed (hopefully) some bugs in it
Fixed (again) bug with filenames containing $,%,&,,#,[ or ]
Fixed bug that didn't allowed doing [1-]
Fixed history bug
Fixed a drag and drop bug
Preview window is resized correctly
Rewrote date time stuff as plugin
Rewrote permissions stuff as plugin
Added mp3/ogg plugin
Added dir sorting plugin.
Changed Listbox selection mode
Added -p commandline option for additional plugin dirs
Added a image preview
Updated translation
Added splash screen
Moved About Button to first page
Added .spec file
Version 1.7 stable (Release Date: 30.12.2001)
Fixed Find and replace bug
Added Add Dir Recursively Button
Group is set correctly in the permissions dialog
Simplified code in batchrenamer.cpp
GUI is repainted during adding a directory recursively
Added warn message if started from root
Version 1.6 stable (Release Date: 27.12.2001)
GUI Changes
Fixed translation bug in the About dialog
Fixed bug with filenames containig spaces
Added advanced file extension handling
Added find and replace of regular expressions
Added * operator (converts first letter of words to upper case)
Speed improvement ( <= 0 replaced with < 0 )
Added build date and time to the about dialog
Fixed history bug in ComboBox
Added handling of filenames containing $,%,&,,#,[ or ]
Version 1.5 (Release Date: 23.11.2001)
Added realtime preview
Added step by value
Added handling of parts of the filename
Added find and replace
Added renaming of output files
All enabling/disabling of widgets is now done in one funtion ( enableControls() )
Many internal code changes
Fixed bug with ,$,& and % in the extension
Added --nopreview commandline option
i18n'ed some more strings, I had forgotten
Fixed keyboard focus and taborder
Version 1.4 stable (Release Date: 08.11.2001)
Rewritten GUI
Added German translation
Changed ToolTips and other texts
Version 1.3 (Release Date: 04.11.2001)
Rewritten, resizeable ProgressDialog (with clipboard support)
Fixed bug in history combo
Smaller speed optimizations ( addDir() ;)
Added skipping of numbers
Removed all the useless struct's in the source code
Using KDE file selection dialog instead of QT's
i18n most strings ( translations are still missing ;)
Fixed crash during saving krenames output in ProgressDialog
Cleaned code (moved include statements from header to source files)
Version 1.2 (Release Date: 28.10.2001)
Added GetCurrentTime Button
Added giving files as commandline parameter
Added conversion
Code clean up's
Added recursive renaming of directories with commandline parameters
Changed help files
Bug fixes
Version 1.1 (Release Date: 23.10.2001)
Fixed bug with non existing directories
Added Up/Down Buttons fo changing the file order
Added restart button
Rewritten KMyListBox class
Krename stores path and templates for later sessions
Added creation of symbolic links
Added dropping of dirs
Added conversion of filenames to upper case
Improved drag'n'drop support
Added template for the file extension.
Changed GUI
Fixed ToolTips
Version 1.0 stable (Release Date: 10.10.2001) stable
Krename is called stable ;)
Fixed problem with the same file twice in the list (The same file is allowed only once in the list)
Files are correctly removed from the list.
Fixed warning messages at compile time.
Fixed bug in Add Dir.
Changed some key accels.
Added 'OK to all' button.
Fixed error checking
Version 0.9 (Release Date: 03.10.2001)
Added Add Directory Button
Fixed drag'n'drop code
Fixed problem with Cancel
Added Convert extension to lower case
Version 0.8 (Release Date: 26.09.2001)
Changed syntax for adding numbers.
Added Copyright Note to the COPYING file.
User is asked if Krename should quit.
Changed some texts.
Updated and changed documentation.
Changed maxvalue of start index.
Version 0.7 (Release Date: 20.09.2001)
Added Progress Dialog.
Krename displays the correct number of successfully renamed files.
Better error checking.
Added warning fucntion to ProgressDialog.
Added overwrite existing files function.
Changed some description texts.
Version 0.6 (Release Date: 12.09.2001)
Added cancel button to ProgressDialog
Fixed a bug that fclose wasn't called under certain conditions
Added save output button to ProgressDialog
ProgressDialog should be faster because of using QListBox instead of QMultiLineEdit
Fixed a bug that ocurred when changing date & time
krename displays now the elapsed time.
Speed optimations, mainly because of changing struct data
Fixed some problems with adding correct numbers to filenames if startindex is not 0.
Version 0.5 (Release Date: 08.09.2001)
Changed description texts.
Changed API of ProgressDialog a little bit.
Files can be opened from krename by pressing return or double clicking on the file.
Krename can change owner and group of all files
Krename can change permissions of all files
Added label that counts the number of files
Version 0.4 (Release Date: 04.09.2001)
Krename can now change time of last access and modification
Added preview button
Bug fixes
code clean up's
Better Help
Krename is added to the KMenu's Utilities section instead of Applications.
Version 0.3 (Release Date: 31.08.2001)
Added functions for changing access and modification date
Added drag'n'drop support
Bug fixes
Code layout changes
Added thanks to section to About dialog
Version 0.2 (Release Date: 23.08.2001)
New KWizard GUI
ProgressDialog is updated
Code layout changes
Version 0.1 (Release Date: 22.08.2001)
Initial release