KShowMail – show mails on a POP3 server
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  1. Versions Changes
  2. -------- -------
  3. May 6 2000: V0.1: initial release
  4. May 7 2000: V0.2: minor improvements and bug fixes
  5. implemented context menus
  6. delete confirmation option
  7. May 10 2000: V0.3: several bug fixes
  8. redesign of the configuration menu
  9. implemented multiple accounts
  10. implemented timer automatic
  11. improved error diagnostic
  12. May 20 2000: V0.4 minor bug fixes
  13. implemented connect via port 110
  14. implemented show of complete messages
  15. Jun 24 2000: V0.5 bug fixes
  16. changed event handling to allow update of status line during transfer
  17. store UIDL's / Message ID's in rc file to allow persistent detection of new mail
  18. play sound if new mail
  19. file dialog to select sound file
  20. implemented scrambled password in rc file
  21. command line parameter to select account
  22. tool bar combobox to select account
  23. Jun 29 2000 V0.5.1 Spanish translation provided by Edgardo Garc�
  24. Help file updated in english, german and spanish
  25. modified password scrambling algorithm
  26. Jul 10 2000 V0.5.2 bug fixes
  27. Implemented hide on startup
  28. Implemented minimize/terminate if no new mail
  29. Improved cache handling
  30. Implemented configurable user commands
  31. The application is started as unique instance
  32. Aug 2 2000 V0.5.3 A new option to allow keeping of new mails as "new"
  33. The size of mails is now recognized correctly
  34. Implementation of the anti-spam complain command
  35. Swedish language files
  36. Oct 15 2000 V0.9 Delete key works now. A popup window can be shown
  37. if new messages arrive. Config dialog updated.
  38. Oct 19 2000 V0.9.1 Bugfix release due to segfault in 0.9
  39. Oct 20 2000 V0.9.2 Automatic backup of config file
  40. Swedish language files updated
  41. French language files added
  42. Mail size options added
  43. Launch external programs on new mail
  44. Dec 30 2001 V2.2.0 Final version for KDE 2.2.x.
  45. Improved support of multiple accounts.
  46. Implementation of pop3 tdeioslave
  47. User interface adapted to TDEActions
  48. Keyboard shortcuts finally work
  49. Continuation at next account after errors
  50. Persistent storage of headers in xml config file
  51. Jan 02 2002 V2.2.1 Bugfix release
  52. The option dialog is divided by tab bars to make it smaller
  53. New stop button to interrupt transfer
  54. Changed icon format to png
  55. Jan 31 2002 V2.2.2 Bugfix release
  56. The crash on kde shutdown has been fixed
  57. Mail subjects are now RFC2047 decoded
  58. The truncating of large messages works again
  59. Feb 24 2002 V2.2.3 Bugfix release
  60. Crash when complain command is assigned to new mail fixed
  61. Added time information to status line
  62. Added account size information
  63. Request password when empty
  64. Show only messages of active accounts
  65. Store iconsize and icontext of toolbar
  66. Show user and host in statusbar.
  67. show countdown counter in statusbar
  68. Apr 06 2002 V3.0.0 Migration to KDE3
  69. Bug 535377 order by header fields fixed
  70. Apr 25 2002 V3.0.1 Sort by message numbers fixed (multiple accounts)
  71. New icons provided by Maic Szotek
  72. Display and sort date in locale format
  73. Hide taskbar button if minimized
  74. Implement configurable pop3 timer
  75. Animated traybar icon while fetching messages
  76. Crash if no account assigned is fixed
  77. Optimized sorting of new messages
  78. Store sort column in config file
  79. Crash and missing columns (542602) fixed
  80. Improved tab order in dialogs
  81. Beep if illegal user actions
  82. Crash when disabling accounts (559122) fixed
  83. May 30 2002 V3.0.2 Implemented user feedback
  84. Bug 562903 (Wrong account activated if sorted backw) fixed
  85. Jul 06 2002 V3.0.3 corrected compile errors in 3.0.2
  86. Feb 22 2003 V3.0.4 corrected segfault when password, server url and account name are too long;
  87. Finally set up the cvs account. (Hi, Allistar !);
  88. Added the option for users to hide account or message columns in the main window;
  89. Added french translation finally;
  90. Added option to allow rich text formatting (simple html);
  91. set tab focus to editdialog to allow keyboard navigation;
  92. header information filtered in view complete mail;
  93. fix of the locking problem when running commands;
  94. security update: xml file has mode 0600 now.
  95. Sep 05 2004 V3.0.5 Bugfix: crash when storing empty password
  96. Dec 06 2003 V3.1.0 added confirm close box
  97. Added the long awaited filters to fight the Swen worm
  98. Implemented regular expressions as filter conditions
  99. Added logfile to monitor deleted messages
  100. Font now derived from KDE settings
  101. Added reply option
  102. Added save option
  103. Added ungarian translation for GUI and Help
  104. Fixed bug #853651
  105. Jan 30 2004 V3.1.1
  106. Added italian translation for gui and help
  107. Disabled save actions if nothing changed
  108. Added tooltip for traybar
  109. Improved html, we use KTextBrowser now
  110. Czech gui translation added
  111. Jul 12 2005 V3.1.1
  112. Works fine with KDE3.4
  113. Fixed bug #860024
  114. Added "Close to tray" and "Minimize to tray" settings
  115. Fixed bug with crashes on (de)activation of accounts
  116. Mar 31 2007 V3.1.2
  117. BUGFIX: Crashed, when you click on an item of the account list
  118. May 19 2007 V3.1.9.1 (3.2-pre1)
  119. Revised all code for POP3 operations and moved it into the account
  120. class. Now the refresh and delete operations of every account run
  121. simultaneously and it doesn't crash at Quit anymore.
  122. Dropped the menu item Clear and Forced Refresh because they are
  123. dispensable now. The mail list is cleared at every refresh.
  124. Removed the complain action.
  125. The view of complete messages was improved. It decodes the quoted
  126. printable encoding (like "=25" ). But it is not perfect yet.
  127. The configure script is looking for the mimelib headers "mimepp.h"
  128. and "datetime.h" now. If they are not installed, the user will be shown a
  129. invitation to install the tdepim devel package.
  130. Revised the makefile.am files to avoid some warnings
  131. Replaced the admin folder
  132. Jul 06 2007 V3.2.0
  133. New setup dialog
  134. A configurable tool bar
  135. An easier code to build the GUI
  136. The warnings that kshowmail couldn't connect to the server during refresh,
  137. if there is no network connection available, can be disabled now.
  138. You can use TDEWallet to store the passwords.
  139. Jul 14 2007 V3.2.1
  140. Fixed bug where if you configure 2 accounts, retrieve mail, and then deactivate
  141. one of the accounts, it's number of messages still reflects in the tray icon.
  142. Fixed sort of message number and size columns in message list to be numerical
  143. rather than alpha.
  144. Aug 04 2007 V3.2.9 (3.3-pre1)
  145. Add support for SSL/TLS
  146. Apr 20 2008 V3.3.0
  147. Revised filter (dialog and worker)
  148. * White- and Blacklist
  149. * indefinite number of filters
  150. * moving of mails into mailboxes
  151. * ignoring of mails (e.g. for mailing lists)
  152. Spam check with SpamAssassin (just basically)
  153. Revised filter log