KShowMail – show mails on a POP3 server
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This program is written by Eggert Ehmke, eggert.ehmke@berlin.de.
It is distributed under the GNU public license. See COPYING for details.
It is based on the command line tool showmail written by Manfred Haertel,

Kshowmail is a KDE tool to watch mails on a POP3 server.
Headers and complete mails can be viewed without loading them to the
local mail client. Unpleasant mail can be deleted from the server.
The list of displayed mails can be refreshed via configurable timers.
Filters can be assigned to mark known spam for deletion.
Multiple accounts are supported.
A sound can be played if new mail arrives.
A command menu allows user configurable commands like fetchmail or sendmail.
A special command can be defined to send complain mail against spam.

The modifications I provided are mainly Qt/KDE stuff to generate a nice
GUI interface. I am using the great development tool kDevelop V2.1.

If you find the tool useful, tell me about it. If you find any bugs or
want some additional features, just give me a hint. As time allows,
I will try to fix them. If you like to translate the language files,
I would be very happy.

With version 0.5 the passwords are stored as scrambled text in the kshowmailrc file.
This is no absolute protection, but at least the password cannot be read as
clear text anymore. If you have old rc files with stored passwords, you must reeenter

With version 2.2.0 large parts of the configuration are stored in the kshowmail.xml file,
together with already loaded headers. The improves the speed of refresh a lot, as only
new headers are loaded again. However, this concept is again imcompatible with the old
rc file. You have to create your accounts again.

Installation: see the INSTALL file and check the following:
make sure the environment variables TDEDIR, TQTDIR and PATH contain the correct values.
For SuSE these are:
If not already installed, you need the kde network include files. Get the
tdenetwork-devel and tdepim-devel rpm packages or the source files.

Known bugs:
The connection to the pop3 server fails, if there is a null password.
Sound gets interrupted sometimes.

Fixed bugs:
the messages are sorted in a wrong sequence; fixed in 0.2
the optiondelete.xpm file is not installed via tgz; fixed in 0.2
some messages are not translated into other languages; fixed in 0.3
segfaults when working on empty config list; fixed in 0.3
on some servers the service is called pop-3. fixed in 0.4 by connect via port 110
the status line is only updated after transfer. fixed in 0.5 by changed event handling
during dialogs or message boxes conflicting timers fixed in 0.5
password scrambling algorithm problem fixed in 0.5.1
Endless loop if long messages are displayed fixed in 0.5.2
kshowmail locks if several messages are shown in sequence fixed in 0.5.2
Sometimes the toolbar/statusbar get lost fixed in 2.2.0
If the number of UIDL's in the cache exceedes 200, fixed in 2.2.0; no uidl cache anymore
old mail may be shown as new, if still on the server. we use xml file now
the uidl0 is not found in the cache, even if it exists
If the first account has no new messages, and the
second account can't get connection,
the list is not refreshed. fixed in 2.2.1
Crash when KDE shutdown fixed in 2.2.2
The sorting of messages by other columns (size)
does not work. (535377) fixed in 3.0.0
The sorting by message numbers does not work correctly fixed in 3.0.1
in case of multiple accounts
The AlertDialog::signalOk does not work. (514243) fixed in 3.0.1, was KDE2 bug
Crash if all messages of last account are deleted fixed in 3.0.1, never seen again
Missing header fields if transfer interrupted (542602) fixed in 3.0.1
Crash when disabling account (559122) fixed in 3.0.1
Wrong account activated if sorted backward (562903) fixed in 3.0.2

Since I started the kshowmail development, I received lots of feedback and constructive
critics from all over the world. I appreciate this very much and want to say "thank you"
to all of you. In particular:

Manfred Haertel <Manfred.Haertel@rz-online.de> who wrote the original command line version.
Espen Sand <espen.sand@neo.no> who provided the timers and some keyboard shortcuts.
Nicolas Vignal <nicolas.vignal@fnac.net> who provided RPM's for RedHat,
and the french translation.
Serge Parmentier <gerapa@skynet.be>� who updated the french translation
Edgardo Garc�a <edyx@mindless.com> who provided the spanish translation
Stephan Giesler <giesler@gmx.net> who updated the spanish translation and
did some testing.
Mattias Newzella <newzella@swipnet.se> who provided the swedish translation
Aharon Schkolnik <aharon@health.gov.il>, who did a lot of testing and created a lot of
Matthias Doell <mail@MatthiasDoell.de>, ideas that are now part of kshowmail.
Thomas Watz <twatz@gmx.de>
Maic Szotek <webmaster@dragontower.de> who provided the nice new icons for the
3.x.x version.
Gustavo Zamorano S. <gzsuniq@cableonda.net> who suggested the "Reply" feature and tested
some scripts.
Sandor Laza <slaza@xs4all.nl> who provided the hungarian translation.
Gabriele Postorino <g.posto@tin.it> who provided the italian translation.
Robert Kratky <kratky@rob.cz> who provided the czech translation.

Have a lot of fun! ;-)