KShutdown – graphical shutdown utility
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kshutdown.lsm 453B

  1. Begin3
  2. Title: KShutDown
  3. Version: R14.1.0
  4. Entered-date: 2014-01-06
  5. Description: An Advanced Shut Down Utility for TDE
  6. Keywords: shut down shutdown halt reboot restart lock screen logout tde
  7. Author: kdtonline@poczta.onet.pl (Konrad Twardowski)
  8. Maintained-by: kdtonline@poczta.onet.pl (Konrad Twardowski)
  9. Home-page: http://kshutdown.sourceforge.net/
  10. Platforms: Linux/TDE
  11. Copying-policy: GNU Public License
  12. End