KShutdown – graphical shutdown utility
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  1. IDEAS FROM KDE-APPS.ORG (http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=9754)
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  3. - by MasterD on: 01/22/2006, 15:26
  4. "Maybe you could add under "Extras" an option called "Beep warning" or
  5. something like that. So there will be an loud beep at this time you had set.
  6. So if you work on your computer hard and you forget the time there will be
  7. an beep and then you know that you wanted to do something."
  8. - by aaron-koensgen on: 05/08/2006, 14:55
  9. "(...) What about shutting down the computer when the CPU usage goes under
  10. a certain level? I know this function from a windows program which is similar
  11. to your application.
  12. (see http://us.jpa-software.de/cms/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=7&Itemid=26)
  13. - "Reboot choice"
  14. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=605273&aid=1484842&group_id=93707
  15. - by DigitalCyanide on: 07/05/2004, 8:39
  16. "How about adding "Console Mode" to the options? Saw this in one of the
  17. Distro's a long time ago where the logout dialog had "End Session",
  18. "Console Mode", "Turn Off", and "Restart". Kinda miss just being able
  19. to go to init 3 without having end session, then going to another vc to
  20. issue the init 3 (when you want to be graceful about it). Could just
  21. have the ability to add it as a user command rather than just edit
  22. existing commands too."
  23. - by Yaba on: 07/20/2004, 7:44
  24. "What would be really great would be an option to be able to tell grub
  25. which configuration to boot on the next boot."
  26. /* lilo too */
  27. - by zero on: 12/02/2004, 1:35
  28. "(...)add that grayed-out background effect
  29. like when KDE logout is selected from the main menu(...)"
  30. - by Superstoned on: 04/06/2005, 15:27
  31. "hey, someone asked for a way to auto-logout after a certain time of inactivity."
  32. - by klj on: 11/13/2005, 16:40
  33. "(...) What I would really like to see was some kind of interaction with the bootloader, so it would be possible to reboot directy to windows/other distro without having to wait and choose it manually at boot."
  35. -----------
  36. - Grep for "FIXME" and "TODO" in *.cpp/*.h files
  37. - GDM/GNOME support
  38. - Add to KDE Extra Gear (KDE Base?)
  39. - "remote reboot and shutdown, maybe using ssh" (Giovanni Venturi)
  40. - Web interface? (probably via https)
  41. - System suspend (shutdown+z)
  42. - Shut down notification sent via KMail or IM/Kopete
  43. - Kopete plugin (shutdown via Jabber ;-)
  44. - Killing the specified application/process at the selected time