13 Commits (master)

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Michele Calgaro c6b6d211a0
Remove the original translation directory layout. 2 months ago
Gregory Guy 48deaabece
Drop scons build support. 2 months ago
TDE Weblate 97eec7a67c Update translation files 11 months ago
Slávek Banko acb4188760 Update translation template. 11 months ago
Chris d6c56ff4a6 Added translation using Weblate (German) 1 year ago
Gregory Guy 6d5cbbbea9
Conversion to the cmake building system. 1 year ago
Slávek Banko 16632daffe Update translation template. 2 years ago
Slávek Banko ded3f1fb86
Add CMakeL10n rules. 2 years ago
Slávek Banko ef18cc16fa Fix FTBFS with SCons 3.x 4 years ago
Timothy Pearson 6296963076 Rename a number of libraries and executables to avoid conflicts with KDE4 8 years ago
Timothy Pearson 5855358429 Rename kde-config to tde-config 9 years ago
Timothy Pearson 11de8ef0ca Rename KDEHOME and KDEDIR 10 years ago
tpearson 2e77c0b4ce Added kstreamripper 10 years ago