NEWS: update for 0.9.12

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Christian Beier 6 years ago
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- Overall changes:
* CMake now is the default build system, Autotools were removed.
* In addition to TravisCI, all commits are now build-tested by AppVeyorCI.
- LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient:
* Numerous build fixes for Visual Studio compilers to the extent that
one can now _build_ the project with these. The needed changes for
successfully _running_ stuff will be implemented in 0.9.13.
* Fixed building for Android and added build instructions.
* Removed the unused PolarSSL wrapper.
* Updated the bundled noVNC to latest release 1.0.0.
* Allowed to use global LZO library instead of miniLZO.
- LibVNCClient:
* Support for OpenSSL 1.1.x.
* Support for overriding the default rectangle decode handlers (with
hardware-accelerated ones for instance) thanks to Balazs Ludmany.
* vnc2mpg updated.
* Added support for X509 server certificate verification as part of the
handshake process thanks to Simon Waterman.
* Added a TRLE decoder thanks to Wiki Wang.
* Included Tight decoding optimizations from TurboVNC thanks to DRC.
* Ported the SDL viewer from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.0.
* Numerous security fixes.
* Added support for custom auth handlers in order to support additional
security types.
- LibVNCServer:
* Websockets rework to remove obsolete code thanks to Andreas Weigel.
* Ensured compatibility with gtk-vnc 0.7.0+ thanks to Michał Kępień.
* The built-in webserver now sends correct MIME type for Javascript.
* Numerous memory management issues fixed.
* Made the TightVNC-style file transfer more stable.
- Overall changes:
* LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient development now uses continous intregration,