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- Add sources for the java stuff.
- Implement encryption in libvncserver.
- Get rid of compat dir
- Fix encodingstest
selectbox: scroll bars
authentification schemes (secure vnc)
IO function ptr exists; now explain how to tunnel and implement a
client address restriction scheme.
make SDLvncviewer more versatile
- test for missing keys (especially "[]{}" with ./examples/mac),
- map Apple/Linux/Windows keys onto each other,
- handle selection
- handle scroll wheel
style fixes: use Linux' coding guidelines & ANSIfy tightvnc-filetransfer:
discuss on list
LibVNCClient cleanup: prefix with "rfbClient", and make sure it does
not deliberately die() or exit() anywhere!
java vncviewer doesn't do colour cursors?
make corre work again (libvncclient or libvncserver?)
teach SDLvncviewer about CopyRect...
implement "-record" in libvncclient
implement QoS for Windows in libvncclient