TQt bindings for Perl
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=head1 NAME
PerlTQt - Perl interface to the TQt GUI Widget toolkit
=head1 TQt
Given the huge size of the TQt module
(more than 400 classes and 13000 methods)
it doesn't have any formal documentation.
Instead, it provides two introspection tools
=over 4
=item * ptqtapi:
a command line PerlTQt API introspector
=item * ptqtsh:
a graphical PerlTQt shell
and a detailed B<tutorial> with comprehensive
This is where anyone new to PerlTQt
should start.
The tutorial has been originally installed
on this system in C</usr/share/doc/libtqt-perl/tutorial>, in both B<POD> and
B<HTML> format.
For a complete IDE allowing RAD and visual programming,
check the ptqt-designer package.
--- The PerlTQt team
http://perlqt.sf.net - PerlTQt Project Homepage