MLT library
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  1. MLT/Miracle README
  2. ------------------
  3. Sponsored by Ushodaya Enterprises Limited
  4. Written by Charles Yates <>
  5. and Dan Dennedy <>
  6. MLT is a LGPL multimedia framework designed for television broadcasting,
  7. and Miracle is a GPL multi-unit video playout server with realtime
  8. effects.
  9. This document provides a quick reference for the minimal configuration,
  10. build and installation of MLT. See the docs directory for usage and
  11. development details.
  12. Configuration
  13. -------------
  14. Configuration is triggered by running:
  15. ./configure
  16. More information on usage is found by running:
  17. ./configure --help
  18. NB: This script must be run to register new services after a CVS checkout
  19. or subsequent update.
  20. Compilation
  21. -----------
  22. Once configured, it should be sufficient to run:
  23. make
  24. to compile the system.
  25. Testing
  26. -------
  27. To execute the mlt tools without installation, or to test a new version
  28. on a system with an already installed mlt version, you should run:
  29. . setenv
  30. NB: This applies to your current shell only and it assumes a bash or
  31. regular bourne shell is in use.
  32. Installation
  33. ------------
  34. The install is triggered by running:
  35. make install
  36. More Information
  37. ----------------
  38. For more detailed information, please refer to docs/install.txt.