MLT library
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13 lines

  1. SDL Default sdl
  2. SDL Half D1 sdl:360x288 rescale=nearest resize=1
  3. SDL High Latency sdl buffer=12 rescale=none
  4. SDL Progressive sdl progressive=1
  5. Westley to Terminal westley
  6. Westley to File westley:
  7. MainConcept DV to /dev/dv1394/0 mcdv:/dev/dv1394/0 rescale=nearest buffer=25
  8. libdv to /dev/dv1394/0 libdv:/dev/dv1394/0 rescale=nearest buffer=25
  9. BlueFish444 PAL bluefish:1
  10. BlueFish444 NTSC bluefish:1 standard=NTSC
  11. BlueFish444 PAL Prog LL bluefish:1 progressive=1 buffer=1 frames=4
  12. BlueFish444 NTSC Prog LL bluefish:1 standard=NTSC progressive=1 buffer=1 frames=4