MLT library
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mlt_all All clips clip*
mlt_effect_in_middle Filter in/out clip1.mpeg
mlt_watermark Watermark clip2.dv,watermark1.png
mlt_my_name_is My name is... clip3.dv
mlt_composite_transition A composite transition clip1.dv,clip2.mpeg
mlt_fade_in_and_out Fade in and out clip1.dv,clip2.mpeg,clip3.dv
mlt_clock_in_and_out Clock in and out clip2.dv,clip1.dv,clip3.mpeg
mlt_obscure Obscure clip2.mpeg,circle.png
mlt_audio_stuff Audio Stuff clip*.dv,music1.ogg
mlt_levels Audio and Video Levels clip*.dv
mlt_titleshadow_watermark Shadowed Title and Watermark clip3.dv
mlt_intro Station Promo into Story? watermark1.png,clip3.mpeg,music1.ogg
mlt_voiceover Voiceover 2 clips with title clip1.dv,clip2.mpeg,music1.ogg
mlt_avantika_title GJ-TTAvantika title pango.westley
mlt_title_over_gfx Title over graphic watermark1.png,clip1.dv
mlt_slideshow Slideshow Scotland
mlt_bouncy Bouncy, Bouncy clip1.dv,clip3.dv
mlt_bouncy_ball Bouncy, Bouncy Ball clip1.mpeg,clip3.mpeg,circle.png
mlt_news Breaking News clip1.dv,clip2.dv
mlt_squeeze Squeeze Transitions clip1.dv,clip2.dv,clip3.dv
mlt_squeeze_box Squeeze Box clip1.dv,clip2.dv,clip3.dv
mlt_jcut J Cut clip1.dv,clip2.dv
mlt_lcut L Cut clip1.dv,clip2.dv
mlt_fade_black Fade from/to black/silence clip3.mpeg
mlt_push Push wipe clip1.mpeg, clip2.mpeg
mlt_ticker Ticker tape clip1.dv
mlt_attributes Attributes clip1.dv
mlt_slideshow_black Composite slideshow Scotland