MLT library
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10 lines
468 B

inigo \
clip3.dv \
-track \
"+My name is Inigo Montoya.txt" out=99 -blank 49 "+Prepare to die!.txt" out=99 \
-track \
-blank 74 "+You killed my father.txt" out=74 \
-transition composite:50%,20%:5%x4% end=10%,20%:80%x12% distort=1 halign=centre valign=centre in=0 out=99 a_track=0 b_track=1 \
-transition composite:0%,70%:100%x10% end=100%,70%:100%x10% in=75 out=149 a_track=0 b_track=2 \
-transition composite:25%,25%:50%x50%! in=150 out=249 a_track=0 b_track=1 \