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import os, os.path
svnbase = "/home/jim/PyKDE/doc/classref"
newbase = "/home/jim/PyKDE352/doc/classref"
newfiles = os.listdir (newbase)
for file in newfiles:
if os.path.isdir (file):
newpath = os.path.join (newbase, file)
svnpath = os.path.join (svnbase, file)
if os.path.exists (svnpath):
newdoc = os.listdir (newpath)
svndoc = os.listdir (svnpath)
for doc in newdoc:
os.system ("cp %s %s" % (os.path.join (newpath, doc), svnpath))
if doc not in svndoc:
os.system ("svn add %s" % (os.path.join (svnpath, doc)))
print "added %s" % doc
os.system ("cp -R %s %s" % (newpath, svnpath))
os.system ("svn add %s" % svnpath)
if os.path.exists (os.path.join (svnbase, file)):
os.system ("cp %s %s" % (os.path.join (newbase, file), svnbase))
os.system ("cp %s %s" % (os.path.join (newbase, file), svnbase))
os.system ("svn add %s" % (os.path.join (svnbase, file)))