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  Michele Calgaro 79113dda15
QT_NO_* -> TQT_NO_* renaming. 1 year ago
  Michele Calgaro 2ead41ab9a
qt -> tqt conversion: 1 year ago
  Michele Calgaro 0517447cd1
qt -> tqt conversion: 1 year ago
  Slávek Banko 893921f038
  Slávek Banko 0b2f1c4760 Improve python_tqt module initialization 3 years ago
  François Andriot 695fdfc196 Fix FTBFS if no "-e" parameter is used 5 years ago
  Timothy Pearson e3a99f6792 Set python library for all modules 5 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 1653baa518 Fix minor text error in prior commit 5 years ago
  Timothy Pearson a23242ac11 Add ability to set libpython library 5 years ago
  Slávek Banko 4049988a92 Install as module by default 6 years ago
  Francois Andriot bef776509e Fix detection of sip4-tqt module 6 years ago
  Slávek Banko 92310a96cf Fix FTBFS 6 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 0b4e2360e5 Update integer/long type names 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson e87fff3247 Update various qt function definitions and static methods for tqt3 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 06500cd8e9 Fix FTBFS on TQt3 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson ed5b57040a Use tq includes instead of native q includes 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 7522746090 Fix retquire 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 8a055d66f4 Initial TQt conversion 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson b388516ca2 Initial import of python-qt3 8 years ago