Smb4K – Samba (SMB) share advanced browser
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Smb4K 0.9.4:
- Smb4TDEGlobal::timer() is now deprecated.
- The core classes now use QObject::timerEvent() instead of a connection
to Smb4TDEGlobal::timer().
- Smb4K will try to launch the wallet manager before it opens the wallet.
This should prevent it from hanging on start-up (closes #12707).
- If the digital wallet could not be opened, TDEWallet support won't be
disabled completely anymore but only for the current session.
- Fixed blocking of tooltips in the network browser.
- Fixed invalid check in the network browser's tool tip code.
- Simplified code in smb4k_cat. Bumped version to 0.8.
- Fixed disabled configuration dialog when another user edited the same
system file.
- Fixed wrong path when the strings "cifs" or "smbfs" were part of the
mount point name (closes #13342).
- Fixed unrecognized authentication error when querying the workgroup
master browser for the workgroup members (closes #12830).
- Fixed flickering of items in the shares views.
- Applied patch by Dirk Mueller that installs the configuration dialog as
KDE module.
Smb4K 0.9.3:
- Revised and optimized the code of the password handler. One consequence
is, that the format of the wallet entries is not compatible with previous
versions. The old entries will be converted automatically.
- Fixed a regression in the browser, where the list of shares was not deleted
when an host item was collapsed.
- Fixed an unmount problem that occurred when mount.smbfs is indeed a symlink
to or a copy of mount.cifs.
- The mount command now includes the NetBIOS name of the local host, which
is at least needed when using port 139.
Smb4K 0.9.2:
- Added a few "What's this?" help texts to the "Shares" configuration page.
- Updated translations.
- The preview dialog does not show the "." and ".." directories if the user
chose to see hidden directories.
- The bookmark folder in the system tray widget now has a bookmark folder
- Applied patch provided by Carsten Lohrke so that Smb4K's desktop file
complies with's specifications.
- Fixed double declaration in Smb4KSystemTray class.
- Removed Smb4TDEConfigDialogFactory::setConfigObject() function that was not
- Fixed poor IP address check in Smb4KScanner::searchForHost().
- Fixed saving of default login data when the wallet was closed.
- Updated handbook.
Smb4K 0.9.1
- Replaced all occurences of getenv("USER") by getpwuid(getuid())->pw_name.
- Corrected spelling mistakes in German translation.
- Fixed compilation error under FreeBSD.
- Fixed fails-to-build-from-source bugs with upcoming GCC 4.3.
Smb4K 0.9.0:
- Cleaned up the code and updated the copyright statements (class descriptions,
e-mail address and year).
- Smb4K now uses TDEConfig XT throughout the whole application. This breaks
compatibility with older versions of Smb4K.
- Replaced the old configuration dialog with a new one based on TDEConfigDialog
to take advantange of the TDEConfig XT infrastructure. It is a KDE module
library: libsmb4tdeconfigdialog.
- Added some configuration options:
+ The '-S <arg>' (signing state) and '-P' (use machine account) arguments of
smbclient are now supported.
+ Added several advanced mount.cifs options and the ability to pass custom
options to mount.cifs (closes #10249). You will need Linux kernel >= 2.6.15
to take advantage of most of them.
+ Added the ability to remove all options at once in the "Custom" tab of the
Samba configuration page.
- Changed some configuration options:
+ The hidden files and directories are not displayed in the preview dialog by
+ Rsync's '--existing' and '--ignore-existing' option can be active at the
same time.
+ The default UID and GID are now those of the user.
- Removed obsolete Smb4KUser class.
- Implemented validity checks into the core container classes, so that only IPv4
and IPv6 IP addresses are used (closes #11470).
- Modified Smb4TDEGlobal namespace:
+ Removed Smb4TDEGlobal::kernelVersion() function.
+ Removed Smb4TDEGlobal::systemName() function.
+ Removed Smb4TDEGlobal::config() function.
+ Removed Smb4TDEGlobal::getUMASK().
- Removed Smb4KHomesShareHandler::convert() function.
- Revised Smb4KCore class:
+ Rewrote Smb4KCore::searchPrograms().
+ Removed Smb4KCore::smb4k_core() static pointer and replaced it with a better
approach (Smb4KCore::self() and static pointers to the core classes).
+ Added Smb4KCore::init() function, that initializes the core, i.e. starts the
scanning of the network and the import and remounting of shares.
- Improved Smb4KSambaOptionsHandler class:
+ The constructor does not take a TDEConfig object anymore.
+ The client charset and server codepage will be auto-detected if the 'unix
charset' and 'dos charset' options are present in smb.conf, respectively
(closes #10805).
- Modified Smb4KShare class:
+ Moved to KUser and KUserGroup to retrieve information about the user and the
group of the mounted share. This sets the minimum requirement to KDE 3.3.
+ Added Smb4KShare::setUID() and Smb4KShare::setGID() functions.
+ Smb4KShare::equals() now takes a constant reference instead of a pointer.
- Improved Smb4KMounter class:
+ Removed legacy code from mountRecent() function and renamed it to remount().
+ Renamed Smb4KMounter::State::MountRecent to Smb4KMounter::State::Remount.
+ Smb4KMounter::findShareByName() now returns a list of all mounts of the
specified share that are present on the system. This way the checks for
mounted shares etc. could be improved.
+ Rewrote Smb4KMounter::mount() function.
+ Cleaned up Smb4KMounter::unmount() and improved the remaining checks.
+ Removed check for correct Linux kernel if the "Force Unmounting" feature is
used. The operating system will throw an error if the wrong kernel is used.
+ Added a new function Smb4KMounter::checkAccessibilty( Smb4KShare *share ).
It replaces code in Smb4KMounter::import() and Smb4KMounter::processMount()
and simplifies maintenance.
+ The "bad user name" and "bad group name" messages that are returned by
mount.cifs if a bad UID/GID are provided are recognized as errors.
+ Improved Smb4KMounter::isMounted(). It takes now a boolean as second argument
that determines whether all or only user mounts should be considered.
- Modified Smb4KScanner class:
+ Removed preview code from class.
+ Improved code for custom search requests.
+ Renamed Smb4KScanner::addHost() function to Smb4KScanner::insertHost() and
improved it.
+ Added hostAdded() signal that is emitted when a single host has been added
via the insertHost() function to the list of known hosts.
- Moved Smb4KMounterPrivate and Smb4KScannerPrivate classes to own files. Now
the users can use the --enable-final configure option without problems.
- Introduced Smb4KPreviewer core class that takes care of previews of remote
- Rewrote Smb4KPreviewItem class and moved it into own files.
- Introduced new Smb4KSynchronizationInfo container class.
- Modified Smb4KSynchronizer class:
+ Replaced the "--devices" option by the "--devices --specials" options, so
that also fifos, etc. can be preserved.
+ Replaced the "--remove-sent-files" option by "--remove-source-files". This
makes rsync 2.6.9 a requirement, if you want to take advantage of this
+ Removed the URL requester and the progress dialog.
+ Added new signals: progress() and finished().
+ Make use of the new Smb4KSynchronizationInfo container class.
+ A new synchronization request won't be taken if one is already processed.
- Modified Smb4KPasswordHandler class:
+ Removed import() function which imported authentication data from old
password file (versions prior to Smb4K 0.6.0).
+ The constructor does not take a TDEConfig object anymore.
+ The descriptive text in the askpass dialog now distinguishes between a
server and a share.
- Did a major revision of Smb4KFileIO class:
+ Removed Smb4KFileIO::getUsers().
+ Removed Smb4KFileIO::writeSuperUserEntries().
+ Removed Smb4KFileIO::removeSuperUserEntries().
+ Removed Smb4KFileIO::processOutput().
+ Removed obsolete compatibility code.
+ Introduced Smb4KFileIO::writeSudoers().
+ Introduced Smb4KFileIO::writeSuperTab().
+ Introduced Smb4KFileIO::processSudoers().
+ Introduced Smb4KFileIO::processSuperTab().
+ The env_keep list will not be replaced, but PASSWD and USER are appended
to it.
- Modified definitions in smb4kdefs.h. For changes see the file itself.
- Improved Smb4KBookmark class:
+ Added ability to define an alternative label that can be used to identify
the bookmark in a custom way.
+ Added constructor that takes a Smb4KHostItem object.
- Improved Smb4KBookmarkHandler class:
+ Implemented support for the new label feature.
+ Replaced findBookmark() by findBookmarkByName() and findBookmarkByLabel()
+ Rewrote addBookmark() function.
- Smb4KPrint now supports the "application/x-shellscript" mime type.
- Unified API of the network item classes.
- Bumped version of the core library to 2.0.0.
- Rewrote main window:
+ Smb4KApp now inherits KParts::DockMainWindow.
+ Removed labels that gave information about the WINS server and the look-up
+ Made the status bar messages a bit more informative.
- Redesigned shares icon view:
+ Removed Smb4KShareWidget, Smb4KShareWidgetItem, Smb4KShareActionMenu, and
Smb4KShareTooltip classes.
+ Introduced new classes: Smb4KSharesIconView, Smb4KSharesIconViewItem,
Smb4KSharesIconViewPart, and Smb4KSharesIconViewToolTip.
+ The shares iconview is now a KParts KDE module: libsmb4ksharesiconview.
+ Removed the fake list view feature.
+ Added ability to open a mounted share with Konsole. This is useful for
people who need to execute shell scripts on the share.
- Added new shares list view:
+ The features of the new list view are similar to the ones of the icon view.
+ The new list view consists of the classes: Smb4KSharesListViewPart,
Smb4KSharesListView, Smb4KSharesListViewItem and Smb4KSharesListViewToolTip.
- Redesigned network browser:
+ Removed Smb4KBrowserWidget, Smb4KBrowserWidgetItem, Smb4KBrowserActionMenu,
and Smb4KNetworkItemTooltip classes.
+ Introduced new classes: Smb4KNetworkBrowser, Smb4KNetworkBrowserItem,
Smb4KNetworkBrowserPart and Smb4KNetworkBrowserToolTip.
+ The network browser is now a KParts KDE module: libsmb4knetworkbrowser.
- Redesigned search dialog:
+ Applied a major revision to the Smb4KSearchDialog class. Among other things,
the widget that shows the search results is now a TDEListView.
+ Introduced new Smb4KSearchDialogItem class for easier handling of the items
in the list view.
+ Introduced Smb4KSearchDialogPart class that manages the communication with
the core and the rest of the application.
+ The search dialog is now a KParts KDE module: libsmb4ksearchdialog. (An rc
file is not provided because it's not needed.)
- Introduced a new synchronization dialog (Smb4KSynchronizationDialog) where the
old URL requester and the progress dialog from Smb4KSynchronizer were merged.
- Redesigned the print dialog.
- Revised the preview dialog. It now uses the new Smb4KPreviewer class and the
reworked Smb4KPreviewItem class.
- Modified and improved the bookmark editor:
+ It is now possible to define a custom label to identify a bookmark.
+ The workgroup is not editable anymore.
- Rewrote Smb4KSystemTray class from scratch:
+ The old functionality has been preserved.
+ Added the ability to unmount all mounted shares at once.
- Ported the Konqueror plugin to the new widgets.
- Modified utility programs:
+ Removed deprecated arguments from smb4k_mount.
+ Removed deprecated arguments from smb4k_umount.
+ Adjusted help screens where necessary.
+ Bumped versions where appropriate.
Smb4K 0.8.7:
- Fixed smb4k_cat utility program:
+ Enlarged the allowed length per line to 1024 (instead of 255) characters
(closes #12262).
+ Fixed a bug that could lead to corrupted files.
- Fixed Smb4KPasswordHandler::readDefaultAuth() that returned a pointer that was
freed when the function exited.
- Fixed Smb4KMounter:
+ Smb4K won't consider foreign shares for remounting on start-up. This also
seems to solve the crash bug initially reported in #11973 (closes #11467
and #12369).
+ Fixed unmount command line in slotShutdown() function under FreeBSD.
+ Fixed unmount command line in unmount() function under FreeBSD.
Smb4K 0.8.6:
- Fixed a crash in Smb4KMounter::findShareByPath() (closes #11499, #11543 and
Smb4K 0.8.5:
- Updated the handbook.
- Fixed compile errors in Smb4KMounter class under FreeBSD.
Smb4K 0.8.4:
- Reintroduced Polish translation provided by Jerzy Trzeciak.
- Updated Turkish translation and improved smb4k_add.desktop file. Thanks go
to Serdar Soytetir for providing the patches.
- Fixed missing functionality of the --ignore-existing argument of rsync.
- Fixed 'net rap server domain' command that is incompatible with Samba
3.0.25 (and later?).
- Fixed Smb4KPasswordHandler::readAuth() that returned a pointer that was
freed when the function exited.
- Fixed broken Smb4KPrint::print() function.
- Fixed a bug in the preview dialog that led to the hanging of the whole
- Fixed DCOP-related hanging of Smb4K during KDE start-up (closes #11189):
+ Added 'X-DCOP-ServiceType=Unique' entry to smb4k.desktop file.
+ Implemented KUniqueApplication::start() in main.cpp.
- Fixed a potential memory leak in the bookmark editor.
Smb4K 0.8.3:
- Fixed command lines in Smb4KMounter:unmount() that provoked smb4k_umount
to complain about a deprecated argument.
- Applied Turkish translation patch provided by Ismail Donmez.
Smb4K 0.8.2:
- Modified utility programs:
+ Fixed the "No mode was specified" bug in smb4k_mount/smb4k_umount and
related issues in the other utility programs.
+ Modified the help screens of the utility programs with respect to clarity
and better readability.
+ Warnings are shown if deprecated arguments are used.
+ Increased all versions by 0.1.
- Worked around a bug where shares where remounted with UID=0 and GID=0 when
using the CIFS file system.
- Improved the 'Trouble Shooting' section of the handbook and bumped its
version to 1.1.2.
Smb4K 0.8.1:
- Rewrote smb4k_mount, smb4k_umount, smb4k_kill, smb4k_cat, and smb4k_mv from
scratch in order to fix the following security weaknesses discovered by
Ben Hutchings (should finally close #9631):
+ Due to insufficient sanitation, smb4k_mount allowed an user to mount any
(local) device if the program was used in combination with sudo or super.
+ The function findprog(), which was present in smb4k_mount, smb4k_umount,
and smb4k_kill, returned a pointer to memory that was freed when the
function exited.
+ The function replace_special_characters(), that was present in smb4k_mount
and smb4k_umount, returned a pointer to memory that was freed after the
function exited. Additionally, it didn't replace the hyphen.
- Changes in smb4k_mount:
+ Moved to getopt_long() to parse the command line options.
+ Added '-n' and '-s' switches (not under FreeBSD) as short forms of the
'--suid' and '--no-suid' arguments, respectively.
+ Added '--version' argument.
+ Out of the many arguments that may be passed to the 'mount' binary, only
'-t <filesystem>' and '-o <options>' are still supported with smb4k_mount.
+ All file systems except 'smbfs' and 'cifs' will result in an error.
+ Fixed order of the arguments that were passed to 'mount.cifs' and
'smbmount' (the '-o <options>' argument must be placed at the end).
+ Added check if a share in the form //HOST/SHARE is supplied. If this is
not the case, smb4k_mount will error out.
+ Improved FreeBSD support.
- Changes in smb4k_umount:
+ Moved to getopt_long() to parse the command line arguments.
+ Added '-n' and '-s' switches (not under FreeBSD) as short forms of the
'--suid' and '--no-suid' arguments, respectively.
+ Added '--version' argument.
+ Added check if a mount point is supplied at all.
+ Improved FreeBSD support.
+ The '--smbfs' and '--cifs' arguments have been deprecated and are now
inoperable. They are still present for backward compatibility, but may be
removed any time soon.
- Changes in smb4k_kill:
+ Moved to getopt_long() to parse the command line arguments.
+ Added '--version' argument.
+ smb4k_kill does not take a signal number anymore. You can only terminate
a process with the SIGTERM signal.
- Changes in smb4k_cat:
+ Moved to getopt_long() to parse the command line arguments.
+ Added '--version' argument.
- Changes in smb4k_mv:
+ Moved to getopt_long() to parse the command line arguments.
+ Added '--version' argument.
+ Added a check if the source and destination files are regular files. If
they are not, smb4k_mv will error out.
- Adjusted Smb4KMounter class to the slightly changed behavior of the utility
+ Removed SIGTERM signal from command line in Smb4KMounter::abort() because
of the changes made to smb4k_kill.
+ Changed the command lines for smb4k_mount and smb4k_umount.
- Started to address the browsing problems experienced by users in Active
Directory environments: If the NT_STATUS_ACCOUNT_DISABLED error is
encountered (which actually seems to be an authentication issue), Smb4K
won't error out anymore but ask the user for the user name and password
(closes #10280).
- Fixed two bugs in Smb4KFileIO:
+ The search for the lock file directory will not return a directory that is
not readable and writeable anymore (except /var and /tmp are mounted ro).
+ If the lock file does not exist when Smb4KFileIO::removeLockFile() wants
to delete it, no error will be shown anymore.
- Fixed a compilation error under SUSE (10.2) and with the upcoming GCC 4.3.
- Smb4K now uses the CIFS file system by default (closes #10804).
- The handbook was updated to reflect the changes made to the utility programs.
Smb4K 0.8.0:
- smb4k_konqplugin: implemented working toolbar code + search dialog connected
to toolbar
- smb4k_konqplugin: fixed unmount all shares on exit
- Moved source files of the Konqueror plugin to own directory.
- Improved the build system:
+ Added '--with-konqplugin=ARG' argument which allows the user to disable
the compilation of the Konqueror plugin.
+ Added a check for Konqueror plugin header file if '--with-konqplugin=yes'
(default) was supplied. The configuration will be aborted with an error
message if the check fails (closes #8755).
- Updated admin/ directory.
- Utility programs:
+ Removed file search function from smb4k_cat.
+ Exchanged all occurrences of strcpy() by strncpy() (closes #9631).
+ Implemented several other security releated fixes proposed by Kees Cook
after a security audit (closes #9631). They include the elimination of
stack overflows and a design error in smb4k_kill.
- Removed the Smb4KDataItem class again, because its introduction was not a
good idea.
- Revised Smb4KShare:
+ Now references to strings are returned instead of copies of these strings.
+ Smb4KShare::path() and Smb4KShare::canonicalPath() are now QCStrings.
- Made Smb4KUser, Smb4KPrintInfo return references to strings instead of copies
of those strings.
- Logins with umlauts and other special characters are now supported.
- Introduced the ability to define custom options for mounting and browsing
(closes #3822, #6490). Changes in detail:
+ Added a new container class: Smb4KOptionsInfo
+ Added a new core class that manages all Samba related options:
+ Custom options are stored in ~/.kde/share/apps/custom_options.
+ Added new dialog were the options can be defined.
+ Added new "Custom" tab to the Samba configuration tab. Here you can edit
and delete the custom options.
- Introduced a new class named Smb4KHomesSharesHandler that handles the homes
+ Moved the list of 'homes' shares and the user names defined for them to the
file ~./kde/share/apps/smb4k/homes_shares.
+ Added new read and write functions for the data.
+ Moved the "Specify User" dialog to this class.
+ Improved "Specify User" dialog by adding a "Clear List" button that enables
the user to clear all names from the combo box.
- Introduced new Smb4KError class which handles the error messages:
+ Renamed and removed several error codes.
+ Adjusted code to use the new error codes.
+ Improved error messages.
- Revised Smb4TDEGlobal namespace:
+ Moved Smb4KPasswordHandler here.
+ Added Smb4KSambaOptionsHandler.
+ Added Smb4KHomesSharesHandler.
+ Smb4TDEGlobal now provides a function that creates a temporary directory. The
core classes were ported to use it.
- Revised Smb4KMounter class:
+ Optimized code in Smb4KMounter::import().
+ Merged Smb4KMounter::unmount() and Smb4KMounter::forceUnmount() into a more
powerful Smb4KMounter::unmount() function. Accordingly, the public function
forceUnmountingShare() has been removed and replaced by an enhanced version
of unmountShare().
+ Fixed missing port statement in the mount command under FreeBSD.
- Revised Smb4KScanner class:
+ Improved code in Smb4KScanner::init().
+ Rewrote code for retrieving IP addresses.
+ Added a new 'IP scan' method to retrieve the browse list (closes #7933).
+ Adjusted code in Smb4KScanner::processHosts(). In case of an IP scan, the
hosts won't be deleted from the list but only additional info we be added
to existing host items.
+ The constructor now takes a list for workgroups and one for hosts. Both
are provided by Smb4KCore and are used to make all discovered workgroups
and hosts available to the core classes.
+ Replaced Smb4KScanner::authFailed() signal with Smb4KScanner::failed() and
implemented it more places.
+ Revised the shell command for previewing shares.
+ /bin/sh is not required to be present on your system anymore, but you need
a shell that understands the '-c command' option.
- Added update functionality to Smb4KBookmarkHandler class (closes #8832):
+ The constructor now takes a pointer to the global host list provided by
+ Added Smb4KBookmarkHandler::update() which searches the hosts list for
changes of the IP address and updates the bookmarks, if necessary.
- Completely rewrote the Smb4KFileIO class:
+ The automatic conversion of old entries has been dropped now.
+ Implemented several security fixes proposed by Kees Cook after a security
audit: Moved the lock file to /var/lock, fixed a race vulneribility with
the lock file, and moved to mkstemp (closes #9630).
- Revised print code:
+ Rewrote Smb4KPrint class.
+ Improved Smb4KPrintDialog class.
- Improved the network item container classes:
+ Smb4KShareItem: Added isHidden(), isPrinter(), isIPC(), and isADMIN().
+ Smb4KPreviewItem: Added isHidden().
- Revised Smb4KShareWidget class:
+ Disabled the ability to move the items around.
+ Added Drag 'n' Drop support (closes #3027). It must be enabled in the
configuration dialog in order to use it.
+ The tool tips will be displayed in a distance of 5 points away from the
mouse pointer.
+ Enhanced overall handling of tooltips.
- Revised Smb4KBrowserWidget class:
+ Made the browser behave much smarter.
+ The tool tips will be displayed in a distance of 5 points away from the
mouse pointer.
+ Enhanced overall handling of tooltips.
+ The current network item will be collapsed if the Smb4KScanner::failed()
signal is received.
- Smb4KBrowserWidgetItem class now inherits TDEListViewItem instead of
- Revised Smb4KPreviewDialog class:
+ The constructor now takes a pointer to an Smb4KShareItem object and looks up
the IP address of the host by itself.
+ Added Smb4KPreviewDialog::initialized(). It returns a boolean and can be
used to only show the dialog if the preview dialog was initialized properly.
+ Added a 'Back' and a 'Forward' button.
+ Code clean-ups and optimizations.
+ Preview of hidden files and directories may be switched off in the
configuration dialog.
+ Added scrollbars to the combobox's listbox.
- Configuration dialog:
+ Renamed several settings in network options tab.
+ Replaced 'Appearance' by 'User Interface' configuration page and added several
new settings.
+ Some widgets won't appear under operating systems anymore where they are
- The bookmark editor will reload the bookmarks if the bookmark handler emitted
the updatedBookmarks() signal.
Smb4K 0.7.5:
- Fixed a serious bug in Smb4KFileIO that could cause a corrupted /etc/sudoers
file if debug or error output was received via stderr while reading the file
for subsequent processing. Many thanks go to h-gent-o who reported this
issue to the Ubuntu bug tracker and to Richard Johnson from the Ubuntu
project who brought it to our attention (closes #9527).
Smb4K 0.7.4:
- Fixed error handling in Smb4KMounter::processMount() under FreeBSD.
- Fixed a bug in Smb4KSearchDialog::slotCheckItemInBrowser() that occurred
when a server item had no IP address displayed.
- Fixed a bug in the shell code that was used to retrieve the list of
workgroup/domain members from the master browser. Under certain circum-
stances the bug caused the master browser not to return the browse list.
Please note, that you need the 'sh' command being present now! On most
systems, this is a symlink to a sh-compatible shell, which is fine.
- Improved error handling in Smb4KScanner::processHosts().
- Implemented better error handling in Smb4KSynchronizer: The synchronization
is canceled if an error occurrs. This prevents the user from being flooded
with error dialogs.
- Fixed disabled "Linux charset" and "Server codepage" combo boxes in the
configuration dialog under operating systems different from Linux.
- Fixed a bug that occurred when reading or writing the file and directory
- Changed the address used for reporting bugs via Help->Report Bugs.
- Updated several translations.
Smb4K 0.7.3:
- Rewrote help texts of the utility programs and added version info.
- Updated handbook to version 1.0.0.
- Updated README file.
- Fixed several issues in Smb4KFileIO:
+ Added a missing signal in Smb4KFileIO::write_lock_file().
+ Fixed writing of /etc/sudoers under Ubuntu.
- A host item will be closed (collapsed) if the authentication failed
(closes #8325).
- Fixed insertion of a host from the search dialog to the browser window
when the host has no IP address displayed.
- Added missing error code to Smb4TDEGlobal::showCoreError().
- The preview dialog won't accept the contents of a wrong address anymore.
- The wallet will be reopened if it was closed by the user, the screensaver,
etc. (closes #8558).
- Reintroduced Chinese Traditional (zh_TW) translation. Many thanks go to
Wei-Lun Chao for providing it.
- Updated several translations.
- The text streams are now aware of the locale.
Smb4K 0.7.2:
- Fixed another crash in Smb4KNetworkItemTooltip class.
- Fixed missing header file in smb4kcore.cpp.
- Shares having special characters in their names do not appear broken
anymore (closes #8036, #8108).
- Updated handbook.
- Fixed removal of temporary files after printing.
- Updated admin directory for autoconf 2.60 support.
- Fixed a minor bug in search routine of the smb4k_cat utility.
- Fixed potential crash in Smb4KApp::readOptions().
- Fixed compilation error of smb4k_umount.cpp on IRIX (closes #7927).
- Fixed memory leak in Smb4KPrint::init().
- Updated several translations.
Smb4K 0.7.1:
- Fixed compilation error occurring with Smb4KBrowserWidgetItem::update()
(closes #7261, #7263).
- Fixed compilation error(s) in smb4k_umount.cpp under Solaris (closes #4419,
- Updated translations.
- Updated handbook. However, it's still work-in-progress.
- Introduced the possibility to modify the length of the interval between
checks for external mounts/umounts and dead shares. This is especially
useful on systems with many mounted shares and/or to reduce the load
on remote servers (closes #6907).
- The timer will be disconnected from Smb4KScanner::start() if the scanner
is idle (closes #6907). This drastically reduces the CPU load!
- Fixed input validation when using smbclient for searching (closes #7429).
- Fixed a bug that prevented the correct saving of updated authentication
- Fixed smb4k.desktop file.
- Removed two queries for a non-existent config entry. So, using Kerberos
with smbclient works again and the domain is included in the argument
string for nmblookup.
- Made the synchronization progress dialog work correctly with the latest
version of rsync.
- Fixed broken translation in the Konqueror plugin.
- Fixed a crash in the network browser's tooltip code.
- Fixed several small issues in Smb4KFileIO.
Smb4K 0.7.0:
- KonqSidebar_Smb4K: hang up the new alreadyMountedShare signal from mounter.
No error dialogs of "already been mounted share" anymore (partially
closes #5636).
- The old tab widget in the main window has been removed.
- Added shortcuts to the main window that allow jumping to each dock widget:
CTRL+1: Network Browser, CTRL+2/CTRL+S: Search Dialog, CTRL+3: Shares View.
- Unified look of dialogs.
- Did a major revision of the browser widget (GUI):
+ Introduced tooltips that carry information about the network item
underneath the mouse pointer.
+ The master browser will be displayed with blue color.
+ The popup menu has the highlighted network item as title.
+ Improved the "Rescan" action. If you open the popup menu, the selected
workgroup or server will be scanned. If you use the rescan action on
the empty viewport or from the toolbar/menu, the old behavior will
be preserved.
+ Moved "Mount Manually" action here.
+ Removed obsolete "This computer is already in the list." error
message box.
- Did a major revision of the search dialog (GUI):
+ Redesigned the widget and made it a stand-alone dock widget.
+ Hosts can be added by simply double clicking them (closes #2247).
+ A host that is already in the browse list is underlaid with the
"button_ok" pixmap. This makes the "This computer is already in the
list." message box obsolete (see above).
- Did several changes to the shares view (GUI):
+ The popup menu has the share name as title.
+ Introduced tooltips that carry the information about the mounted
+ Replaced the old icon for broken shares by a a new combined icon
(mounted hard drive overlayed by a semi-transparent cancel icon).
+ The item width of the share icons has been enlarged to 500 pixels in
list mode.
- The bookmark editor allows editing of the IP address and workgroup.
- Put Smb4KShareWidgetItem class in own files.
- Removed obsolete options "This master browser needs authentication" and
"Use authentication when querying the workgroup master browsers" from
the configuration dialog.
- When closing the configuration dialog, the root password is only asked,
if the user changed one of the super user options (partially closes #5636).
- The removal of the super user entries from and/or sudoers is
now determined by the choice in the configuration dialog.
- Rewrote Smb4KSharesMenuWidget class.
- Added new Smb4KShareActionMenu and Smb4KBrowserActionMenu classes. They
contain the actions that were defined in Smb4KShareWidget and
Smb4KBrowserWidget before,respectively. The use of Smb4KShareActionMenu in
the system tray icon closes #5622.
- Replaced deprecated KStdActions.
- Introduced new Smb4KDataItem container for the core classes.
- Revised bookmark handling:
+ The bookmark handler does not use TDEConfig anymore but has its own read
and write functions. Thus, you won't be able to read the bookmark file
with prior versions once you ran Smb4K 0.7.0.
+ The bookmarks are now stored with workgroup/domain and IP address (closes
- The scanner class underwent a major revision:
+ The net command now replaces most of the smbclient command lines. This
substantially simplifies the code and also seems to speed up the
look-up processes. As a consequence, however, the support of Samba 2.2
has been dropped.
+ Implemented list of all discovered hosts in Smb4KScanner. This significantly
reduces the network traffic.
+ Moved IP address look-up code to the scanner (and thus removed Smb4KIPFinder
+ Introduced a "background process" which processes the IP address look-up
and the gathering of additional information (OS and server string).
+ An automatic rescan using the RAP protocol will be initiated if the query
for the shares of a certain host failed because of the wrong protocol
(closes #4417).
+ Added possibility to query the current workgroup master browser to
retrieve the browse list.
- Massively changed the entries and groups in the configuration file.
As consequence, Smb4K will be incompatible with prior versions.
- Added ability to synchronize a local copy with a remote share and vice
versa (closes #1940). This feature uses Rsync. A few of the many options
have been stripped, because they are used for transfer from remote hosts,
which is no the case here.
- Information of any share will now be collected by the mounter. Smb4KCore
has been tidied up accordingly. Information of the number of files and
directories has been dropped (for now).
- Removed Catalan, Norwegian Nynorsk, Chinese Traditional (zh_TW) and
Simplified (zh_CN), Russian and Polish translation because they were
unmaintained and hopelessly out-dated.
- Removed the Smb4KShellIO class, because its only purpose was to provide
the Samba version. This is not necessary anymore, because we switched
to Samba 3.
- Introduced smb4k_cat and smb4k_mv utilities to read and copy/move system
config files.
- The handbook shipping with this release actually contains useful information.
However, it is still work in progress. The license of the handbook has been
changed from GFDL to GPL.
- If a user tries to mount an already mounted share, no error message will
be displayed anymore.
- Renamed the global namespace to Smb4TDEGlobal and several functions inside.
- Centralized the application's timer in the Smb4TDEGlobal namespace. As a
side effect, this seems to fix the very-fast-vanishing-tooltips problem.
- If the user canceled the writing to /etc/ or /etc/sudoers, the
previous state will be re-established.
- Removed "Specify User" dialog from Smb4KBrowserWidget and moved it to
Smb4TDEGlobal namespace. Now only core classes are using it.
- Reworked and cleaned up Linux specific code in Smb4KMounter::import().
- Moved error handling to Smb4TDEGlobal namespace. The reason is, that the
previous signal/slot model was not able to handle errors during the
initialization of the core.
- Removed Smb4KPasswordHandler::AskPass class and integrated its functionality
into Smb4KPasswordHandler::askpass(). This should fix the compilation errors
encountered when using MIPSpro Compilers on IRIX/MIPS (closes #6811).
- When reading the smb.conf file, a line beginning with a semicolon is valued
as comment.
- Reduced CPU load by stretching the interval between checks for externally
mounted and broken shares from 1000 ms to 2500 ms.
Smb4K 0.6.10:
- Fixed a bug in smb4k_umount that did not allow the unmounting of a share
when the mount point was quoted.
- Fixed a bug in smb4k_umount that did not allow the unmounting of a broken
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Fixed input validation when using smbclient for searching
(backport from 0.7 branch, closes #7429).
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Fixed broken translations in Konqueror plugin.
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Updated admin directory for autoconf 2.60 support.
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Fixed removal of temporary files after printing.
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Fixed smb4k.desktop file.
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Fixed memory leak in Smb4KPrint::init().
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Fixed occurrence of annoying error dialog on start-up when
a share had already been mounted.
- [Patch 0.6.10a] Fixed a potential crash in Smb4KBrowserWidget::insertItem().
- [Patch 0.6.10a] The preview dialog won't accept the contents of a wrong
address anymore.
Smb4K 0.6.9:
- Integrated startup fix for Samba 2.2 users by Chris Clayton and extented it.
- Updated French and Czech translation.
- The "Remove Entries" button in the "Super User" configuration tab will now
be disabled together with the "Apply" and "OK" button if Smb4K writes to a
system configuration file.
Smb4K 0.6.8:
- Fixed another bug in the bookmark menu widget. It will again be properly
updated during run time, when bookmarks are added or removed.
- Fixed enabling of "Authentication" action in browser widget.
- Fixed a crash (NULL pointer access) in Smb4KShareWidget::slotMountedShares(),
that was found by Glen Masgai, who also sent the patch.
- Added support of mount.cifs and umount.cifs. This should enable users to
mount CIFS shares as normal user depending on the configuration of the
system and on the presence of these two utilities. NOTE: You have to set the
setuid root bit for both binaries.
- Revised start-up: Smb4K will run on systems where either only smbmount/
smbumount or mount.cifs/umount.cifs are present.
Smb4K 0.6.7:
- Fixed a crash in Smb4KBookmarkMenuWidget::insertBookmarks(), that was
introduces by the "fix" in 0.6.6.
- Updated Turkish translation.
Smb4K 0.6.6:
- Fixed too small buffer size in Smb4KUser on systems with many users and
groups (closes #6070).
- Fixed crash in Smb4KNetworkTab::slotKilled() (closes #3125).
- Fixed these issues found by Marc Hansen (Thanks!):
+ crash in Smb4KBrowserWidget::slotMembers()
+ searching for illegal strings such as #, ', () shows search command
as search result
+ the application might crash if you press "Apply" and "OK" successively
in the configuration dialog and system files have to be written (As
consequence, the OK and the Apply button will be disabled while the
configuration is written to disk.)
+ shares are displayed although the user has to supply a password
+ printer shares are displayed although they are disabled in the
configuration dialog
+ crash in Smb4KBookmarkMenuWidget::insertBookmarks() (closes #6146)
+ unusable entries were written when the user bookmarked a 'homes' share
without providing a user name
- Fixed the broken writing to the configuration file and the popping up
of multiple information dialogs in Smb4KPasswordHandler.
Smb4K 0.6.5:
- Fixed writing to ~/.nsmbrc file under FreeBSD.
- Fixed freezing of Smb4K when a share went offline (closes #3676). Smb4K
will lock-up for a short amount of time if it encounters a broken share
and will then continue its work without any problems.
- Fixed the generation of wrong file permissions for /etc/sudoers and
/etc/, respectively. The permissions are no longer hard coded,
but the stat() system call is used to read the original permissions that
will then be preserved.
- Introduced global TDEConfig object and ported all classes to use it.
- Fixed login problem when trying to preview a WinXP share or similar.
- Added support of the 'include' directive in the smb.conf file (closes
#5948). NOTE: The file that is to be included *must* be given with its
full path!
- Moved from getgrgid() to getgrgid_r() in Smb4KUser. This should close the
"Smb4KUser: Could not get group name!" issue also known as #4914.
- KonqSidebar_Smb4K: switched to global config system. Now parameters changed
from the option dialog have effect into the konqueror plugin.
- Executing a network item in the browser by clicking its name (not the [+])
will show/hide its contents (closes #3352).
Smb4K 0.6.4:
- REALLY fixed the security issues in Smb4KFileIO. Now, temporary files
and directories are used to copy and modify sensitive data and the lock
file is checked to be not a symlink.
- Fixed unmount-all-shares-on-exit functionality, that was broken due to
changes that were applied to the smb4k_umount utility program in earlier
versions of Smb4K.
- Fixed forced unmounting of shares.
- Fixed running progress bar after you denied the forced unmounting of a
- Fixed missing exit( EXIT_FAILURE ) statement in smb4k_umount utility.
- Fixed several memory leaks.
- Fixed compilation error under FreeBSD.
- The PASSWD environment variable will be preserved when the 'env_reset'
flag has been set in /etc/sudoers (closes #4945). The user needs to
rewrite the entries, though. See FAQ for details.
Smb4K 0.6.3:
- Fixed security issue: An attacker could get access to the full contents
of the /etc/ or /etc/sudoers file by linking a simple text file
FILE to /tmp/smb4k.tmp and /tmp/sudoers, respectively, because Smb4K didn't
check for the existance of these files before writing any contents. When
using super, the attack also resulted in /etc/ being a symlink to
- Included three patches by Montel Laurent, that
+ add moc file inclusion to the bookmark editor,
+ fix a memory leak in the Konqueror plugin,
+ fix ./smb4k/,
+ disable the OK button of the mount dialog if the input line is empty.
Smb4K 0.6.2:
- Fixed security issue: When ignoring the tdesu dialog a copy of the file was left under /tmp.
- Error messages won't pop up anymore when ignoring the tdesu dialog. The
reporting of unknown errors has been disabled in
Smb4KFileIO::slotReceivedStderr() (closes #4309).
- Fixed reading of authentication data.
- Removed check for mount.smbfs (under Linux) which is actually needless
because it is either a symlink to smbmount or nonexistent.
- Updated ./admin directory. Smb4K now needs automake 1.9.
- Fixed command line for mount.cifs (closes #4854). The 'domain' instead
of the 'workgroup' option is used.
- Fixed crash when the user clicked the "Show search dialog" action and the
tab group widget wasn't shown.
Smb4K 0.6.1:
- Improved lock file handling (closes #4310). Now the editing of a system
file is only denied, if another instance of Smb4K (i. e. another user)
is modifying the same system file. Additionally, the lock file will now
be removed (or processed), if the application emits the shutDown() signal.
- Fixed a bug in the code that removes the entries from the sudoers file.
- Fixed wrong assignment of RAP protocol config entry to RPC radio button
in configuration dialog.
- Moved to QString::compare() to compare strings, because "==" caused
crashes under certain circumstances (closes #3604).
- The wallet won't be opened on start-up but when a password is actually
Smb4K 0.6.0:
- Rewrote password handling: Added TDEWallet support as default method
(closes #3695). If you do not want to use TDEWallet, login information
won't be saved but only stored temporarily. There is also the possibility
to deny the password storage altogether.
ATTENTION: If you deny access to the wallet on the first start-up, all
passwords stored in the passwords file will be lost!
- Improved FreeBSD support. The passwords will now be stored encrypted in
the ~/.nsmbrc file.
- Added Dutch translation.
- Put the core and (most of) the widget classes into shared libraries.
- The DNS won't be queried anymore when doing an IP lookup.
- Added Konqueror plugin by Massimo Callegari (closes #2731). An installation
of KDE Base is necessary to make it compile.
- Moved to default KDE icons for the network items.
- Added support of the 'net' command (closes #2227). This adds the advantage
of the ADS and RPC protocol being used and even very large share names will
be displayed. Additionally, it seems to significantly speed up the lookup
process. Smb4K will automatically use the 'net' command if found on the
There is a disadvantage though: A valid login and password are necessary
to logon to a server. If neither is known, Smb4K will try to authenticate
with the 'guest' user and an empty password. This will work with (almost
all) Windows machines and with Samba servers that have set the security
option to SHARE. For all others you will have to provide a login and
- Added namespace Smb4K_Global which contains functions used by several
- Improved TDEAction handling in popup menus.
- Added a patch by Nuts Mueller that adds /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin
to the paths that are searched by the utility programs.
- Added a patch by Steven Lawrance that fixes buffer size problems in
the Smb4KUser constructor.
- Fixed mounting via bookmarks (ampersand issue).
- Added FAQ file.
- Redesigned some widgets in the configuration dialog.
- Cleaned many strings from full stops and exclamation marks (closes #2869).
- Fixed crash in Smb4KBrowserWidget::slotAddIPAddress() that occurred when
opening a workgroup (closes #3351). Thanks go to Nuts Mueller who helped
me finding the problem.
- Implemented 'iocharset' option for CIFS mounts (closes #4071).
- Fixed mounting of CIFS shares. The file_mode and dir_mode options were not
provided in octal which resulted in broken mounts that could not be accessed.
- Fixed the "probably not smb-filesystem" issue (closes #1837).
Smb4K 0.5.2:
- Fixed naming of Norwegian translations.
- Fixed crash that appeared when trying to determine the disk usage. Thanks
go to Bamfox who helped me finding the problem.
- Added Icelandic and Danish translation; updated Chinese Simplified
- Added additional cleaning of the mount prefix on exit.
- Added patch by Yura Pakhuchiy that fixes wrong IP address resolution for
hosts starting with a hyphen.
- Fixed problems with special characters in passwords (closes #3444, #3728).
- The warning that Konqueror might hang if you open CIFS shares will only be
shown with KDE <= 3.3.92. Thanks go to Stefan Gehn (aka mETz) who send a
- Fixed compilation errors under FreeBSD.
- Improved printing by switching to smbspool.
Smb4K 0.5.1:
- Reduced CPU load by using QDir::isReadable() and QDir::exists() instead
of QDir::entryList() to determine if a share is broken and by increasing
the check interval for external mounts/unmounts.
- Fixed crash that occurred when trying to forcibly unmount a (broken)
share (should close #3029).
- Fixed mandatory password input for browsing (unprotected) WinXP shares.
- Added patch #303 by Ian Abbott that fixes the failure of smb4k_mount,
smb4k_umount and smb4k_kill in the case the user does not have read
access to mount/umount/smbmount/smbumount/kill (closes #3094).
- Updated French translation.
- Added Chinese (Taiwan) translation. Thanks go to Jack Liu.
- Fixed unmounting of hidden shares.
Smb4K 0.5.0:
- Only one instance of Smb4K can be started (closes #2636).
- The hide/close behavior is now KDE compliant.
- Removed Smb4KStarter class and distributed its duties to the Smb4KCore
class and the main() function.
- Added support of sudo (closes #2222).
- Added support of the CIFS file system (closes #1874). Samba 3 is required.
- Introduced smb4k_mount, smb4k_umount, and smb4k_kill utilities and ported
classes to use them. This fixes several security concerns regarding the
use of mount and umount with super (and sudo).
- Closed several memory leaks.
- Replaced the QSplitters in the main window by KDockWidgets. Now, you can
move the network browser and tab widget around or even detach them.
- Removed the Smb4KView class.
- Moved to nice TDEActionMenus. This included a complete rewrite of the
Smb4KSystemTray and Smb4KBookmarkMenuWidget classes (closes #2007).
- Mounted shares are optically advertized in the browser widget.
- If the mountpoint can't be created, an error message will be emitted and
the mounter will exit.
- Every mountpoint within the mount prefix will automatically be removed
after the share was unmounted. This made the "Clean up default directory
on exit." option obsolete.
- Share names containing blanks are fully supported. LIMITATION: If Smb4K
cannot figure out, that the share contains a blank instead of an
underscore, the latter one will be shown.
- Removed the readOptions() functions from the core classes. Options are
now read when they are needed (i.e. at the beginning of a function).
- Changed the format of the entries in the file. It's not
compatible with the old one and will be converted on the first program
- Revised Smb4KBookmarkHandler class and moved the bookmark editor to its
own class.
- Disk usage information is now provided by the statvfs() system call.
*** Program freezes may still happen if the network connection is bad or
the share vanishes. Help is wanted to fix this issue! ***
- Improved Smb4KShareWidgetItem class and cleaned up Smb4KShareWidget class.
- Added Czech and Turkish translations. Thanks go to Alois Nespor and G�kem
- Added "Super User" tab to configuration dialog and moved the "Super User
Privileges" options there.
- Reorganized and cleaned up the configuration file.
- Restricted the "Unmount all shares on exit." option to those shares that
are owned by the user.
- Removed "obsolete" '-N' options from smbclient commands. Instead '-U %'
is used which serves the same purpose.
- Fixed searching for hosts via smbclient. Hosts that are not available are
no longer reported as existent.
- Added the ability to mount shares manually (closes #1640, #2546).
- Redesigned the askpass dialog and added information why it is shown
(closes #2226).
- IP addresses are now also assigned correctly if host names are partly the
same (closes #2769).
- Improved support of FreeBSD.
- Included patch #286 by Andrei Bulava to add codepage cp1251 to Linux charset
selection (closes #2962).
- Enhanced source code documentation.
- Broken shares (i.e. empty CDROM shares, etc.) are marked as such and the
user will only be able to unmount them. No other actions may be performed.
(closes #2998, #3000)
REMARK: This feature does not include shares that got unavailable due to
the shut-down of a server. This issue is still NOT solved.
Smb4K 0.4.1a:
- Fixed severe bug in Smb4KMounter::unmountAll(), which led under certain
circumstances to complete data loss on remote shares. Thanks go to Jeremy
Shaw for informing us and sending a patch.
- Updated French and Polish translations.
- Added missing connection to Smb4KApp::slotQuit() to system tray.
Smb4K 0.4.1:
- Fixed multiple occurrences of workgroups in the browser widget.
- Fixed malfunction when super program was chosen and became deinstalled.
- Fixed handling of passwords with special characters (closes #2146).
- Fixed problems opening shares with Konqueror by moving from
TDEApplication::invokeBrowser() to KRun.
- Fixed two potential crashes by adding NULL pointers to the return statements
of Smb4KMounter::findShareByName() and Smb4KMounter::findShareByPath().
- Fixed blocking of KDE's logout if the main window was open.
- Added Smb4KCore class as container for all core classes.
- Centralized error message handling in Smb4KCore.
- Added error messages for errors that might occur while trying to mount
a share.
- Added ability to print PS and PDF files directly over the net (closes #1737).
This is still experimental. To have full functionality, you'll have to have
the programs 'dvips' and 'enscript' installed.
- Added error codes to smb4kdefs.h file and ported core classes to use them.
- Added Japanese, Bulgarian and Norwegian translations. Thanks go to Toyohiro
Asukai, Atanas Mavrov and Nils Kristian Tomren for providing them.
- Removed abandoned Russian and Catalan translations.
- Added several codepages (closes #2094).
- Added Smb4KShellIO class, that takes care of all shell IO operations,
that are not connected to mounting and unmounting of shares and network
operations. Moved Smb4KShareTab's shell operations there.
- Printer shares are shown by default.
- Changed default behavior if a WINS server was found: The network instead
of the WINS will be queried to get the browse list.
- Revised the configuration dialog. Most important change is, that the
config dialog does not need that much space anymore.
- Sped up the retrieval of IP addresses in the Smb4KIPFinder class.
- Revised mouse handling in Smb4KShareWidget class.
- Smb4K can detect the IP address also with Samba pre-releases correctly.
- Ported Smb4KScanner, Smb4KBrowserWidget and Smb4KBrowserWidgetItem classes
to use Smb4K*Item containers.
- Revised code in Smb4KPasswdReader class and renamed several functions.
- Rewrote program detection in Smb4KStarter (closes #1861).
- Major revision of Smb4KMounter class. Many functions have been modified
and many bugs fixed.
Smb4K 0.4.0:
- This version REQUIRES KDE 3.2.0 or higher.
- Fixed unmounting of all shares upon exit.
- Fixed several memory leaks (closes #1144).
- Fixed layout problem with Plastik theme in the network tab of the
configuration dialog.
- Fixed unmounting of shares that contain parentheses.
- Added ability to execute mount and umount SUID root. This feature requires
the program super [].
- Added ability to force the unmounting of dead shares (closes #764). This
feature requires Linux kernel 2.4.11 or later, a recent util-linux package
and the program super.
- Added the ability to bookmark shares (closes #1319).
- Added special handling of 'homes' shares.
- Added system tray icon for the application with the ability to open mounted
shares and to open the configuration dialog. It shows also available
- With the implementation of the system tray, the application is started
- Added support of advanced Samba options (closes #1359 and #1488).
- Added ability to authenticate to master browsers when retrieving browse
lists (closes #1439).
- Added ability to select the program used for network searches (closes #1501).
- Added searching for hosts via IP addresses.
- Added detection, displaying and usage of IP addresses.
- Added user and group information to the "Share" tab.
- Added the ability to allow the user to unmount shares that are not owned by
him/her. This feature is off by default.
- Added "Quit" and "Configure Smb4K..." action to toolbar.
- Added French, Slovak and Spanish translation. Thanks go to Nicolas Ternisien
Michal Sulek and Quique for providing them.
- Revised the Smb4KStarter class: added detection of mandatory programs and
Samba's version; added error message box that reports missing programs;
removed the splash screen; moved the mounting of recently used shares to the
Smb4KMounter class.
- Revised the Smb4KPasswdReader class and removed some bugs.
- Revised the Smb4KShareWidget and Smb4KShareWidgetItem classes.
- Improved the error messages of the configuration dialog.
- Improved the status bar message handling and made Smb4K more communicative.
- Revised the process of handling the list of mounted shares centralizing it
with Smb4KShare
- Moved error dialogs to the core classes.
- Moved desktop entry to category "Utilities".
Smb4K 0.3.2:
- Fixed crash in Smb4KBrowserWidget class (closes #1145).
- Fixed hanging when exiting after long use.
- Fixed generation of wrong address entry after using the combo box to
switch directories in the preview dialog.
- Fixed a bug in search tab, that led to an insertion attempt of a non-existent
share when clicking 'Add' after clearing.
- Fixed handling of passwords containing special characters (closes #1182).
- Fixed compilation error with KDE 3.2 pre-releases.
- Added ability to force the generated subdirectories to be lower case.
- Added weak password obfuscation. NOTE: After the first use the authentication
info won't be usable for prior version of Smb4K.
- Added ability to hide shares that are not owned by the user.
- Added Brazilian Portuguese, Ukrainian, and Hungarian translation. Thanks go
to Giovanni Degani, Ivan Petrouchtchak, and Karoly Barcza for providing them.
- Added ability to navigate through the main window's tabs by pressing the
shortscuts CTRL+1/2/3.
- Added OS and version detection.
- Added credits.
- Added default login (closes #1133).
- Added support for empty passwords (closes #1268 and #1269).
- Removed the preview's info dialog.
- Revised shares view: major feature enhancements and new look.
- Revised the Smb4KMounter class: major improvements and bug fixes.
- Revised the Smb4KScanner class: major improvements and bug fixes.
- Revised share tab.
- Revised network browser widget.
- Revised configuration dialog; renamed and added pages; options will also
be reread when pressing "Apply"; moved some configuration entries.
- Rewrote Smb4KStarter class and added major enhancements.
- Rewrote internal communication infrastructure.
- Renamed some pages of the configuration dialog (and their classes too).
- All buttons now respect KDE's global option "Show icons on buttons".
- Unified error message boxes.
Smb4K 0.3.1:
- Fixed a crash in the browse window.
- Fixed duplicate share entries.
- Added status messages for the mount process.
- Added titles to the pop-up menus.
- Added progress bar to the splash screen.
- Added Chinese (zh_CN) and Russian translation. Thanks go to Nick Chen
and Yudin Stanislav for providing them.
- Added monitoring of selected share to "Share" tab.
- Added ability to open a share by executing it.
- Revised internal communication of the program parts.
- Revised core classes: many changes and bug fixes were done; source
code documentation has been improved.
- Improved the authentication tab of the configuration dialog.
- Improved preview dialog and fixed handling of hidden files/directories.
- Improved error handling of the browse code.
- Improved status bar and added progress bar to it.
- Improved WINS server support.
- The search function now uses nmblookup, which makes it more reliable.
- The "ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess" error message is now respected by the mounter.
- Only one global password reader instance is used.
- And, as always: Some more improvements and minor bug fixes.
Smb4K 0.3.0a:
- Fixed crash upon start-up.
Smb4K 0.3.0:
- Fixed faulty checking during mount process.
- Fixed the host-in-wrong-workgroup problem.
- Fixed truncated workgroup entries, if the WINS server was queried.
- Fixed crash, if the user pressed CTRL+U and no share was highlighted.
- Fixed bug in the "Unmount All" routine.
- Fixed bug #765: Shares that contain spaces (e. g. "Shared Files") are
handled correctly.
- Added popup menu to the browser window.
- Added preview of network shares.
- Added authentication dialog.
- Added request buffering to the browse and mount code.
- Added selection of the look-up method.
- Added directory info to "Share" tab; made overall improvements.
- Added type info to the "Network" tab.
- Added nice caption.
- Added Polish translation. Thanks go to Radoslaw Zawartko for providing it.
- Added detection of external mounts/unmounts during program run.
- Improved "splash screen".
- /usr/local/etc (FreeBSD) is searched for smb.conf, too.
- Merged Smb4KSearch and Smb4KScanner core classes.
- Removed TDEProcess::setEnvironment() stuff from the browse and mount code.
It only caused problems.
- Changed password handling. Passwords for single shares can be defined.
Unfortunaltelly, it is INCOMPATIBLE with the old one. Sorry, folks!
- Scanning for Server and OS info is only done, if it is necessary.
- Clicking onto an empty space in the browser window will hide the entries
in the "Network" tab.
- And, as always: Some more improvements and minor bug fixes.
Smb4K 0.2.1:
- Fixed hanging of Smb4K when exiting via File->Quit.
- Fixed wrong master entry for hosts, that were added by a network search.
- Fixed duplicate workgroup entries.
- Fixed several problems in the browse code.
- Fixed a crash in the "Logins" config tab.
- Improved the "Network" and "Share" tab.
- Improved the share view's popup menu.
- Redesigned the configuartion dialog. Now it complies with KDE standards.
- Added Catalan translation. Many thanks go to Leopold Palomo Avellaneda for
providing it.
- Added Swedish translation.
- Added experimental WINS server support.
- Separated TDEProcess stuff from the widget classes.
- Login information is stored in a separate file with strict permissions.
- Many more improvements, bug fixes and code clean-ups.
Smb4K 0.2.0a:
- Fixed truncated kde_qt_dirs variable in the configure script. The compilation
problems with Red Hat and other distributions should be gone now.
- Fixed a bug in the browse code, that made the browse lists of some hosts
inaccessible under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a bug in the mount routine, that prevented a share from being displayed,
if output appeared on stdout/stderr during mounting.
Smb4K 0.2.0:
- Fixed two bugs, that prevented the "Abort" action from being disabled after a
network scan.
- Fixed the annoying disappearance of the type and comment entries in the
browser window after the configuration dialog was closed.
- Fixed a bug in the "Network" and "Share" tab, that made the entries appear
clustered in the upper left corner.
- Fixed wrong nmblookup command line, that made Smb4K not work with Samba
- Added possibility to unmount all shares at once (even on exit).
- Added option to mount recently used shares on start-up.
- Added basic network search.
- Added icons to all tabs.
- Added shortcuts.
- Redesigned the tabs in the configuration dialog.
- The "Network" tab now shows the comment at all times.
- The widget sizes can freely be adjusted and will be restored on start-up.
There are no hard coded values anymore.
- Many other bug fixes, internal changes and code clean-ups.
Smb4K 0.1.1:
- Actions are only enabled, when they are needed.
- New program icon. It comes from the Crystal 0.85 icon set.
- Added explanation to the "Logins" tab of the configuration dialog.
- Labels were shortened and unified.
- Printer shares can be hidden now.
- Added comment to the network info tab. Whether the comment will be shown
depends on your choice in the configuration dialog.
- A few more bug fixes and improvements I can't remember exactly.
Smb4K 0.1.0:
- Initial release.