soundKonverter – audio converter frontend
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  1. 0.3.8:
  2. -Fix: compile error with gcc 4.3
  3. -Fix: filenames containing some special characters including '?' work again
  4. -Fix: files added by 'add directory' or via context menu from konqueror and containing special characters will work now
  5. -Fix: vfat compatible output names won't contain '/' anymore
  6. 0.3.7:
  7. -Add: sox plugin for aiff (thanks to Ron Fischler)
  8. -Add: toolame and twolame plugins for mp2 encoding
  9. -Add: amr decoding with ffmpeg
  10. -Add: Improved Polish translation (thanks to Michał Smoczyk)
  11. -Add: Reading writing composer/disc number tags for tta files
  12. -Add: A user script can be executed after each file has been converted (->config dialog->general->user script)
  13. -Add: Hungarian and Italian translations (thanks to the language teams at launchpad)
  14. -Fix: Flake plugin
  15. -Fix: Wavpack encoding
  16. -Fix: Dropping folders works again
  17. -Fix: Use the current language's decimal symbol for oggenc
  18. -Fix: Progress for lame abr/cbr encoding
  19. -Fix: mp4v2 works now
  20. -Fix: soundkonverter won't display wrong backends in the config dialog any more
  21. -Fix: And a lot more ...
  22. -Change: Use --vbr-new for lame
  23. -Change: Use extension to determine file type if no mime type file was found
  24. 0.3.6:
  25. -Fix: Don't crash when using tdeio_audiocd
  26. -Fix: Show progress when using tdeio_audiocd
  27. -Fix: Show the soundkonverter window when started with --rip option
  28. -Fix: Handle remote files properly (http, smb, etc.)
  29. 0.3.5:
  30. -Add: Portuguese translation (thanks to Equipa de Traduções 1 /
  31. -Add: Dutch translation (thanks to Sander Thijsen)
  32. -Add: Improved Polish translation (thanks to Tomasz Argasiński)
  33. -Add: Improved Russian translation (thanks to Ivan)
  34. -Add: Support for flake (flac encoder)
  35. -Add: Support for aften (ac3 encoder)
  36. -Add: File format filter for adding a directory recursive
  37. -Add: Tag reading/writing support for wavpack, optimfrog, trueaudio
  38. -Add: Read Replay Gain tags for wavpack files
  39. -Fix: Write m4a tags properly
  40. -Fix: Some problems with the CD-Ripper dialog
  41. -Fix: File filter for the Replay Gain tool
  42. -Fix: Close soundKonverter faster
  43. -Change: Use 'cp' for copying local files (hopefully fixes the 'get file bug')
  44. 0.3.4:
  45. -Add: Polish translation (thanks to qla)
  46. -Add: Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Leandro Santiago da Silva)
  47. -Add: Spanish translation (thanks to Adrian Capel)
  48. -Add: Support for ttaenc and bonk
  49. -Add: Support for wvgain
  50. -Fix: Show Replay Gain of flac files correctly
  51. -Fix: Don't recalculate Replay Gain, if all files in an album show the same gain
  52. -Fix: Some minor fixes
  53. -Remove: Plugin update feature because my website is down
  54. 0.3.3:
  55. -Add: Russian translation (thanks to Ivan)
  56. -Fix: Support autoconf >= 2.60 and automake >= 1.10 (thanks to Darwin Bautista)
  57. 0.3.2:
  58. -Add: French translation (thanks to Placisfos)
  59. -Add: Support for TiMidity++ (decoding midi files)
  60. -Fix: Display notification when a backend doesn't provide progress data
  61. -Fix: Added audio/x-m4a mime type
  62. 0.3.1:
  63. -Add: Support for aacgain
  64. -Add: Backend information in the readme file
  65. -Fix: 2 Bugs where plugins couldn't be found
  66. 0.3:
  67. -Fix: Log viewer now gets updated correctly
  68. -Fix: Replay Gain plugins in single file mode read output correctly
  69. -Fix: File length is guessed, when tags can't be read (except remote files)
  70. -Fix: Some special characters in file names were not supported: "?", "#", "/"
  71. -Fix: Made english command line arguments work independent of the current language
  72. -Fix: Made notification for new backends and plugin updates work
  73. -Fix: Changing the output directory in simple mode would not be respected
  74. -Fix: Some minor fixes
  75. 0.3 rc1:
  76. -Fix: Output names for CD tracks corrected
  77. -Fix: Added 'hack' for writing id3v2 genre and year properly
  78. -Fix: Reading backend output was improved
  79. -Fix: Conversion of remote files
  80. -Fix: Support for more kio slaves (system:/)
  81. -Fix: Bug in service menu creation
  82. -Fix: Improved the log viewer
  83. -Fix: Previous options wouldn't be loaded properly
  84. -Fix: Don't save last options, when started in invisible mode
  85. -Fix: Detection of profiles wouldn't work properly
  86. -Fix: Output directories sometimes got disarranged
  87. -Fix: Using SIGKILL instead of SIGTERM solves a few problems
  88. -Fix: Added check for cdparanoia in 'configure' (not tested)
  89. -Fix: Some minor bugs
  90. -Add: System tray icon, when starting soundKonverter in invisible mode
  91. -Add: Amarok script works now (but it's very worthy of improvement)
  92. -Add: German translation (plugin translations missing)
  93. 0.3 beta1:
  94. -Fix: Backends configuration page is rebuild properly and some general fixes
  95. -Fix: Adding directories by dropping them, improved progress bar
  96. -Fix: Code cleanups in the Replay Gain tool
  97. -Fix: Always load the latest plugins available
  98. -Fix: Make the tool bar work
  99. -Add: Boyan Tabakov's patch for selecting cddb entries, if there were multiple found
  100. -Add: Quality parameter preview as tool tip of the quality spin box
  101. -Add: Force VFAT compatible output file names
  102. -Add: Automaticly save file list when adding new items and converting items
  103. -Change: The 'Copy directory structure' feature produces shorter paths
  104. -Change: Removed the 'Default output directory', 'By meta data' is now default
  105. -Change: Removed the about plugins dialog and added a plugins configuration page to the configuration dialog
  106. -Change: The backends process priority has been moved to the config dialog
  107. 0.3 alpha1:
  108. Changed almost everything. The most important changes are:
  109. -Add: CD ripping (including cddb and support for multiple devices and simultaneous ripping)
  110. -Add: Converting multiple files at once
  111. -Add: Editing of output options and tags
  112. -Add: Support for discnumber and composer tags for ogg, mp3 and flac files
  113. -Add: Tagging support for wma, ape, mp4, aac, aa and rm files
  114. -Add: Support for Replay Gain in album mode including extended Replay Gain Tool
  115. -Add: Custom profiles (including user defined commands)
  116. -Add: Basic support for hybrid compression
  117. -Add: KIO support (partly)
  118. -Change: GUI cleanups
  119. A big change is that soundKonverter now uses mime types. Unfortunately this causes a lot of problems.
  120. Please report missing/wrong mime types!
  121. 0.2:
  122. Nothing done!
  123. 0.2 rc2:
  124. -Fix: Saving last options works now with different languages
  125. -Fix: Calculation of remaining time corrected
  126. -Fix: Replace / through \ when these characters are in tags that build the new file name
  127. -Fix: When %[aAbBcCgGnNtTyY] is in a tag, it will not be replaced by the tag any longer.
  128. -Fix: After a conversion is completed, the progress is calculated correct now.
  129. Big thanks to Peter.
  130. 0.2 rc1:
  131. -Fix: Several bugs
  132. -Add: Last options are saved now (Thx Angelo)
  133. -Add: German Translation
  134. 0.2 beta2:
  135. -Fix: The output directory text box now isn't cleared after finishing a job. Thx Miguel
  136. -Fix: The backend outputs are now read
  137. -Fix: Setting the backend priority works now. For setting to a higher priority the root password is asked (tdesu)
  138. -Fix: The toolbar works now correct
  139. -Change: The menu can't be hidden now
  140. -Change: The userinterface has been changed a bit. Thx Miguel
  141. -Change: The Cue Editor now adds 0,5 sec. to each track
  142. -Add: Spanish translation (partly) Thx Adrian Capel
  143. 0.2 beta1:
  144. -Fix: Moving the columns in the file list works now
  145. -Change: You can now extend soundkonverter by plugins
  146. -Change: We have now a menu and a (not complete working) toolbar
  147. -Add: Support for ReplayGain
  148. -Add: Convert the next file if an error happens
  149. -Add: Load the last file list, if soundkonverter crashed
  150. -Add: Scan for new backends and plugins on startup
  151. -Add: A ReplayGain tool for tagging/untagging files
  152. -Add: A cue-Editor - just a supplement to all these tag editors out there - documentation will follow
  153. -Add: An amaroK-Script for easily accessing soundKonverter from out of amaroK
  154. -Add: Support for creating output directories by the file's tags/copy the file's source directory structure
  155. 0.1:
  156. -Fix: Some spelling errors
  157. -Fix: A compilation error
  158. (Nothing really new, there is no need to upgrade)
  159. 0.1 RC1:
  160. -Fix: Installation of the servicemenu file
  161. -Fix: Support for wma decoder if only mplayer was found
  162. -Fix: 'Default' button in configuration Dialog
  163. -Fix: Progressbar
  164. -Change: Modifyed the userinterface a little bit
  165. -Change: English handbook is now complete
  166. -Add: German handbook
  167. 0.1 beta2 update:
  168. -Fix: Compilation error
  169. -Fix: Scan for backends automatic
  170. 0.1 beta2:
  171. -Fix: KUniqueApplication works now
  172. -Fix: A few irritations
  173. -Add: Formats: ape, mpc
  174. -Add: Translation: German
  175. -Add: Handbook: English (not jet complete)
  176. -Add: Some small features
  177. 0.1 beta1:
  178. Initial Release