Tasty Menu – T-Menu replacement
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  1. %define version 1.0.7
  2. %define name tastymenu
  3. %define prefix %(tde-config --prefix)
  4. Name: %{name}
  5. Version: %{version}
  6. Release: 1
  7. Vendor: notmart@gmail.com
  8. Url: http://kdelook.org/content/show.php?content=27968
  9. License: GPL
  10. Summary: A TMenu replacement
  11. Group: System/GUI/TDE
  12. Packager: Marco Martin <notmart@gmail.com>
  13. BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-root
  14. Source: %{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2
  15. %description
  16. Tasty Menu is a TMenu replacement aiming to provide the maximum usability, or at least to be a testbed for usability concepts and ideas for a future KDE menu.
  17. %prep
  18. %setup
  19. %build
  20. ./configure --enable-final --disable-debug --prefix=%{prefix}
  21. make
  22. %install
  23. make install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
  24. cd %{buildroot}
  25. find . -type d | sed '1,2d;s,^\.,\%attr(-\,root\,root) \%dir ,' > /var/tmp/file.list.%{name}
  26. find . -type f | sed 's,^\.,\%attr(-\,root\,root) ,' >> /var/tmp/file.list.%{name}
  27. find . -type l | sed 's,^\.,\%attr(-\,root\,root) ,' >> /var/tmp/file.list.%{name}
  28. %clean
  29. rm -rf %{buildroot}
  30. rm -rf /var/tmp/file.list.%{name}
  31. %post -p /sbin/ldconfig
  32. %postun -p /sbin/ldconfig
  33. %files -f /var/tmp/file.list.%{name}
  34. %defattr(0644, root, root)
  35. %changelog
  36. *Wed Feb 6 2008 notmart@gmail.com
  37. 1.0.7
  38. -Fixed a typo in the config dialog
  39. *Thu Dec 13 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  40. Tasty Menu 1.0.6
  41. -Now all the applications should be displayed again
  42. -Brazillian portoguese translation by Ewerton de A. Dutra
  43. *Thu Nov 22 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  44. Tasty Menu 1.0.5
  45. -fixed the about box
  46. -some fixes in packaging
  47. -now it's installed in the right directory (for example in /usr/lib/kde3 instead of /usr/lib)
  48. *Sat Nov 17 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  49. Tasty Menu 1.0.4
  50. -updated French translation
  51. -updated Slovenian translation
  52. -fixed a crash on lright mouse button click on search field
  53. -the old memory leak should be somewhat mitigated
  54. *Wed Oct 24 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  55. Tasty Menu 1.0.3
  56. -Fixed a bug that occurred when clicking on the search result if the menu mode was "recent/most used applications"
  57. -Polish translation by Tomasz Argasiński
  58. -Some fixes in the Slovenian translation
  59. -description text shouldn't become too little
  60. *Wed Oct 17 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  61. Tasty Menu 1.0.2
  62. -Slovenian translation by Matija Šuklje
  63. -Fixed a little build problem
  64. *Thu Oct 11 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  65. Tasty Menu 1.0.1
  66. -Menu and tooltip no longer steals mouse and keyboard input
  67. -Better management of the tooltip
  68. -No separators when the list is in alphabetical order
  69. -Finnish translations by Tommi Nieminen
  70. *Wed Sep 19 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  71. Tasty Menu 1.0
  72. -Not having particular problems, released it as 1.0
  73. -French translation by Laurent Hilsz
  74. *Sun Sep 09 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  75. Tasty Menu 1.0_rc2
  76. -Rearranging the items of the left column by drag and drop works again
  77. -the layout should be a little bit more polished
  78. -Updated Ukrainian translation
  79. *Wed Aug 22 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  80. Tasty Menu 1.0_rc1:
  81. -Search field should be a lot faster
  82. -Only strings with at least three characters are being searched (necessary for the speedup)
  83. -Corrected a bug that prevented to search into application descriptions
  84. *Tue Aug 21 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  85. Tasty Menu 0.9.1:
  86. -Ukrainian translation by Motsyo Vitaliy
  87. *Sat Aug 04 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  88. Tasty Menu 0.9:
  89. -"Add to desktop" option in menuitems
  90. -Drag and drop from menu to desktop
  91. -Option to set different icons sizes in the three columns
  92. -the button text label should always be of a visible color
  93. -most used/recently used applications list updates in realtime
  94. -clear most used/recently used applications list
  95. -(warning1: deleting one list deletes also the other)
  96. -(warning2: if you use opensuse you must have kickoff reverted to classic kmenu in order to use the recently used/most used lists)
  97. -updated russian and german translations
  98. *Sun May 13 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  99. Tasty Menu 0.8.2:
  100. -Spanish translation by Jesus S Fernandez Prieto
  101. -button background goes highlighted even if kicker doesn't have neither a background pixmap or transparent background
  102. -menu icon (including on mouseover effect) changes immediately when the user sets a new icon
  103. -highlighted button background also when kicker has no transparency or backgound image
  104. -searching should be a little bit faster (still far from optimal)
  105. *Thu May 03 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  106. Tasty Menu 0.8.1:
  107. -German translation by Jannick Kuhr
  108. -Drag and drop enabled only in "Favourite applications" mode (otherwise it destroys the favourite list!)
  109. *Sun Apr 29 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  110. Tasty Menu 0.8:
  111. -Favourite applications list can be rearranged via drag and drop
  112. -new installed programs notification should be more reliable (some inspiration from Kickoff :P)
  113. -it finds also programs installed by other users
  114. -old programs shouldn't be no more erroneusly listed
  115. -updated russian and italian translations
  116. -when there is only one search result, pressing enter executes it (and the search terms are cleared)
  117. -added button to clear the recent documents list
  118. -application descriptions can be removed also from the left column
  119. -easier to start a program with a single mouse click when the tree is collapsed
  120. -groups with only one item can be configured to be shown
  121. -items can be ordered alphabetically (with applications after the groups)
  122. -better managing of the button size (especially within a vertical panel) and when the menu text is disabled the button is exactly square
  123. -the button icon is highlighted on mouse over according to the global settins
  124. -in the search results the tree is always open
  125. *Sat Apr 06 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  126. Tasty Menu 0.7.1:
  127. -Russian translation by Yurkovsky Andrey
  128. -corrected a possible compilation problem
  129. -application descriptions are hidden also from the first column
  130. -button width updated again when the text label is turned off
  131. *Mon Apr 02 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  132. Tasty Menu 0.7:
  133. -configurable button text label
  134. -configurable menu button pixmap
  135. -item descriptions can be turned off
  136. -optional "save session" entry under the user button
  137. -configurable popup text
  138. -the button no longer appears on mouse over, instead the background becomes lighter on mouse over and darker on mouse press
  139. -when the user clicks on an empty area the last item is no longer activated
  140. -Italian translation
  141. *Tue Feb 20 2007 notmart@gmail.com
  142. Tasty Menu 0.6.5:
  143. -fixed menu placement when it's on the right side of the screen
  144. -now both the recent applications list and the most used list works
  145. -some cosmetic improvements in configuration dialog
  146. -don't reopen the current submenu when the user clicks again on an already open category
  147. -now clicking on categories of right column expandes/collapses them
  148. -"always collapsed categories" option available also if "show tree expanders" is off
  149. -fixed compilation issues with autoconf >= 2.60
  150. *Mon Sep 25 2006 notmart@gmail.com
  151. Tasty Menu 0.6:
  152. -command to clear the recently installed applications list
  153. -Application categories cand be made collapsable and appear collapsed by default
  154. -left mouse button menu on menuitems that lets to add/remove bookmarks and edit the proper submenu with kmenuedit
  155. -the add bookmark icons should work better
  156. -Fixed a bug that prevented svg-only icon themes to display correctly
  157. -Added a very basic Strigi integration
  158. -When resizing the menu in window mode the size of the three columns are updated correcly
  159. -Fixed a crash when a no longer existent app is in more used / recently used list
  160. -Fixed another probable cause of crash
  161. *Mon Aug 7 2006 notmart@gmail.com
  162. -fixed another crash
  163. *Wed Aug 2 2006 notmart@gmail.com
  164. -Lock session button works again
  165. *Tue Aug 1 2006 notmart@gmail.com
  166. Tasty Menu 0.5:
  167. -First RPM release
  168. -(Hopefully) fixed some other crashes
  169. -the big tooltip is enabled only when also the other kicker's big tooltip are enabled too
  170. -the menu can be made a normal window (the upper right arrow toolbutton)
  171. -the highlighted item in the middle column is always the currently open category
  172. -busy mouse cursor when searching
  173. -corrected a bug that prevented to use the left column after a search in ceratin cases
  174. -added a "Configure global shortcuts..." command in the LMB menu
  175. -user button and "switch user" buttons merged in one button
  176. -added a "Run program..." button
  177. -open submenus on timeout also when the mouse button is not pressed, so now when the mouse button is down the delay is 250ms when is not pressed 1 sec
  178. -clear button on the right: it is dramatically nicer looking now :)