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ormorph 833e8a8458 Bug fixes #208 and #207 8 months ago
ormorph ff42a26ec6 Added tdemultimedia-meta metapackage with dependencies 8 months ago
Andreas Sturmlechner 1ebc9f7807 */*: 9999: Sanitise eclass/ebuild vars, drop set-trinityver and need-trinity 2 years ago
Andreas Sturmlechner c53039cb7c trinity-base/tdemultimedia-tdeioslaves: Add missing IUSE metadata 2 years ago
Chris abe9ae9ee0 Live ebuilds: Add first batch of `TDEMultimedia` ebuilds. 2 years ago
Chris 7c4d1c766e Remove obsoleted `$id$` line from all ebuilds. 2 years ago
Chris cc1ac24d4d Live ebuilds: Port to EAPI7 and cleanup - Round 7. 2 years ago
Slávek Banko 644110a847
Initial import of an ebuilds tree 3 years ago