Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging
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Slávek Banko de83cc1fe0 DilOS: build tqca-tls 1 month ago
arts/debian DilOS: build arts 1 month ago
avahi-tqt/debian DilOS: build avahi-tqt 1 month ago
dbus-1-tqt/debian DilOS: build dbus-1-tqt 1 month ago
dbus-tqt/debian DilOS: build dbus-tqt 1 month ago
libart-lgpl/debian DilOS: build libart-lgpl 1 month ago
tqca-tls/debian DilOS: build tqca-tls 1 month ago
tqt3/debian DilOS: Use BASEDIR for pre/post scripts 2 months ago
tqtinterface/debian DilOS: build tqtinterface 1 month ago