Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging
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  1. This is a unsorted quick notes about TDE build issues, by distribution.
  2. ALL DISTRIBUTIONS (or almost):
  3. Some libraries are required but not provided by distribution anymore.
  4. You can find them in "3rdparty" folder.
  5. imlib1 : required for kuickshow
  6. python-qt3 (also known as PyQt) : required for python-related packages (TDE 3.5.13 only, not R14)
  7. hal : required for TDE, most recent distribution do NOT ship it.
  8. wv2 : required for koffice
  9. CENTOS 6:
  10. ligogg-devel package is missing file '/usr/lib[64]/'
  11. Missing header 'jpegint.h'
  12. MAGEIA 2/3:
  13. Remove db4-devel and install db5-devel only.
  14. Several version of postgresl-devel exist.
  15. Ensure you have the latest one installed, or you will build against an old one !
  16. MGA2: 9.1
  17. MGA3: 9.2
  18. MAGEIA 4:
  19. Bug in /usr/lib[64]/pkgconfig/ruby.pc : missing "ruby_version:" value
  20. Should be: ruby_version=2.0.0
  21. MAGEIA 6:
  22. if tdegraphics fails because of 'nullptr' undefined:
  23. vi /usr/include/poppler/PDFDoc.h
  24. add '#define nullptr NULL'
  25. CENTOS 4 / CENTOS 5
  26. Some mandatory packages are missing or too old.
  27. I had to build newer version in order to have TDE function correctly.
  28. curl (built as trinity-curl)
  29. poppler (built as trinity-poppler)
  30. OPENSUSE 11.x and 12.x
  31. Missing cmake macros for RPM.
  32. Manually copy file 'macros.cmake' from Fedora to '/etc/rpm'
  33. Starting with OSS 13.1, the cmake macro is here.
  34. OPENSUSE 13.1
  35. Macro '%suse_version' has value 1230 instead of 1310. Need manual fixing.
  36. OPENSUSE 11.4
  37. Bug in 'libical-devel' package. (causes FTBFS in tdepim)
  38. Edit file '/usr/lib/pkgconfig/libical.pc'
  39. Then change as follow:
  40. Cflags: -I${includedir}/libical
  41. To avoid relinking error on i18n (e.g. rpmbuild fails in amarok), create symlink manually on build system:
  42. for i in ar bg bn ca cs da de el en_GB es et fi fr he hi hu is it ja lt nl nb nn pa pl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sr sv ta tr uk zh_CN zh_TW; do
  43. mkdir -p /opt/trinity/share/doc/tde/HTML/$i/common
  44. done
  45. FEDORA 20
  46. kopete-otr: Missing 'libotr3' autotools macros. Need to put manually '.m4' file from source package in correct folder.
  48. Many '.la' files are missing under '/usr/lib'. Need manual creation.