Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging
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Timothy Pearson 808ade7b8d Fix undesired references to libogg-dev-la in Debian packaging files 6 years ago
arch added back in /etc/profile.d/ 7 years ago
ark Initial import from old SVN repository 7 years ago
debian Fix undesired references to libogg-dev-la in Debian packaging files (cherry picked from commit fac31b9ec3) 6 years ago
fedora Updates for TDE 3.5.12 for RHEL5 7 years ago
mandriva/2010.2 Adding the remaining Mandriva patches and spec files 7 years ago
opensuse dbus-1-tqt -> libdbus-tqt-1-0 AND tdelibs import (unchanged) 7 years ago
redhat kdebase 3.5.13: global Xsession script is /etc/X11/xinit/Xsession under RHEL/Fedora, not /etc/X11/Xsession. 7 years ago
slackware Initial import from old SVN repository 7 years ago
ubuntu Remove dependency on obsolete ogg la file package This might break some builds on Ubuntu and Debian temporarily (cherry picked from commit 5af3bb6050) 6 years ago
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============================================================ DOCUMENTATION =======================================================

GIT tutorial on

GIT "cheat sheet"

GIT for those who are used to centralized SCMs:

================================================================ HOWTO ===========================================================

To get a copy of the repo:
git clone<repository name>

To exclude items:
Create a file '.gitignore'

To add to the git repository (easiest and most efficient way):
git add .
(this will add everything in the folder (excluding stuff from .gitignore). It is intentionally a period because * will make git stop on already committed files.)

To commit to the git repository (this does not send to the remote server!):
git commit -a
(no need to do any git mv or git rm or any of that with the -a option.)

To pull recent commits from the remote git repository:
git pull
(do this before pushing so that you don't collide with other's commits.)

To push to the remote git repository:
git push origin master
(the 'origin master' part is optional after the first time.)

To branch (be careful! This is different from SVN.):
git branch <name>
(don't know what branch you're on? run "git branch" to see and list.)

To switch branches:
git checkout <branch name>

To tag a commit (like for releasing a tarball):
git tag -a <version> -m <message>
(ps: this will make webgit generate a tarball with this tag.
easy releases anyone?)

To tag a commit WITH GPG verification (secure release anyone?):
git tag -s <version> -m <message>

================================================================= NOTE ============================================================
GIT cannot store empty directories due to a intentional design limitation.

Therefore, this command should be run prior to any commits to ensure your empty directories stick around:

find . -type d -empty -exec touch {}/.gitignore \;

This will add a .gitignore to every empty directory.

================================================================ WORKFLOW ==========================================================

git clone<repository>

<make your changes, test, etc>

cd <repository checkout directory>
find . -type d -empty -exec touch {}/.gitignore \;
git add .
git commit -a
git pull
git push