Baghira widget style for TDE
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For all you Apple Junkies out there... (like me) ;-)
Bases upon mosfet-liquid0.9.6pre4... the last heir of mosfet.
Suggestions welcomed.

tar -xjf baghira.tar.bz2
cd baghira/baghira
either try ./ or
./configure --prefix=`tde-config --prefix` --disable-debug [--enable-final]
(!!!BEGINNERS: the direction of the accents is _important_ (top-left to bottom-right), the rectangular brackets mean "this is optional" - don't type them!!!)
and finally as root:
make install

will fix the horizontal slider problem, rotating pixmaps in general

after a long time, this is a snapshot of the current cvs version and probably the last baghira for TQt3 ever.
there won't be Baghira for Qt4, don't ask.
- several bugfixes, minor changes, whatever.

- [style] Reincluded workaround for kpdf < 3.4.3
- [style] added Milk style
- [style] some code enhancements/cleanups
- [bab] removed "start QString name int deco" dcop interface (useless anyway)
- [bab] added "start QString name QString settings" dcop interface to allow starting a program with the rules set for another one (or a general rule like "Milk" ;)
- [menubar applet] size fix (using an own settings value ;)

Many? - see cvs log...
- New Konqueror Sidebar (Hardware access + Drag 'n Drop link list)
- New search oriented Application Launcher
- More speed and less bugs in the style and the deco
- New look on the brushed metal design
- New Tiger design
- New management to the menubar applet (in matters of size)
.... and much more i forgot over the time ;)

Maintainance release (mainly)
- Fixed compile error on kde3.3
- Made resize grip optionally (off by default, disable if you get querky problems with the deco)
- starter applet will auto correct size
- added new widget color "Smoke" by Anton

If you think you've got an interesting colorset, that should be part of further releases, please drop me a mail.
widget colors must include:
- a name ("my colorset")
- {R,G,B}, where R,G,B must be [0-255],[0-255],[0-255]
deco colors must include:
- a name ("my colorset")
- {{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B},{R,G,B}} in order:
inactiveColor, closeColor, minColor, maxColor, menuColor, helpColor, stickyColor, aboveColor, behindColor, shadeColor
(10 values)
inclusion depends on my arbitrariness ;)
* (style) update: slightly changed the appereance of the scrollbar sliders (on DementedPixel note)
* (style) update: appereance of groupboxes w/o title (improved the code resulting in more speed as well)
* (config) feature: added color presets for the widget colors
* (config) update: reorganized appereance a bit - NO changes on the config protocol though
* (deco) feature: added a resize handle drag - this will probaby be optional on future releases, but currently im interested in FEEDBACK
* (deco) update: corrected the button spacing (on DementedPixel note)
* (deco) feature: added color presets for the buttons
* (deco) feature: added option to remove captions as i saw some ppl interested on this.
however in general i do not suggest this, as apps often use the title to indicate states (like e.g. unsaved)
* (bab) bugfix: misbehaviour on dcop bab default start <appname> x command (start <app> x y was ok)
* (starter) bugfix: compile error on non final compilations
* (menuapplet) bugfix: compile error because of gcc/kde_export misbehaviour (3.3 problem?)
baghira will compile a 3.3 or 3.4 version depending on the current running system
(binary packagers should note this)
* (menuapplet) update: improved Indicator title calculation
* (menuapplet) update: ported modal window handling (0.6b) to 3.4 version
* (icons) update: dfsw compliant license

* (overall) feature: if you compile yourself, you may try the ./ script, being a GUI wizzard leading you through the installation (especially if you're unexperienced - everyone else: this was just for some lazy hour and playing around with kdialog, i'd personally never click through dialogs instead of ./configure; make; make install ;)
* (overall) bugfix: included 0.6b fixes
* (style) feature: because i was in some kind of nostalgic mood, i added jaguar (liquidlike) buttons. also as jaguar used darker stipples if and only if you use the bab dcop starter or predefinitions, using jaguar will lead to darker stipples (+4 to your default)
* (style) note: this leads to new (consistent) settings: "0" is jaguar in style and deco, so calling
dcop bab default start kcalc 0 0
will bring you a jaguar kcalc
dcop bab default start kcalc 1 2
will instead bring you panther kcakc with a b/m deco
You can either update them by hand or ONCE(!) call ./updatePredefs from the baghira topsrc dir
* (style) update: better handling for icons on buttons
* (style) update: improved editlines (thanks to Gav Wood for suggestion)
* (config) bugfix: writing valid value for visible toolbuttons
* (config) update: added option to replace kickers menu applet
* (deco) update: removed left/right side lines if not using comicframe (looked as if the deco was smaller than the window)
* (deco) update: corrected appereance of the left/right b/m resize handles
* (kickermenu) bugfix: kde3.4 support - i don't know if it will still work correctly with kde3.3
* (starter) new: i was sucked by kickers startbutton displaying the tooltip on hover, so i wrote a kickerapplet as startmenubutton replacement. you can use any png as button.
name them bStarter.png, bStarter_hover.png, bStarter_down.png, and settle them in 22x22/action - defaults are included
as i don't have such nice access on the startmenu as the button has, its not possible to close the menu by clicking again _AFFTER_ you left the button once, also the default KDE binding to the startmenu (alt+f1, windows key) will display the menu in the screen center instead below the (nonexistent) button

* (style) feature: animated pushbuttons
* (style) bugfix: konqueror crashes on repolishes
* (style) update: improved the look of (colored) iTunes (rectangular) buttons
* (configuration) feature: look predefinition for each application (deco needs kde 3.4b1 and up to work)
* (configuration) bugfix: skipped various unnecessary repolishes
* (bab) update: rewrote the way design switching stuff according to kde 3.4, removed all imperfect workaround stuff -> works much better, but needs kde 3.4 to work properly
* (kickermenu) update: using XClassHint to display the appname (better than relying on the netwm info)
* (kickermenu) update: using app menu instead of desktop menu for modal dialogs
* (kickermenu) note: kicker from kde 3.4 has a special menupanel that autoloads the kicker menuapplet to display the menu. you can remove this menu and readd the baghiramenu, but you'll have to do that after every kde start. -> open [kdeprefix - e.g. usr]/share/apps/kicker/applets/menuapplet.desktop, change "X-TDE-Library=menu_panelapplet" to "X-TDE-Library=b_menu_panelapplet" or (as root) run the following script (simply using sed to update the file):
sed s/"X-TDE-Library=menu_panelapplet"/"X-TDE-Library=b_menu_panelapplet"/g $(tde-config --prefix)/share/apps/kicker/applets/menuapplet.desktop > _baghirabuffer_
rm -f $(tde-config --prefix)/share/apps/kicker/applets/menuapplet.desktop
mv _baghirabuffer_ $(tde-config --prefix)/share/apps/kicker/applets/menuapplet.desktop

* (style) serious bugfix: drawing groupbox frames on non groupboxes
* (style) bugfix: popup menu painting
* (style) bugfix: handles ksplash and kontact splash problem
* (configuration) bugfix: resetting settings
* (configuration) feature: save/restore settings to/from file
* (icons) update: copyright notice
* (general) bugfix: big endian (ppc/sparc) architecture support
* (general) bugfix: openBSD support (thanks to Damir Naden)

* stripped all fake translucency/shadows code, honoring the fact 6.8 now supports true alpha handling
* fixed OOo error (stupid one, btw. - only had to see it :)
* tricked OOo to get background colored menubar/menus and keep nice button colors
* better support for OOo scrollbars (allways displayd as active, as OOo does not support the MousOver effect)
* better animation code - cpu hunger of some apps should be gone
* completely new settings handling to avoid conflicts of concurring file accesses - unfortunately you'll have to recreate all your settings :(

bugfix release only
bab started apps shouldn't hang
konqueror shouldn't crash, NOTICE:
the error occured, when updating the palette (applying a new background) to the toolbuttons (seems to be some very specific ones),
please don't ask me why this worked before - i don't know (but i think it's related to the redesign of the eventhandler which now responds much faster)
so the only solution i found was to disable the palette update for the toolbuttons, therefore you should display the inactive toolbuttons for b/m (e.g. by applying "brushed metal" or "both" in the last bab setting)

- fixed the "tde toolbar widget" thing (location bar/juk slider etc.)
- worked around brushed metal kicker translucency support
- changed the appereance of the kicker executor (like konqueror combobox)
- worked around konqueror statusbar offset
- flattened statusbars in genereal
- most important change:
bab supports a new dcop command to start applications with individual style settings, so
dcop bab babInterface start konqueror 1 2
will open konqueror b/m
the first argument is the command you want to execute.
if you want to use switches, use "" to combine them, i.e.
dcop bab babInterface start "konqueror --profile webbrowsing --caption Safari" 1 2
will start konqueror, b/m mode, show the about screen and renames the title to "Safari"
unfortunately the command may not contain a '"' or blanks, so if your app is named "kde application" you will not be able to pass it to bab, maybe i'll implement support for escape chars (\) if there's demand in the future.
the first digit addresses the style (so '0' means aqua, '1' means b/m) the second one the deco (predefined deco 0/1/2)
in addition there's a second command
dcop bab babInterface start xterm 0
only differing by the fact it only changes the deco design.
USE THIS ONE FOR NONE KDE APPS (i.e. everything that doesn't get styled by baghira) as the other function won't be able to reset the settings for style and deco.
The good thing about this:
1. You don't have to run complex scripts (maybe just check if dcop is running), bab does all for you
2. bab does not reset the settings until the app read them - so you will get style and deco you wanted
The "bad" thing:
Though much better than the solution before, this is not process relative, i.e.:
- start an app with long startup time (e.g. juk)
- start another app with short startup time directly after starting juk
the startups will interfere (i.e. the fast app will change the settings and the slow app will get uncertain settings)
- just for cute... bab now "shapes" the upper corners of your screen (so any kickerbar there will be rounded as well:), but don't ask me about the perverse way i found to do so... ;)

- completely remodeled the eventfilter -> faster! (reload the library)
- added some colored throbbers and an xcf so you can create your own colors
- sorting headers appear colored
- put the menuapplet into its own library, so it won't conflict with the kde one and is installed by default
- corrected twin (stippled) frame to align the style
- corercted brushed toolbars (disalignment)

Added a patched version of the kicker menu applet, main difference:
shows current window name left of the menu (you can also click this indicator to get a windowlist, as the menu takes space that's usually used for the taskbar)
to install it with baghira, edit the "subdirs" file and remove the "#" in front of "kickermenu" _before_ (!!!) ./configure

*** KAnimWidget (Throbbers) now usefully support translucent pixmaps, so the throbber is now translucent (and i removed the ugly frame :) ***
anyway, i don't know since which version this holds, therefore maybe you want to keep the old throbber to prevent uncleaned repaints
(if someone wants to create the nice iTunes throbber - hey thanks, i don't have iTunes)

Mainly kde3.3 alignments
- fixed juk toolbar stuff (and any other)
- fixed new twin buttons
- toplevelmenubars are not set to stipples anymore, honoring the fact, that the kicker menuapplet recolors them itself to kicker background
- arrows will are dark grey rather than black - makes them appear more smooth

- remodelled the include structure
- fixed repolishment errors
- fixed taskbar
- deco can be set to have a frame in maximized mode as well
- toolbuttons are not connected, if inactive toolbuttons are not shown

- code improvements: should give some overall speed, closed a slight memory leak (lists of pointers in b/m mode)
- rewrote the groupbox code -> 1. faster, 2. aligned stipples
- combos on toolbars (konqueror :) look like the safari combo
- changed the appereance of inactive sliders (no bubbles)
- did anyone notice, i changed the stiopples again (figured out that apple uses bright-mid-dark-mid, while mosfet's stipple were dark-dark-bright-bright)
imho this leads to better readable text
- corrected alignment of left side tile in b/m mode
- handled amaroK in b/m mode

- added option to auto add spycing between buttons (making use of the kde spacing leads to unhappy effects, i the window misses a button (e.g. minimize in baghira help))
- corrected alignment of left side tile in b/m mode

- fixed some saving issues

The stuff in this folder is not autoinstalled.
Look into it and use whatever you want, however you want (except claiming cr and suing me for nonliterally copying ;)
- added new stuff: bootsplash, konqui tile, tdm picture, lilo-bootscreen
*** read the readme! ***

- BUGFIX (style): konqueror address label
- BUGFIX (style): tab hovering for b/m
- WORKAROUND (style) kiconedit crashes on startup (notice that this error lies in kiconedit and the workaround will be removed as soon as kiconedit is fixed)
- (style) corrected size of the add/remove tab buttons (prevetning from overlaying the tabs)
- (deco): slightly modified coloring function (light dots on button top)

- well, light gradient, right ;)
- highlight color appears as gradient
- TOPLEVEL (mac like) MENUABRS (read this):
The light gradient causes (of course) some trouble on the top level menubars, as the gradient is arranged to the corresponding application window - not to kicker.
As there was interference with the stipples, when using e.g. toplevel brushed metal menus embedded into aqua style kicker, i decided to force toplevel menubars appearing in aqua mode (stippled) assuming you're using an aqua like kicker. this will cause problems if you're using b/m kicker. in this case, i suggest to avoid toplevel menus to get a consistent look (while using auqa mode kicker is preferred)

- new brushed style/removed flat brushed
- BUGFIX: bottombar draws void
- some graphical adjustments, corresponding to the brushed metal stuff
- buttons masked on brushed metal design

- new license, read "readme.copyright"

- several bugfixes, notable:
1. kicker children appear brushed metaled (if wished), thanks to A. Quincey
2. that bookmark button thing...
please notice, that this could not really be fixed (the kbookmarkbar somehow accesses the toolbar iterator while i'm using it to check the toolbar layout - what confuses both of us) but i excluded the bookmarkbar by it's name (that could easily differ in other kde versions) and assume it's structure (bunch of combined buttons - no breaks / spacers)
3. Corrected listviewheader hovering behaviour (wasn't that hard, after all...)
- highlights of this version (gee... what a shameless self promotion :)
1. configurable deco button colors (added support for kde 3.3 buttons, well - hopefully, as i couldn't test yet)
2. tabs hover on mouseover
3. (round) iTunes like rectangular buttons

- (hopefully) fixed compiler stuff - code cleanup: later
- redesigned the dialogs for the windeco 1024x768 compatible now (allmost 800x600 :)
- fixed the toolbutton stuff
- removed any listviewheader correction as this caused more problems that it could ever solve (if you worry about listviews, having too short headers and therefore paint void areas - complain to the appropriate author)

code should be more iso-cpp compatible (especially the preprocessor stuff (#include/#define))
it compiles nice on gcc-3.4.1, i have no idea about gcc-3.4.0

- (initial support) of conjuncted toolbuttons (use smooth tool for best effect)
o only works with kde toolbars (not on toolbars in plain qt applications, e.g. qt-designer)
o only works when the kde toolbar uses kde toolbarbuttons (rather than qt toolbuttons) - most kde applications do, well - some do not (you'll see)

- includes version that was meant for 0.4a (see changelog for this version)
- addidionally you can choose individual decos (_not_ buttons) for active and inactive windows

fixed the and cleant up the makefiles - maybe you've got some useless stuff (menuentries, icons) in your system due to old releases
call ./cleanMySystem /<prefix> from the baghira topdir if you wish to delete them (if you're paraniod, you can use this script as help for deleting them by hand as well)
where <prefix> is the prefix you gave when configuring baghira

- fixed some graphical errors (toolbar stuff etc)
- it's now possible to tint the brushed metal style (autoapplied to the the deco as well)
- tricked back the konqueror statusbar (gee.., we don't like to be recolored, right?)
- found a (hopefully) better solution for the listviewheaders (setting only too small ones to be expanded)

- fixed (and improved :) frame painting
- new deco "glossy" using the aquarius coloring function

- added color picker for the aquarius function
*notice* this is only a _color picker_
to not mess up with your color scheme arrangement, it will not touch the current color settings

0.4 (finally :)
Though i applied all kindly provided gcc-3.4 patches, i yet did not install this compiler, so i don't guarantee it will work, patched versions of gcc-3.3 (gcc-3.3-x) may also fail

- new coloring function "Aquarius" - replacing the "icy" style.
as the two functions are incompatible on pixmap layer, there's no way back - sorry
- ended the stipple experiment
- fixed some stuff (missing pixel on tabs, tabclosebutton position, ... whatever (more stuff i forgot - test if your main issue is fixed and complain if not :P ))
- improved scrollbar animation code, fixed the juk problem as side effect. the deactivation is yet not functional (forgot to implement) expect for 0.4a
- improved the popuptranslucency for menubars - as a sideefeect, the dynamic offscreen buffer (to prevent artefacts) now works on toplevel menus (macstyle menus)

- now shipped with package :P
- better 3D effect for the title (dark/bright offset like Apple does, to provide distinction from any background)
- comic frame in titleblend color (right, resp. bottom color)
- complete change of big bottom bar - change to 6px thick bar to only provide shaped framing
- fixed several issues with the frame size (eg. width on maximized windows)

- bab now also provides dcop acces to the windeco style

- completely new, though tested, some settings could have unexpected results (i couldn't really test everything), please notice if you find something (besides deactivation of scrollbar animation - see above)
- attaches to the style dialog
- the old dialog remains in system unless you remove it by hand (look for "", "" in $(PREFIX)/lib/kde3/ and "kcmbaghira.desktop" in $(PREFIX)/share/applnk/Settings/LookNFeel)
- test the about dialog =)
- click help
- more intuitive interface with a later release (setting dependend deactivation of widgets, etc.)

Christian Lehmann provided two new Colorschemes for the new function, AquaBlue and AquaGraphite - they're auto installed
as starting point, you could try rgb = 84,140,242 for the button - avoid very low or very high saturated color (result is uncolored/flat colored)

Due to massive request (protest?) the icons for bab and the black and blue paw are installed to your system... NO COMPLAINTS ABOUT THAT, PLEASE...
The throbber is _not_ installed (sorry, but this would be much too invasive) - if you want it, copy it by hand

- added a script terminal to roughly show bab/dcop/windeco functionality (the script uses sleep - if it does not work on your system, use kstart similar to the other sripts and remove the sleep call)
- scripts are not installed, as they're just examples

haha...! i even had some letters left ;)


- tweaked several graphics
o i was annoyed by the raised panels in knetscan, so i forced panels to appear sunken, similar to the editframes
o changed appereance of the toolbarhandlers (the old where too loud)
o fixed bug on splitters (well, somehow - obviously noone cares about the direction flag)
o fixed "bug" that lead to black frames under combos in some apps (e.g. amaroK)
- bugfixed the setting stuff (misdisplayd groupboxes, ability to unset shadows under popups...)
- Tab vs. Chooser is now optional
o the default setting is somewhat clever, i.e. if the toplevel widget is a dialog, tabs appear as choosers, as oldstyle tabs elsewise
-> result: apps like konqueror, tdevelop, quanta, konsole... will show tabs, dialogs will show choosers
o you can define the tab behaviour for aqua and brushed metal individually in the bab menu
- fixed menu animation stuff
- fixed bookmark menu behaviour (so could have told me...)
- fixed toolbutton repolishment
- "--enable-final" should work again
- bab:
o added a dropdownmenu (rightclick), currently mainly to allow you to set a default style (so you don't have to care about the setting when shutting down kde)
- lightweightened the stipples (more aqua like) and improved alignment (!you do not need to set the align stipples checkbox - it's useless!)
- new icons, created by timur ((c) 2004 All rights reserved.)

- ppc users: i added an endian definition to baghira.h - try to set it to big endian (but i don't know if it'll help)

- scrollbars:
o no useless sliders are drawn
o code should be faster now
- changed the tabbars to look like apples chooser widgets (button tabs)
this is a bit hackish, as qt doesn't know choosers
i don't knwow if i can easily make this optional, so i'll probably rely on reactions...
- went through the polishment code, uhmmm... that was really necessary
- option to brush me...

- new arrows on scrollbars + combos (thanks to Narcis Tesa for providing the pix)
- added option to fade in popup menus (works with translucency)
- Tabbar Bases will follow tabs colors :)

- redesigned groupboxes (twice as fast :)
- corrected wrongly shadowed widgets (flat groupboxes)
- redesigned scrollbars

- IMPROVED MEMORY MANAGEMENT - menus won't eat your memory anymore
- fixed bugs that may have caused crashes on some systems
- thanks to "mbllos" for some code optimization and a bugfix in the button coloring function
- slight changes to the toolbuttons (especially the round version)
- pressed sliders aren't animated, better slider hover behaviour at all, "hand" cursor on sliders
- included throbber for konqueror - copy to your icon folder (global is $KDEPREFIX/share/icons/default.kde)
- fixed nasty bug when trying to remove nonexistent popupmenushadows (crashed tear off menus)

- fixed error that lead korganizer to crash (well, it's rather a workaround - as the KOAgenda class doesn't like foreign eventhandlers, i removed my - on cost of slider behaviour)
- fixed graphical error on some scrollbars
- fixed qtoolbutton error (some non stippled and miscolored buttonbackgrounds in toolbars)
- fixed error on some scrollviews (that didn't highlight the scrollers)
- fixed graphical problem with stipple unalignment on toolbars
- better support for toolbuttons besides toolbars (e.g. k3b)
- some further (minor) graphical improvements
- better menu-indicator/shadow related behaviour... yes, i said this wouldn't be possible, but it annoyed me too much, so i did it. (anyone here may thank RenderMan for this, he asked and this followed me so i really had to fix this :)

- speedUps, speedUps anywhere... ;-)
1. by avoiding permanent repaint (update) of animated widgets (scrollers/progressbar)) - nice sideeffect: scrollers are back on wished behaviour again ;-)
2. by avoiding useless searching the dictionaries (restructured popup code - allmost feared it'd never compile anymore...) and some calculations ;-)
- especially for jos added a new option for even smoother taskbar butoons ;-)
- fixed miinor error in kcmbaghira (you couldn't set opacity in gradient mode / stuck to custom opacity)
- removed annoying progress percent display

- modified dropshadow behaviour (menus < shadowoffset won't draw any shadow at the too small side)
- slightly changed sublying pixmap for scrollbar sliders
- new progressbar for "apple" style
- new progressbar behaviour ;-) (try apple or liquid - i'm sorry i denied this was possible... i'm just a little fool):\
- also new Scrollbar bahaviour (side effect: if there are more scrollable areas in an app, all scrollers will be paint active if you enter one.
- slightly rounded the rect toolbuttons
- more apple like shadows - i hope to soon provide fast blurring AND I DO NOT LIKE THE MS STYLE!!! (yes, this means you, RenderMan! ;-)
(notice that 1. the current implementation is subefficient - i'll enhace that for next release; 2. this totally messed up my translucency code - so if you notice any artefacts, fractions or shifts: please drop me a mail ;-)
0.3k (serious bugfix release, recommanded over 0.3j)
- better support for groupboxes of kicker apps (e.g. button background)
- fixed error on small popupmenus (thanks to RenderMan for the hint!)
- (rough) support for bottom Tabs (cause konsole will use them in 3.2)
- included math.h - i still do not understand, why some compilers (gcc versions!!!) do not suppport exp and pow internal? %)
- corrected slider geometrics (won't slide out of sliderarea, you can grip the whole slider)
- corrected highlighted menutext color when using custom menu colors
- set the very small pushbuttons to new gradient style
- set minimum tab height to 27 pixels (regarding to tabs on apples homepage)
- reordered dropshadow calling process
- changed behaviour of kicker headers (task buttons - to say it the ms way...:) - highlightning/coloring assumes them to be NOT button colored (rather background)
- corrected slider color on groupboxes also for my friends, who don't like stipples... ignoramuses ;-)
- added gradient translucency (but please don't expect this to be a speed wonder - the gradient has to be rendered for every menu (as they can be of different width) and then blended to the background completely (different from common translucency, where i can often take parts out of the buffer)
However: it's at least ghost free and not rendered twice - if you close and then reopen a submenu (e.g. from a menubar)
- added buffer to provide ghost free shadows (this leads to double buffering for translucency, well - gradients are and keep doublebuffered anyway)
- added free sizable menu drop shadows (w/o kde bug on shadows that run out of screen) / the shadows could need a gaussian blur (otherwise big shadows look too sharp) - we'll hopefullly see that next time... (for the moment, i suggest to use bright shadows (1 - not 0) to lower this effect)
- disaligned menuchecks should no be (vertically) aligned
- hopefully fixed a polishment bug about combos on toolbars (?!)
(as they'll produce artefacts in traslucent menus
+ artefacts within themselves
+ artefacts in my shadows
+ unnecessary slow down menus)

- fixed drawing error on horizontal splitters
- added new sliderarrow (thanks to Narcis Tesa for the picture)
!!! NOTICE: The new Image is (allthough applelike) very big and vertical asymmetrical displayed - this can lead to inadequate look if i can't change its size - e.g. if it settles on a toolbar (open juk to see what i mean) the only way to handle this, is resetting the toolbarsize to at least 24 pixels. As e.g. only provides a maximum of 22 pixels, you have to edit its config file by hand: open ~/.kde/share/config/jukrc, look for the [MainWindow Toolbar playToolBar] section and set "IconSize=24". - sorry for this.
- slightly changed the tabbarbase on icy buttons (by user request and because it was necessary:)
- scroller activation now also works with kwrite and dependent apps (gideon, etc)
- improved support for custom menu colors (child menu triangles, checkmarks, splitters)
- improved (generalized) toolbar color handling (background seperators leaded to uncolored konqueror completition box - this shouldn't happen to any widget anymore)
=== R E A D T H I S ! ! ! =============================================================
I stole the whole menudropshadow stuff from kstyle (thanks to the developers) to call them at the moment I (yes: ME:-) want!
PLEASE TEST THEM EXCESSIVLY and tell me, if you notice any ghosts from them by doing anything. thanks.
I WON'T MODIFY FOREIGN APPS SETTINGS! therefore you have to DEACTIVATE KDE MENU DROPSHADOWS yourself! - sorry for the inconvenience.
as they're active by default it's a good idea to deactivate menudropshadows in kde's style settings
( i know that they're still ghost effects in the shadow itself - i'll try to fix that soon )
- stole kstyle function for double buffered sliders and adjusted it for use with shadowed groupboxes (allows slider moving without artefacts) - you can read it. i'm a thief. i stole it - their precious - and THEY WANTS IT! ;-)

0.3h (for massive (!) but unserious bugfix)
- added smooth toolbuttons option
- hacked around smudge error on automoving sliders (does NOT hold for sliders on groupboxes, if shadows activated)
- you now can choose between liquid, old and newstyle baghira progress bar (honestly i prefer the original baghira style, too - well, apple's not always perfect ;-)
HOLY SH**, i can't believe, nobody mentioned that before: did you never try to change to a custom menu style (color, unstippled translucency???) didn't you see there was something terribly wrong??? e.g.: IT JUST DIDN'T WORK?
- fixed that, so menu styling now behaves as it should. (hell on earth, i've to do everything myself - even kickin' my butt... ;-)
(head over to resexcellence and look at the milk screenshot, if you want to know why - black translucent menus look really cool (imho), allthough qt seems to have problems displaying bright text on a dark background)
- kde's menu dropshadows sometimes still mess up with my code (and theirs, too) the reason is that I (and they) have to sync qt with xfree before i can take a screenshot - the result is that the menushadow can appear during this time and then is also captured (if i don't capture it, it will leave a white ghost instead of a black one).
for the moment i have to suggest to deactivate menu dropshadows to get better translucency results - i'll try to write my own dropshadows for a future release.
- fixed minor unpolishment bug (accidently removed moustracking for all scrollviews - bad on combos, if not reactivated by new style..., well, i guess you didn't do that anyway ;))
- slightly changed colortheme
- made the splitter more decent

0.3g (dedicated to howard shores score of "the return of the king", which kept me awake tonight =)
- corrected position of new triangles on srollbars etc. a bit
- found (tricky) solution for Toolbar Separators (please consult README about this!!! - especially if toolbuttons seem to misbehave):
[well, seems you did :)
OK, the following Part is a bit tricky!
QT uses the Button Color to draw seperators on Toolbars.
Unfortunately we cannot change this directly, so we have to set the button color of Toolbar Widgets to the background color.
Unhappy Effect: Toolbuttons will lose the ability to highlight, as their Buttoncolor now changed to Background mode. (f***!)
Solution: We reset the the Buttoncolor of Toolbuttons to Buttoncolor right after that.
Unhappy Effect: Toolbuttons loose the ability to use redefined colors.
Solution: Check, if button uses backgroud for color: then reset it to button
Unhappy effect: An application cannot be redefine a Toolbutton color to background color.
(The alternative would be to exclude apps like korn, that are known to redefine toolbutton color, but i think, this is the MUCH better way!)]
- ...well now korn (and other apps) now also can have redefined toolbutton colors if you enable "draw toolbutton frames" (tststs..., sometimes i wonder if i can code anyway... :)
- added an option to remove bevel around kicker (user request)
- changed look of progressbar to fit apple's bevel rather than liquids
- added an option to user liquid's progressbar (user request, as an offer, on the new progress bar groove - tell me your opinion)

- menu translucency should now be PERFECT (i really like the word - howerver: never say never again... :)
this means: there won't be any ghostshadows anymore - no matter what you do. also no menu will be calculated twice if not nessecary (but don't forget: this is only pseudo translucency, this means, you won't capture background changes (animations aso.) as long as you don't close the menu)
Also menu dropshadows are supported
- scrollbars now change to active (with visual notification, what means they're colored) when you enter a scrollable area. (unfortunately currently doesn't work with some apps that don't inherit QScrollview - e.g. kwrite, so ill try to catch that)
- Kicker now draws (improved) smooth headers
- fixed rect buttons stucked to non stipple background (thanks to RenderMan for the notice)
- further minor graphical improvements...
- i hate the groupshadows... :) anyway, i found a rather simple solution to put a proper background to the buttons and sliders... (i could also apply this to the combos, but as they are almost rectangular, it wouldn't make much a difference. anyway: if someone is annoyed cause he runs a 320x240 ressolution, i'll improve that by request)
- removed any (virtual) support for kde menutranslucency, as it's really not a good idea to have both enabled at the same time...
- fixed an error to LVH triangles (thanks to Narcis Tesa for the hint)
- changed triangles on scrollbars and menus to fit listview expander look
- removed bevel around kicker for user request. i'll make that configurable with the next release.
- improved header hover behaviour after scrolling (on slight speed loss) - however it's still not perfect. (header hovering is a bit a hack and qt seems to have a problem with updating the header position...)
+++ you can download the new enchicked wallpaper from here:

- added a slider to configure degree of saturation for icy buttons
- forcing rect buttons now also affects combos - for a more consistent look...
- menutranslucency improvement (1):
submenus won't be creatd multiple times, as long as lowest level menu is shown
this also holds (in most cases) for menubar-popups (e.g. when flying through your menus)
- menutranslucency improvement (2):
(also improves menu buildup speed, as they are partially taken out of memory. btw, how's kde 3.2 state on this? - still nice ghosts?:)
(notice: the function isn't perfect, yet: menus are not overcaptured, therefore menushadows will still draw (slim white) artefacts. Also, you can trick it if you don't move left - right, but follow a bow above the menubar, as then the pixmapbuffer probably will be deleted - i'll try to fix this in the next release. for the moment, need you for beta-testing. so please tell me, if you find more drawing errors!)

- added more saturation to the icy buttons (icy buttons are now active by default - i think :)
- again brighter shadows for buttons and combos
- minor graphical changes (e.g. a toolbutton frame)
- option to force rectangular buttons (sorry 'eggnogg' - combos as buttons looked really crap, especially when buttons and combos appear at the same time)
- sunken button effect now wanted - therefore constant behaviour (they sometimes did funny things before)
- some codeimprovements...
- header + kicker (was there?) flicker resettled to nirvana
- solved renderman's problem with disaligned submenu triangles (with massive help of renderman, to state this)
- toolbuttons now also can have individual colors (affects e.g. korn)

- changed look of smooth LVH (hope RenderMan can live with that now...) ;-)
- no smooth LVH for kicker (looked crap because of the shadow)
- new Images for the buttons (but of same style)
- slightly reworked comboboxes (smoother shape, lighter shadow)
- set toolbuttons back to iTunes style - independent of the smooth LVH (thanks to Ercin Eker for the hint)
- added new widget coloring function (it's slower at app startup, but you'll need a profiler to notice that on a current computer)
- new button pressing effect (to be honest, this happened due an accident - originally i wanted to use the outline as an alternative hover but set a wrong if check..., however it now looks like glow effect - tell me your opinion)

for multiple request:
1. you can download binaries (NO WARRANTY they will work) from here:
2. you can download the enchicked version of the wallpaper from here:

- fixed menu translucency behaviour (veeeeeery stupid bug...)
- flattened the menu indicator + use of highlightened text (blame or thank RenderMan...) :)
- changed listheader indicator arrow
- stipples aligned by default - also, removed brute force alignment (leads to some very unhappy errors) - if you seea widget, that is disharmonic stippled: just drop me a mail! (groupboxes work... partially) - therefore "Align Stipples" option is (currently) useless...
- made and fixed a stupid bug tthat allmost costed my brain... ;-) (sometimes i'm really so stupid...)
- rectangular combos (e.g. html) are now rather combos - not complete highlighted buttons
- combos however are reworked and base upon their own pixmaps - not perfect at all... need better submittal?!
- you (RenderMan) can activate smoother ListViewHeaders - basing upon the new combos...
- fixed some minor bugs
= REQUEST !!! =========
Apple seems to use a nonlinear coloring process for buttons and stuff (e.g. light parts tend to be yellow).
Mosfet's linear coloring function results in quite flat Buttons.
If anyone can recommand good literature about coloring precesses - thanks ;-)

heyheyhey... consistent source (./configure;make;make install from topdir)... finally. YEAHHH BABY!
ok, now the important stuff:
- tabs now also follow inactive button style
- fixed a popupmenu bug (for aligned stipples)
- reworked the polishment process -> should be much faster now, also lost some errors (e.g. open juk with 0.3, did nobody see this??? )
- added icons for the kcmdialog - just copy the iconfolders in "icons" to your icon-directory
- new "iTunes" styled rect buttons

- configdialog of course!
- new centerd tabs (thanks to shm for the patch)
- faster html (and other stuff?) scrolling
- fixed color error to the toolbar
- fixed major (but uncritical) bug to kicker (and child process) groupboxes
- other stuff i forgot...
NOTES to configuration
- usually inactive buttons follow the background: therefore they can appear flat to very bright backgrounds (on black backgrounds on the other hand you won't see them anymore)... try to set them to "original"
- custom translucency doesn't work as it should (inverse behaviour, may overrun the defined area what leads to funny colors...)
- stipple alignement is only partially implemented - therefore it's not really slow (but won't work on groupboxes)
- centertabs should work on qt 3.1.2 and above. below this it's not tested (but may work anyway)
- "fasten the filebrowser" will lead to a stippled background (if you use stipples) and will remove the possibility to choose custom backgrounds

- Better Support for unstippled Background
- No more flicker ?!
- New Button behaviour (to hopefully get some feedback)
- more graphical stuff corrected (eg line near groupboxes)
- you now can configure the first items (kcm will follow soon, probably next few days)
to ~/.qt/qtrc add and modify:


... not colors so far, as you would have to set hexdecimals...

- Fixed some graphical... insufficiencies (thanks, craigD)
- redid lines for listview so that Marcel can handle his massive email traffic again ;-)
(this will be choosable when the confdialog...)
- also triangles should look a bit cleaner now
- feedback for checkboxes and radiobuttons
- shadowed groups now won't fall to button color if you use the button color for menus
- about menu effects: fade in and animation happily works, as long as you don't use transparent menus
if you use transp menus, always the button color will be used for the effect. I *can* fix that - on a little speed loss.
However I do suggest to NOT use transparent menus with menu effects, as the menu will become more solid everytime you open it.
(Maybe I will support qt transparency for the unstippled menu in the future)

- new icons in listview (nice triangles instead of windows like '+' & '-', no lines)
- 3d effect for editlines
- removed shadows and annoying triangle from active button text
- changed scrollbar -> hover effect (sunken when pushed), more grippy

To the people who sign responsable for mosfet's parting:
After working on mosfet's code for some days now, i think i'm really competent to say this.
I do not know, what you did or said or just why - but hey: you stole us a really great coder... shame on you.