Lipstik widget style for TDE
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  1. ----- First of all:
  2. If possible, and available, try a package built specifically for your
  3. distribution...
  4. ----- Building from sources:
  5. First make sure that you have both the QT and KDE development headers
  6. installed. (qt and tdelibs devel)
  7. Then unpack the sources somewhere you have writing rights.
  8. In a terminal (konsole, xterm, eterm, etc.), type :
  9. ./configure
  10. make
  11. (Then, as root):
  12. make install
  13. --
  14. If any of these steps fail, do:
  15. make -f Makefile.dist
  16. It may help you build it. If it still fails, mail me.
  17. ----- Bad configure = build failure...
  18. You might need to give 'configure' the path to your kde
  19. installation. eg: /usr, /opt/kde.
  20. ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde
  21. --
  22. You can find your KDE base directory by typing tde-config --prefix
  23. --
  24. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. ----- Debian notes:
  26. You may need to append this to the configure line:
  27. --prefix=/usr
  28. And maybe this one:
  29. --with-qt-includes=/usr/include/qt3
  30. ----- Mandrake/Mandriva notes:
  31. Mandrake 10.0 uses KDE 3.2. I never tested lipstik against KDE 3.2 but it "should" work with
  32. some tweaking (see Debian notes).
  33. I dont have Mandrake around so I cant give more specific help for now, stay tuned.
  34. Mandriva (Mandrake's new name) is using more recent KDE releases. Lipstik should work
  35. out of the box there.
  36. ----- moc troubles???
  37. Some people have reported that building fails with errors related to .moc files.
  38. eg:
  39. lipstikconf.cpp:479:27: lipstikconf.moc: No such file or directory
  40. If this happens to you, dont panic.
  41. In the source dir, there are style and style/config subdirs:
  42. In the style dir do:
  43. moc -o lipstik.moc lipstik.h
  44. And then in the style/config subdir do
  45. moc -o lipstikconf.moc lipstikconf.h
  46. Then run make again, it should work.
  47. ----- Lipstik's build system sucks...
  48. It should suck less now... maybe...