Lipstik widget style for TDE
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  1. TODO:
  2. - I'm thinking of adding an option for shadows around widgets... We'll see.
  3. - Smooth scrolling in the QScrollViews is very nice.
  4. DONE:
  5. - How can I make the sunken taskbar button show the inverted gradient, like the rest of the style? [FIXED IN 0.4]
  6. - Maybe develop a better effect for focus rect. [FIXED IN 0.3 / RE-FIXED in 1.99]
  7. **After some rude comments on kde-look I decided to put back the normal effect as default
  8. for now, until I find a better way to do it.
  9. UPDATE: Its back, but better, I hope.
  10. - Maybe put an option to use the normal plastik gradients, for people who like the normal plastik look, but also like
  11. all the other fixes. [DONE IN 0.6]
  12. - Better gradient for the vertical scrollbar (looks weird right now) [FIXED IN 0.7 / LESS WEIRD]
  13. - Can I port the Mouse Over Highlight of the slider and scrollbar from MotifPlus to Lipstik? [DONE IN 0.91]
  14. - Menu arrows highlighting. [DONE IN 1.0 beta1]
  15. - Config panel fits on a 800x600 resolution. [DONE IN 1.0 beta1]
  16. - Doctwindow handle mouseover highlight. [DONE in 1.99]
  17. - Maybe i should put an option to show a tick instead of a cross in checkboxes. [DONE in 1.99]
  18. - Maybe some highlighting of the active tab? (Blue line at the top?) [DONE in 1.99]
  19. - Is there a way to "highlight on mouseover" the tab buttons (new tab, close tab)? [DONE in 2.0]