QtCurve widget style for TDE
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  1. --new--
  2. KDE: Better konqueror active (?) icon border.
  3. KDE: Combobox popup should be drawn as a popup menu - ala Gtk.
  4. ALL: Highlight tab bar? Not sure Gtk can do this :-( (qt gtk theme engine doesn't!)
  5. --app specific--
  6. OO.o:
  7. KDE: 2.x no highlight on combofocus.
  8. KDE: Combo box has a lighter grey when disabled
  9. KDE: Slight re-draw error on tabs if width of all tabs= width of tab bar -- but
  10. all KDE themes seem to suffer from this.
  11. KDE: Mising white pixel when last tab is selected, if its added then the above
  12. suffers even more!
  13. KDE: V3 Combobox list needs to be rounded in rounded mode - missing pixels, etc.
  14. Also take into account scrollbar pos? i.e. draw line 1 pixel less on right?
  15. ALL: GTK/KDE have different disabled text behaviour when contrast setting changed!