QtCurve widget style for TDE
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To build and install:

1. mkdir build
2. cd build
3. cmake ..
4. make
5. make install

The following options may be supplied to cmake:

Build style as a pure Qt3 style. NOTE: May also need to set QTDIR *before*
calling cmake.
This is the default as from QtCurve 1.0.0

Build KDE3 config module. NOTE: This is no longer maintained.

If the TDE_SESSION_VERSION is not set, then assume we are running
under KDE3. If this cmake option is not set, then KDE4 is assumed.

Support QtCurve style files. These are stored as
<kde prefix>/share/apps/tdestyle/themes/qtc_<stylename>.themerc

Enable support for the 'fixParentlessDialogs' config option. NOTE: This is
known to break some applications - hence is disabled by default!

As of v0.55, you can create QtCurve based themes. These will appear with KDE's style
control panel's combobox of styles. To create a new theme, select 'QtCurve' from
within KDE's style panel, then configure QtCurve as required. After this, in QtCurve's
config dialog, select 'Export theme' from the options menu button. You will then be
prompted to give your new 'theme' a name, and a comment. QtCurve will then create a file
named 'qtc_<name>.themerc (e.g. qtc_klearlooks.themerc) - this will have the following

Comment=Clearlooks inspired style
....rest of qtcurve settings...

To use this theme, either copy qtc_<name>.themerc to
$TDEHOME/share/apps/tdestyle/themes/ (usually ~/.trinity/share/apps/tdestyle/themes/)
or copy to <kde install prefix>/share/apps/tdestyle/themes/ (usually

When KDE's style panel is restarted, your new theme should appear in the list.

NOTE: As of QtCurve 1.0.0 style support has been disabled by default, and you will
need to explicitly enable it via QTC_STYLE_SUPPORT

As of v1.2.1, QtCurve can be forced to read its settings from an alternate config
file via the QTCURVE_CONFIG_FILE environment variable. This is only really useful
for testing alternate config settings without changing the users current settings.

QTCURVE_CONFIG_FILE=~/testfile kcalc

Creating Distribution Packages
CMake (as of v2.4.x) does not support building rpm or deb packages, and a simple
checkinstall will not work. CMake 2.6 should support rpm and deb packages, but until
then I have supplied a simple shell script to build a package with checkinstall.
To use this:

1. Install QtCurve as described above
2. From within the 'build' folder from step 2 above, call ../common/mkpkg
3. Answer the checkinstall questions.

To regenerate this, run the following:

qembed radio_frame.png radio_inner.png radio_light.png radio_on.png radio_on_small.png check_on.png slider.png slider_light.png check_x_on.png dot.png > pixmaps.h