TDE System Settings – easy to use control center
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  1. This is an overview of how the code is situated and a very brief overview of what the classes do. See the header files for a more indepth overview of what the classes do.
  2. -- System Settings classes --
  3. mainwindow - The KMainWindow contains KActions, the stack of the iconlist and the current module(s) view.
  4. modulesview - The widget that is the icon view that users see when the first enter the app.
  5. kcmsearch - Search widget that can search ModulesView and enable/disable items.
  6. modulesiconitem - The individual modules items. Used for loading enabled/disabled images and storing the list of modules acosiated with the item.
  7. tdecmodulemenu - Class that reads in a .menu file into a QValueList.
  8. kcmultiwidget - A basterdized kcmultidialog from tdelibs/kutil that provides info about the current shown dialog so the about dialog and caption can be updated and prompts for unsaved changes.
  9. -- INSTALL --
  10. To install a new menu you have to install three files.
  11. (if you have debian, if you have another system use locate to determine where tde-system.* is installed and install in the same place.
  12. -/etc/xdg/menus/
  13. -/etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/
  14. -/usr/share/desktop-directories/
  15. Also don't forget to install the ui file.
  16. -/share/apps/systemsettings/systempreferencesui.rc
  17. And the desktop file.
  18. -share/applications/tde/systemsettings.desktop
  19. When you change (or install) any of the first three files make sure to run tdebuildsycoca to re-generate the cache files or log out and back in.